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June 6, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – There is one link that is being discussed by some Indonesian people and parts of the world, namely the 13 Years Viral Video Link on TikTok. Where you can access the link for free, guys.

Watching bokeh videos at this time has indeed become one of the favorites of various groups, especially men. Especially if you can access the video easily, of course, it’s free, guys. So, below we have prepared the link, gaess, see the information right away:

13 Years Viral Video Link on TikTok

The 13 Years of Viral video on TikTok lately is being discussed warmly by internet users, especially TikTok. Which they use various applications to watch bokeh videos to make it easier to access indo18+ bokeh films.

So, there are several applications that are often used by various groups who watch museum bokeh videos. You can see this in some of the lists below.

1. Phonos

13 Years Viral Video Link on TikTok

The first editing application that you can use easily and for free is Phonto. Where this one application is an application that is perfect for you to add text to the photo you want to edit. You can add text here, of course it’s not arbitrary, guys.

Because there are various choices of attractive fonts that can make your photos look more perfect. You can also add various funny stickers to photos so that they are according to your wishes. The following is a review related to the specifications of the application.

2. Blender

13 Years Viral Video Link on TikTok

At this time, there are very few applications that can be found for video editing that you can use on this type of PC. Just like the Blender application, gaess, which can operate on various computer systems. Including Linux, Windows, and Mac though. What’s even more interesting, gaess, is that your video will be in the form of 3D animation which is much needed at this time.

For those of you who want to use this one application for several other needs such as ordinary video editing, you can too, gaess. This application will also offer an easy and simple way of editing and will even provide a variety of interesting features.

Make a lot of people who are increasingly interested in using it. You will also find various features such as speed control, audio mixing, adjustment layers, keyframes, transitions, and so on.


Many beginners want to try starting video editing but are confused about finding a suitable application. Even though Blender is a beginner-friendly app, you can still rely on VSDC. As one of the applications for computers, especially Windows systems. This application offers many professional features.

Some people say that the final result of the edits made is not much different from Adobe Premiere Pro. This app makes it easy to merge videos in a simple way. Various effects can be added to the resulting video, making it more attractive and of high quality. Interestingly, this application offers a free video editing feature.

For those of you who are looking for the Pro version of this application, you only need to pay $ 19.99. The Pro feature has other features such as image stabilization, voice-over support, then there is also Visual Waveform. Nonetheless, the free version is capable of fulfilling various standard requirements.

4. ShotCut

An application specifically developed for Linux in its era. However, now you can use it on multiple Windows or Mac based computers. This application has complete features needed by almost all professional video editors. Although that’s basically how it is, its use is not for beginners.

The resulting resolution or shortcut is very helpful for various types of 4K resolution videos. If you have frequently switched between applications for video editing, you will be familiar with this application. Of course, you can try downloading this application for free and get many other interesting features.

5. Lightworks

There’s no doubt that Lightworks is popular among video editing apps on PC. Currently it is also one of the best with several functions that are complete and even easy to use. Available for various types of systems used such as Linux, Mac and Windows. You can also use it as an alternative to using the Blender application.

This application is of course provided free of charge to its users. Unfortunately, the free version of this application can only be used to export YouTube videos. Even the allowed format only reaches 720p. Unlike the case with those of you who currently want to export the 4K version of the video and need to use the Pro version of this application. The price offered for the Pro version is around 25 dollars per month. However, the standard version is sufficient and cannot be exported in 4K quality.

6. Avidemux

Some people who want to look professional yet easy to edit often use Avidemux. Specially designed for beginners with a variety of basic and interesting features. Even though it’s not as complete as VSDC, there’s still a lot that can be relied upon from this application. Such as various facilities for beginners to edit.

It includes easy-to-understand video cutting, filtering, and even encoding processes. Available for various types of systems on computers such as Mac, Windows, and even Linux. You can also use it as a simple and easy editing application nowadays.

7. Machete Video Editor Lite

This free video editor for pc can be used for windows users. Reputed to be the best application with a very simple interface. It is easy to use and the Machete Video Editor Lite app is easy to download for beginners. What’s unfortunate about this application is that it can only cut videos.

To do audio editing, you need to do it in another application. However, for some people who only need an ordinary editing application, this is sufficient.

This limited functionality makes it easier for you to operate and learn the system. There are full functions that you can get from the full version for $19.92.

8. DaVinci Resolve

As a free video editing application for PC, it turns out that this video editing application has very good features. Like color correction, which is better than other apps. Provides support for other features such as the popular Multicam Edition, Advanced Cropping, and Mastering. This makes it a video editing application that many beginners download.

There are additional features that can offer you the best video quality. Like adding titles to videos in 2D and 3D formats. This full feature must be purchased for a fee. Most beginners will use it because it has an intuitive interface which is very easy to learn.

9. HitFilm Express

For those of you who have just heard of this video editing application, you should look again at the various benefits it has. As one of the most popular video editing applications, even in 3D. Support for 3D video editing offers the opportunity to learn how to edit like a pro. Like the green screen effect that you can use.

These advantages make it a mainstay among other free video editing applications. The features are the same as paid video editing stations. It has some drawbacks. Such as the user interface which is sometimes confusing for ordinary people. Of course, if you are used to it, editing videos with this application is much easier.

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