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May 30, 2023

A variety of live platforms that you can use to search for various Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian live events is the Honey Live Apk. When you use this application to search for the type you want according to the options available.

So that you are not curious about the contents of Honey Live and want to know how to download it. Then you can download the application directly or visit the website page below.

How to Download the Honey Live Apk Premium Application for Android


This Honey Live application can be an alternative for those of you who want to download a live broadcast or broadcasting platform. Its use is actually almost the same as similar applications and the good-natured.id admin has explained it to you.

You can find out information that is packaged in the form of videos and broadcast live. When you enter the main page of the application, several live categories are available to choose from.

However, before that, you have to download the application first. How to download the application is slightly different because you have to download the application on the official website.

Even though you don’t download this application on the Play Store, the original website of the Honey Live application can be accessed by anyone. As a step to make it easier for users here, the admin has prepared the official website address of Honey Live Apk.

Here is the website address that you can use to download the Honey Live application officially https://honey93.app/. Copy the website address in a search engine and you will enter the website page.

Then there is the DOWNLOAD button listed on the screen and at the very top. Then to continue the download process, scan the barcode listed there.

Name Honey Live Apk
Version Latest Version
Required OS 5.0 and up
Download links HERE

How To Install Honey Live On Android Without Root

how-to install

When you have finished downloading the Honey Live application, here you have to complete the download process until it’s finished. How to? The way we can do is install the application manually.

Why does this application have to be installed manually? This happens because the APK file that you downloaded in the browser is not automatically read in the system. That doesn’t mean you can’t install this application.

  • First, you have to activate unknown sources so that the install application button appears.
  • The menu is in the Settings section and is available on every phone.
  • If you have, the next step is to open the file in question.
  • There will be an option to install listed at the very top and then you will appear again with the next installation step.
  • If there is a question whether you want to install this application, then press reading “Install”.

It’s easy, not to install this application so you can use Honey Live according to its function.

Guide to Using the Features in Honey Live Apk


The display of Honey Live is indeed a little different from the others, so for those of you who have never used the live application and immediately watched it here, you might be a little confused.

For this reason, the Baikhati.id admin will explain to you how to guide each feature that is there so that you are no longer confused about how to use it.

It doesn’t need to be complicated because the only thing that’s confusing is the appearance, but as for the features on Honey Live Android, it’s really easy to use. A more detailed explanation of what features you should know about Honey Live and what they do.

We have summarized everything well through the following discussion.

Diverse Live Content

Unlike most live applications that present all live content without being categorized. In the Honey Live application, you can watch broadcasts according to their category.

For example, there is live music, games, dance, and many others. First decide what kind of content you want to see and after that, look for hosts or shows that interest you.

It’s not difficult to watch live events here, as soon as you click on the show, it will immediately connect to the program being broadcast. For those of you who open this application from the official website.

So you can immediately watch the shows that are there without having to log in first. However, to use more advanced features you must log in first.

Get Lots of Friends

The features here are not only the live category, but there are several other menus, namely follow, popular, and meet. You can make new friends here, either fellow viewers or charming hosts.

In the popular section you will see what content is most searched for and who is actively watching the program. You can follow each other and also build communication between fellow users.

And did you know that you can find friends from abroad because this application is not only used by domestic users.

Send Stickers

When you enter someone’s live event, there will be a menu to send a gift to the host who made it. What gifts can users send?

In this case you can share prizes in the form of stickers that have different values. These stickers can be converted by the host into a nominal amount of money.

And as the user who gave the sticker also originally bought the gift. Well, this application is mutually beneficial for both the audience and the presenter.

Weaknesses of the Honey Live 2022 Application that You Need to Know

Before you download the Honey Live application, there’s nothing wrong with finding out information about the shortcomings of the application. There aren’t many weaknesses in this application, it’s just that you have to understand it so you aren’t surprised when problems arise in the application.

What are the obstacles or weaknesses that you might encounter in the Honey Live application? Here’s the explanation.

Somewhat Complicated App View

As we mentioned above, the Honey Live application has a display that is quite different compared to the others. If you’re used to seeing live apps that display all of their content in one page.

On Honey Live, it’s different and you have to select the broadcast category first, then you can see who’s broadcasting live there.

Internet Network Must Be Fast

Things you should pay attention to from the start using this application, especially if you are an active viewer. So what you have to make sure is that your internet connection must always be smooth.

If there is network interference, it will be difficult to watch broadcasts that are delivered smoothly and also the video display will not be HD.

Long Download Process

In the previous discussion, we explained how to download the Latest Honey Live Apk Mod Android application. The download link for downloading this application does not directly take you to the actual application download process.

And when downloading the application, it is also expected to be careful so as not to enter into dangerous links.

Just understand what are the weaknesses of the Honey Live Apk 2022 application so that when problems arise you know how to overcome them.

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