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June 7, 2023

Viral videos on Facebook, Facebook Indonesia HD Segerin, can be an option for those of you who want to watch bokeh videos without a VPN.

Collection of Latest Full Bokeh Videos on Facebook Indonesia HD Segerin Xnxubd


Some of the videos on Facebook Indonesia HD Segerin are perfect for accompanying your free time and how to access them is very easy.

For those of you who don’t know about the video on Facebook Indonesia HD Segerin, see full details at rumahkeadilan.co.id.

Canva Design & Photos

If you are asked to make a poster in a committee or other design that must be done quickly. That means you have to download the Canva app on your phone.

Canva is an application that can be used anywhere, be it a PC or cellphone. You don’t even have to download the application if you want to work on a project there.

However, the editing process will be more comfortable just by using the application because there is no need to open the browser back and forth. During the design process in Canva, any changes will be automatically saved immediately.

So, you don’t need to be afraid when editing or designing in Canva suddenly exits. All the components that you have worked on are still there even though they have not been saved to your personal files.

Name Canva Design Photo & Video Editor
Rated For Everyone
Price In-APP purchases
Reviews 4,8

Picma Photo Editor


An application that can clear photos to HD and also edit photos to cartoons is Picma. Picma is similar in concept to Remini, it’s just that there are more choices of features in it.

When you open the Picma application, there will be many choices of editing features that you can try. Such as improving photo quality, editing photos to cartoons, and much more.

What you need to know is that there are still many features in this application that are premium and cannot be used for free. User free accounts can only use the feature to make photos HD.

You will still encounter advertisements when importing photos and exporting edited photos.

Name PicMa – AI Photo Enhancer
Rated For Everyone
Price In-APP purchases
Reviews 4,8

Spotify Premium


The platform that provides various types of songs, music and other sound content is Spotify. In this application you will not only find millions of songs that you can listen to at any time.

There is also podcast content created by people and can accompany you when you are bored. You can choose which story you want to hear only in the form of sound.

If you want to listen to songs on Spotify without being disturbed by advertisements, then immediately switch to Spotify premium. There are several subscription options ranging from those for personal use to one family can use.

Enjoy all the benefits of a premium account and listen to all the music available there free without ads.

There are also many subscription price promos on the Spotify application and get them now.

Name Spotify Music and Podcasts
Rated For teens
Price In-APP purchases
Reviews 4,4

MAGER application


An application that has a lot of games in it and is very fun to play anytime is Mager. In this application you can play mini games which are available for free.

Not only that, other benefits that you will get from MAGER are money up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. MAGER is included in the category of money-making games, friends.

So, if you’re looking for a game that’s not just for fun but can make money too. The answer is MAGER games.

Interested in downloading this one game? Check the respective application stores.

Name MAGER Game
Rated For teens
Price Free
Reviews 4,6

Facebook Lite Apk


Now the Facebook application also has a lite version, you know, and you don’t need to worry if you only have a little memory left. Is Facebook Lite different from the usual ones?

In terms of appearance, features, and all the details in it, there may not be any difference, because it’s still being developed by the same party. It’s just that Facebook Lite is made with a fairly small size.

Memory usage as well as data or quota from the lite version of the application is usually much less than the regular version.

So, if you prefer to download the Facebook application with all the memory limitations, there is already a lite version. And what is certain is that all versions of Facebook are safe for you to download as long as the download is in a trusted place too.

Name Facebook Lite
Rated For teens
Price In-APP purchases
Reviews 4.0

Youtube Go Mod Apk


Have you ever felt annoyed while watching YouTube, but there are lots of annoying ads? It seems like everyone feels this frustration, especially if the ad is long or can’t be skipped.

There is already a modified application from Youtuba that offers YouTube viewing services without ads for free. You can search for this Youtube Go Mod apk on websites or internet sites.

This application must be installed manually and for further use like the Youtube application in general. You don’t need to enter a Google account, but that’s fine if you want.

You can watch all YouTube shows here without ads at the beginning, middle or end.

Name Youtube Go
Rated For teens
Price Free
Reviews 4,3

Alight Motion Pro App


For those of you who have more abilities in terms of video editing, you can become the creator of this Alight Motion application. You can create templates that can later be used by other users or editors.

Alight Motion facilitates any user who wants to make their videos more interesting. In fact, here you can also make your own pause jedug effect and use it as a template.

Or do you want to make videos that are like advertisements and you can do all kinds of editing there. Editors can save video projects in the app and use them as starters.

So, you don’t have to re-create the same video if you use it every time.

Name Alight Motion
Rated For Everyone
Price In-APP purchases
Reviews 3,7

PhotoGrid Collages


This Photo Grid Collage provides various forms of collages in different number of grids. You can also adjust the grid size to the ratio so that when uploaded to social media the size stays fit and you don’t have to add a background.

The main characteristic of this Photo Grid lies in the collage feature, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only feature. When inserting photos into the grid you can make other adjustments so that the results look right.

If you want to add effects, there are also filters and all the filters here are basic filters. The quality of photos when saved to the gallery is also maintained and will not change the original.

Name PhotoGrid
Rated For Everyone
Price In-APP purchases
Reviews 4,9

In the Indonesia HD Segerin Facebook link there is a lot of information that you can get in the form of photos and videos. Wait for the next rumahkeadilan.co.id article.

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