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June 1, 2023

For you shopee users who need money, what a coincidence. Because we will share several ways to borrow money at Shopee for new users. Very interesting isn’t it? Which, now you can’t only borrow money only through banks.

But you can also use the Shopee application to get a loan with a large limit, you know. But of course there are conditions. So, for those of you who are curious, you can see some related explanations below.

Know More About Shopee Borrow


Spinjam is a feature in the shopee application that will help you get a loan with a predetermined limit. Yes, in the shopee application you can not only make shopping transactions, but you can also do many things.

One of them is that you can borrow money through the Shopee application with various conditions that apply. Not only can you shop now, pay later in the shopee application, but you can also borrow money at the shopee in a predetermined way.

Not only are the steps specified in the shopee application, but there are also various conditions that you should know, such as loan limits, loan interest up to the limit for repaying your debt and others.

You can use this interesting feature to carry out various urgent needs, of course, gang. By using the loan feature, of course it will be easier for you to make any transactions, you know.

Before getting a loan, of course there are steps to apply. Now to make installments, it can be done for 3 to 12 months, gangs. This program is a collaboration carried out by shopee with PT. Lentera Dana Nusantara, which has been officially registered with the OJK.

So you don’t need to worry about security in this application. Because it has been supervised by the ojk. But when borrowing money, make sure you pay it according to a predetermined date. So, do you want to know more complete information about loans? Let’s see the following explanation.

How to Activate Shopee Borrow Doesn’t Appear


Now, before going into the discussion about how to borrow money at Shopee, we will first show you how to make your loan active. Because there are indeed several accounts that cannot activate the borrow shop on their account. So, let’s just see how the process is below.

  1. First, please open the Shopee application that you have created an account for.
  2. Next, please click on my tab which is marked with a person icon, then please select SPinjam and select activate now.
  3. To activate it, you can enter the verification code or OTP code that appears on the phone number, then select it and click continue.
  4. Next, please fill in the data according to your KTP to verify along with the KTP photo and facial selfie that you must upload.
  5. If so, please wait for the process until your SPinjam account is active.

Complete Loan Shopee Loan Terms

Not only sharing the steps on how to activate the loan shop. But we have also prepared several terms and conditions for those of you who want to apply for a loan in the Shopee application so that the process is also faster. Let’s just look at some of the conditions that must be met below.

  • Have activated ShopeePay.
  • Already paid SPayLater and also SPinjam.
  • It’s never too late to pay Shopee Pay Later and Shopee Borrow.
  • E-KTP verification
  • Have an active bank account.

Well it’s very easy isn’t it? Of course, you have to meet these requirements so that it can be easier when submitting in the shopee application. For further information, you can continue to read below.

How to Borrow Money at Shopee for Beginners


Next, the admin will immediately share how to easily and quickly borrow money at Shopee for beginners. But before you make an application, you need to fulfill the terms and conditions that apply in the shopee application if you want to borrow money.

For the conditions, you can see the explanation above. As for the steps that you must take when applying for a loan, they are as follows.

  • First, make sure your SPinjam feature is active.
  • Then you can open the shopee application and please enter my menu and click Borrow.
  • If so, please select and click submit, then write down the nominal you want to submit by sliding the button based on the nominal you want.
  • Then you can also arrange a letter of return from the loan that you did.
  • Then select the bank account that you will use to withdraw the funds that you will borrow and if you have, please click continue.
  • After everything is done, then you can select and click submit now.
  • Then you are asked to enter the ShopeePay pin and please enter the pin that you have.
  • Now, if your application is approved, you will get a notification and the funds will go to the account that you entered earlier, within 2 working days, gangs.

So, those are some easy and safe steps that you have to do if you want to apply for a loan in the Shopee Loans application. Have a good try.

How to Pay Borrow Bills on Time


If you have applied for a money loan, then when it comes to payment, you have to pay it, gang. You can make payments according to a certain time. Because if you pay after the allotted time, it will be difficult for the next loan or you won’t even be given another loan.

Let’s take a more complete look at the steps that you must fulfill when you want to pay the shop loan bill below.

  1. The first step, please open the shopee application and please go to the profile menu.
  2. Next, please click SPinjam and to make a payment you can select and click the pay menu.
  3. Next, please enter the nominal payment that has been determined every month according to your SPinjam bill.
  4. If so, please select a payment method then click pay off the loan.

Easy isn’t it? You can make payments with various existing methods. Don’t forget to pay bills according to the allotted time. Good luck.

Advantages of Using SPinjam


To be more confident about the features in the shopee application, namely the SPinjam feature, we will provide an explanation of what benefits you will get when using the loan shopee application. See some of the advantages below.

  1. Shopee Pinjam is an official program that is supervised by the OJK so it is safe to use.
  2. The loan application process is easier and more reliable.
  3. Interest charged in the shopee application is not too high.
  4. Can make payments as much as 3 to 12 times according to choice.
  5. The limit given reaches millions.

So, that’s about the profit you will get when you borrow money at the shopee. For that, what are you waiting for, gangs, let’s follow how to borrow money at Shopee and other steps through the information we share.

QnA Regarding Shopee Borrow


The last one is a question and answer session for those of you who are still curious about this SPinjam feature. You can find out the various questions that are in your head through some of the answers that we have collected. For that, let’s just look at the full explanation below.

How much is Shopee Borrow Interest?

The first question is how much is the interest on the loan from the shopkeeper set by the shopkeeper? Now, as we mentioned earlier, you will benefit from a very low interest rate.

The interest charged in the shopee application starts from just 1.95%. Very light isn’t it? Moreover, you can get a discount of 30% for the monthly installment fee. Profitable, of course, especially for those of you who need money.

What If Shopee Borrows Late to Pay?

Even though the shopee has given a warning for you to be able to pay the shopee bill on time, of course there are still many people who pay already so you will definitely be charged an additional fee.

Which additional fee is given if you are late paying the bill or not according to a predetermined time. So it is highly recommended that you can pay your shopee bills on time. Because if you don’t, you will be fined.

Due Shopee Borrow

Continue to the next question, which is about how long the shopee loan is due. So, you can use this loan shop with a fixed bill due schedule. You can choose a bill with a maturity of 3 months to 12 months, you know.

This time is certainly very light for you to be able to pay bills. You can repay debt for 3 months to 12 months or the equivalent of one year. Of course, with this time, it will certainly make it easier for you to pay bills. So you will definitely try to pay bills every month, right?

Shopee Borrow Legal or Illegal?

Now, next, we also provide an explanation related to the borrowed shopee, whether it is safe to use and official or not. Which is like the previous explanation that the loan shop is a program that works with a pt that has been officially supervised by the OJK.

So that its use will be safe and reliable with the supervision of the authorized agency, gangs. So you don’t need to worry when using this one application. In fact, you will also be penalized if it is proven that you have run away from the bills that you should have.

Shopee Borrow Limit

So, how much is the limit given by the shopee for those of you who apply for a loan. You should know that the limit for this loan shop reaches tens of millions, you know. But this depends on whether you meet the requirements or not.

Because to get a large limit, of course, it can be seen from the transactions that you made during that month. The more diligent you are in making payments related to the bills you have, the greater the limit given by the shopee application.

So, those are some discussions related to how to borrow money at Shopee, which might help you apply for a loan at Shopee. Let’s find out various kinds of other interesting information every day.

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