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June 6, 2023

If you are one of the active AXA Mandiri customers, but until now you still don’t really understand how to check AXA Mandiri balances. So this article is perfect for you to find out about how to check AXA Mandiri balances which are simple and easy to understand

Immediately, will discuss the method below, but before you learn how to check AXA Mandiri balances, it’s a good idea to first understand a little about AXA Mandiri Insurance, keep your spirits up.

A Little Introduction About AXA Mandiri

AXA Mandiri is a life insurance company for health defense that has the best programs and various benefits for families, employees and Indonesian investors.

For those of you who have already joined AXA Mandiri Insurance, of course you will get many kinds of benefits, but this is for customers who regularly pay premiums regularly before they are due.

As we have said, that you active customers will get some good services and you can enjoy them right away without having to wait long when you really need the services that have been provided by AXA Mandiri Insurance.

Several Ways to Check AXA Mandiri Balance

For those of you who are going to check your AXA Mandiri Insurance balance, we will present several ways that are simple, easy to understand, and we are sure that you can easily apply them too.

1. Via SMS

By using your SMS as an AXA Mandiri customer, you will be able to see how much balance is saved in AXA Insurance, the method is really simple, you just type on the SMS message page: sal (space) Number Policy “Use icon minus yes then (Send To 67888).

In this simple way, you can check and find out how much AXA balance is stored. To go through SMS, it’s not just checking balances, friend, but there are a number of things you can use. As well as

  • Check the unit price. The format is: NAV “Space” Policy No. (Send To 67888)
  • Check Number of Units: Unit space Policy Number (Send To 67888)
  • Check due date: JT space Policy Number (Send to 67888)

2. Check AXA Mandiri Balance via Whatsapp

Above, we have already informed you about how to check your balance via SMS, apart from SMS it turns out you can also via WhatsApp, let’s check it out together with how to check it below, friends:

Save the valid, official and active WA AXA Mandiri number, namely “081586086801
Then you open the Whatsapp application and open the message menu.
Just type a message Hay and send it via whatsapp.

Then WhatsApp will reply automatically
After that, you click and hold the “C” button to check the policy info and claims.
Continue by pressing the “SL” button to view balance information and also investment funds.

Then you will be led to the incoming link via wa and you must see it to find out the OTP code. Next, enter the OTP code.

Actually, this method is highly recommended, especially for AXA Whatsapp, this can also be used to see the status of the Penalty Fee Policy Transaction submission and the status of customers.

3. Via Voice or Customer Care Center

Apart from you knowing how to check AXA balance via SMS and WA, this time we will inform you about checking AXA balance via Voice or Customer Care Center, while the method is very easy. All you have to do is contact the AXA CS number, namely 02130058788.

If you have contacted the number, then you can immediately ask the officer or cs AXA Mandiri regarding the balance that is still stored. As for other methods, you can also click the shortcut dial 13 to check balances and to check unit prices, you can press the shortcut dial 11.

4. Through the nearest AXA Mandiri Branch Office

For this method, we recommend it for those of you who have visited the AXA Mandiri branch office. Well, although it does take more time than the tricks or methods above.

But with tricks or methods like this, it will make you more satisfied and free to ask various kinds of things related to AXA Mandiri, especially how to check AXA balances.

Especially this time, the AXA Mandiri “KC” branch offices have spread across various regions and it could be that in your area there is also the nearest AXA Mandiri branch office. So it’s easier for you to come to him.

Those are some tricks or ways to check your own Axa balance that you can apply, friend. Apart from that, we will also provide information that is still related to AXA Mandiri, such as how to withdraw AXA Mandiri balances. Of course, you will also want to know how to withdraw the balance, let’s just go ahead and discuss it together below.

How to Withdraw AXA Mandiri Balance

There are several procedures that you have to do in order to withdraw your AXA Mandiri balance.
But before you know how to withdraw the balance, it’s a good idea to also know what the minimum AXA Mandiri balance can be withdrawn or cashed out.

The balance that you can withdraw is Rp. 1000,000, – leaving the balance after you withdraw, which is Rp. 5000,000. so you can’t withdraw AXA balance if the total balance is below 5 million. The withdrawal procedure is as follows:

  1. First, you are required to fill out a withdrawal sheet to apply for a cash withdrawal from AXA MANdiri’s investment balance.
  2. After that, don’t forget to attach a copy of your KTP/Kitas/Passport.
  3. Prepare an account number to receive transfers from AXA insurance, while this account number is the account of the policy owner.

You can also withdraw using an account number other than the policy owner, but for this method you have to prepare several documents such as a Family Card “KK” or you can also prepare a Birth Certificate.

If the file that you have prepared has been received by the AXA Mandiri officer, then for the next process, you wait until the cash has actually entered your account, while the transfer period is 7 days after processing the file.

You can also withdraw using an account number other than the policy owner, but for this method you have to prepare several documents such as a Family Card “KK” or you can also prepare a Birth Certificate.

If the files that you have prepared have been received by AXA officers, the transfer period is 7 days after processing the files.

Hi, my friends, maybe this is all we can convey regarding how to check AXA Mandiri balances, I hope you can understand it and it can be useful for the progress of the Indonesian people.

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