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June 2, 2023

If you often experience problems opening sites to watch movies or bokeh videos on Chrome, try using this Croxyproxy VPN. To get VPN Croxyproxy without the hassle, you can download it directly at


One of the best VPNs that you can use to open special sites like movies and full hd bokeh videos is Croxyproxy. And to make the process of downloading the application easier, you can immediately press the download button listed above.

TurboVPN Apk

Often you find a website that suddenly cannot be opened because it is blocked or there is certain security. This can happen especially on sites that contain certain content.

The method that you can use so that you can still access the site smoothly is to use an additional application or tool called a VPN. With this VPN you can open the site because your IP address may not be read.

Especially if you also use a proxy that can hide your real IP identity. Here you can use the Turbo VPN application which is very easy to get on the Play Store.

This Turbo VPN has a regular version and also a lite version. For how to use it, you can check directly in the application. In this Turbo VPN you can choose various servers from any country to open a site on the internet.

Price In-app purchases
Name Turbo VPN
Version New
Download at Google Play



A VPN application that already has a good proxy to protect your device’s original IP address to make it easier to browse private sites is the VPN Master application.

This VPN Master has been downloaded by millions of people who want to use various servers to open a site that may not be accessible using an Indonesian server.

Sometimes our network suddenly has a problem, can’t open anything, right?

This VPN Master will really help you to overcome obstacles in terms of finding information on the internet using any search engine. Here you can not only access search engines google or similar.

But search tools from other countries can also be because VPN Master has servers that are quite complete from various countries and you just have to choose which one you want to use.

Price In-app purchases
Name VPNMaster
Version New
Download at Google Play

WiFi Master Key


Is it possible for us to use someone else’s WIFi network, but there is a password? You may have been looking for a way to find out a locked wifi password easily.

There is such a thing as a WiFi Master Key application and this application is said to be used for those of you who want to find out someone’s wifi password. Is this app really working or not?

You can just try the experience yourself from using this WiFi Master Key application. An obvious feature in this application is that it can detect all wifi networks around you.

And if you’re lucky, maybe you can find the password from a neighbor’s wifi without having to go through a lot of methods. Just don’t expect too much.

Price In-app purchases
Name WiFi Master Key
Version New
Download at Google Play

Rebahin Apk Full Download

Watching movies without having to use additional tools and providing super complete movies is the Rebahin website. Even though Rebahin has changed sites several times, there are still many people who are curious and want to watch movies on this site.

If you want to look for Rebahin on the internet, just use the website address. Sometimes if you just search for keywords on the internet, the Rebahin site appears at the very top.

It’s just that you can’t enter the application for one reason or another. Therefore, for those of you who want to watch domestic and foreign films on Rebahin and don’t know the site address.

You can go directly to because here we have prepared a link to watch the complete film for loyal readers.

Price Free
Name lie down
Version New
Download at Website

Action Director App

To make it easier for you to improve video quality in terms of sound images and other movements, use the Action Director application. Especially if your video recording doesn’t have anyone or quite videosuch as recording roads, scenery and the like.

So that the atmosphere feels more like your video must be smooth and not too much movement in it right. This Action Director is what you can use to smooth out the movements in the video.

This also applies to those of you who want to edit other videos, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as what we mentioned above. In each video movement you can also add transitions so that your videos are not boring to look at.

Price In-app purchases
Name Action Director
Version New
Download at Google Play

Insta Bokeh Full Effects

This Insta Bokeh application can be an option for those of you who want to try making videos and photos of bokeh lights effects. Maybe you lack confidence with the background in your photo that is too crowded with objects.

Well, you can turn it into blur bokeh so that the crowd in your background can be like lights. Insta Bokeh has its own uniqueness and you can’t combine it to edit photos other than with the bokeh effect.

Because the types of effects here are all similar and only in one category, namely light bokeh background.

If you feel the result is not clear enough, you can edit it in another application to improve the HD quality so that it is good for uploading to social media.

Price In-app purchases
Name Turbo VPN
Version New
Download at Google Play

Cinema FV-5 Apk

Who said that ordinary cellphones can’t produce valuable photos with just an application? You have to get acquainted first with this Cinema FV-5 Apk application.

Now we will discuss the usual version of the application, because Cinema FV-5 also has a lite version available.

This application is a type of camera app that has been launched for a long time by its developers. The key if you want to use this camera application is to update it every time there is an update.

Because if it’s not updated, then there are some feature commands that are a little laggy when you use them. Therefore, for maximum results, don’t let your ciname FV-5 application be outdated, yes.

Price In-app purchases
Name Cinema FV-5
Version New
Download at Google Play

That’s the best service from croxyproxy and also several other tools that you can use to watch bokeh museum films without the hassle. Download the application with the button that is already available above.

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