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June 3, 2023 – Want to use the song in the viral TikTok video as a call tone on WhatsApp? It’s really easy, please refer to the review on how to download the correct TikTok MP3 sound.

TikTok as a social media application always provides interesting things every day to all its users from all over the world. As well as in its own functionality, TikTok is useful for viewing and creating entertainment content in the form of videos accompanied by music.

Interestingly, the videos made through this application are based on additional interesting music that accompanies the entire course of the video.

Then by attracting this music too, some users often try to find out how to download TikTok music.

With the curiosity that is often expressed by these users, it makes us feel interested in providing a way to download TikTok sounds in this article.

How to Download TikTok Sounds Without an Application

download tiktok sound without application

In the process of downloading this kind of TikTok music, of course users need to take advantage of a service that has this capability.

Then there is a very coincidental thing, where the existence of a service that has the function of downloading the TikTok sound has been widely circulated.

In this service, currently it has been divided into two types, namely by using services in the form of websites and also services in the form of applications.

For most people, usually using the services in the form of this site is the method they often use now. The reason is by using a service in the form of a site, of course users don’t need to bother anymore in downloading additional applications.

So with this we will provide recommendations for you guys, regarding the TikTok sound download site for free and without ads.

1. Download MP3 TikTok Via MusicallyDown Site

The first site that we share this time comes from a site called MusicallyDown which you can easily visit via a browser.

The ability of the MusicallyDown site is indeed very trusted by many people, especially in downloading the TikTok songs they like.

Because the process of downloading music is very easy, this site is always visited by thousands of people every day.

  1. In the first step, you open the application TikTok and search for the music you want to download.
  2. This interesting music will usually be found on TikTok videos. So that at the next stage, you can Copy Links those videos.
  3. When it has been copied, open the browser on your device and visit the site MusicallyDown.
  4. In the opening view of the site, just go ahead Paste Link into the column provided.
  5. Click button Downloadsand proceed to select MP3 format.
  6. In this way, the TikTok sound download process will run.

2. Download Sound Viral TikTok Via SSSTikTok

Then we proceed to the next site, where the site called SSSTikTok also has the same function, namely downloading TikTok music.

You can download various kinds of music that you like from the TikTok application later via the SSSTikTok site.

Even when you want to download a TikTok video too, this site is able to remove the watermark or watermark from the videos you like.

  1. Please open the application TikTokand look for a video accompanied by your favorite music.
  2. Click on options Shareand proceed to click options Copy Link.
  3. If you have copied the video link, continue by switching from the TikTok application and then opening the site SSSTikTok via your browser.
  4. And on the initial view of the site, Just Paste the link from the video into the column provided.
  5. You continue by clicking the button downloadand then continue back to select an option MP3.
  6. Because in this way, the process of downloading the viral TikTok DJ sound will run immediately.

3. Save TikTok Music Through

Who doesn’t know Yes, this site called, surely a lot of people already know about it.

The functionality of a site called is indeed useful for downloading music or videos through social media applications.

Then to download music from the TikTok application as well, of course you can do it easily by following the steps below.

  1. As usual, first open the application TikTokand search for a video accompanied by your favorite music.
  2. Click on the Share option, and go ahead to click on the option Copy Link or Copy Link.
  3. Enter the site through the browser by utilizing the URL This.
  4. You guys go into the site, then PasteLink or Paste Link into the column provided.
  5. In the next stage, you can click the button that says download or Downloads.
  6. If a new option appears, you can immediately click on the option MP3.
  7. And thus, later the video download process will run immediately.

How to Download Viral TikTok Audio Using the Application

download tiktok sound via the application

In the statement that we wrote earlier, that currently there are two types of services that are useful for storing Tiktok songs. And since we have previously discussed the types of services in the form of sites, then next we will discuss the types of services in the form of applications.

Using this service in the form of an application, of course, will really help you in downloading the TikTok songs that you like.

What’s more, there is an advantage that you will get later, especially in the process of downloading viral TikTok songs through the application.

At this opportunity, PDAM Tabalong has provided several recommendations, which discuss the application for downloading the TikTok sound in 2023.

So with this, you don’t need to bother looking for the application anymore, because we have recommended the best version below.

1. Download Sound TikTok Viral Via SongTik APK

You can find this application service called SongTik later easily through application stores such as Playstore and so on.

The developer created this application, of course aiming to make it easier for users to save the TikTok sound they like.

Then in using this application too, it can be said that it is very easy so we are all very confident that you can do it.

  1. Make sure that you have downloaded the SongTik application, and before that you can copy the Tiktok video link that you want to download the music for.
  2. If you have copied the link from the video, then you can immediately paste the link in a column available on SongTik.
  3. Continue by clicking the Download MP3 option to start the download process.
  4. Wait until it’s finished, and the music is ready for you to play.

2. Using the SnapTik application

Not a few of you all now know about a TikTok downloader application called SnapTik.

An application that previously had the ability to download TikTok videos has now been updated again so that it can be useful for downloading TikTok music.

So that this one application has two functions, of which you can use all of these functions for free without the need to subscribe.

  1. Your first Copy Link from TikTok videos accompanied by your favorite music.
  2. Next, you open the application SnapTik which you have successfully installed.
  3. In the initial view, you just go straight Paste Link in an empty column.
  4. And in the next step, you click on the button Download MP3.
  5. So that’s it, the TikTok sound download process will run immediately.

3. Through an application called LoveTik

For the last recommendation as a viral TikTok sound download application, it comes from an application that has the name LoveTik APK.

You can also easily have an application called LoveTik APK, because it is already available in a Playstore or Appstore service.

And you can also download the TikTok song easily, because for the tutorial we have included it below.

  1. As usual you guys Copy Link of a content TikTok that you want to download the music for.
  2. And after that you can open the application LoveTik which was installed before.
  3. Immediately you guys Paste Link from the video that you copied earlier.
  4. After that click on section Download MP3.
  5. Wait a few moments, and TikTok music will be saved to your device.

TikTok sound settings for WA ringtones

download tik tok sounds

If you already know sites and applications that can be used to download songs from TikTok videos, surely you are still confused about how to use the downloaded TikTok MP3 sounds for WhatsApp call tones? Please see the explanation below.

How to download TikTok sounds to WA:

  1. Go to site
  2. Enter the Tiktok video url link whose audio you want to use as a WA ringtone
  3. Then click the button “Downloads“,
  4. Then open the application “FileManager“and open”Internal Storage“.
  5. Move the TikTok MP3 audio that you have downloaded to the “folder”Ringtones“.
  6. After that, open the WhatsApp application.
  7. Click the settings menu and select “Notifications
  8. Then select the notification tone with the downloaded TikTok MP3 Sound.
  9. Finished.

Those are the procedures for downloading MP3 TikTok sounds easily and quickly, I hope this article is useful!

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