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June 6, 2023 – Carrying out transaction activities in the digital era as it is today, can indeed be done very easily and also simple. So on this occasion, Mimin felt interested in sharing a tutorials regarding how to transfer FUNDS to ShopeePay which you can use to make transactions.

Application DANA and ShopeePay themselves are indeed included in the digital wallet services that have the best performance for conducting transaction activities. Because starting from paying bills to buying credit, later you can do it easily from the palm of your hand.

How to Transfer DANA Balance to ShopeePay?


Both the DANA and ShopeePay applications, they already provide an application design that is so simple and easy to understand. So basically, the transaction process like anything done through the two digital wallet services can definitely be done easily.

Some of the excellent features in it can also help each user to facilitate all of these transaction activities. It is these advantages that make the DANA and ShopeePay applications the best digital wallet services for now.

But apart from that, surely there are still some of you who don’t understand how to transfer from the DANA application to ShopeePay. So instead of that Mimin has written down all the steps, through a tutorial listed as follows:

  1. Open the DANA application first.
  2. If you are already in the application, you can click on the option that says All Services and Select Digital Balance.
  3. Then you also select the type Digital Balance what you want to do is transfer or top up in the form of ShopeePay.
  4. In the new view you can fill in a column by entering Phone number from the ShopeePay account.
  5. Next you Enter Nominal delivery in the form of a balance that you will transfer to your ShopeePay account.
  6. After the nominal has been filled, please click on the section Continue.
  7. After that, you can choose a Payment Method that can be made via DANA Balance, Oneclick, Direct, or Debit that has been linked to DANA. You can also proceed to click on options Confirmation.
  8. Input PIN from your DANA account to end the transfer process into the DANA balance.
  9. Wait a few moments until a notification will appear that the transfer process has been successful.

Every step that the admin explains to you, must be done seriously or there is nothing wrong at all. The reason here is that you don’t know all the steps that need to be done, so it’s possible that the transfer process that you are doing will fail.

The following are the conditions for transferring from DANA to ShopeePay


Before carrying out the transfer process from the DANA application to ShopeePay, there are terms and conditions that you need to fulfill. Some of the conditions that you need to fulfill are indeed commonplace in all existing digital wallet variants as they are today.

But for some of the conditions that you need to fulfill, everything is still affordable or you can do it easily. It’s different from using digital banking services, because for the DANA application you only need to fulfill a few conditions.

You don’t need to worry about all the requirements that you need to fulfill, because any data like that will definitely be protected by the application. So you don’t need to worry about anything, so you can meet those requirements from now on.’

Many of you, especially new users of the DANA application, feel confused about what conditions need to be met. Therefore Mimin has prepared a useful review so that you will later understand all the conditions that you need to do.

  1. Make sure that your DANA account is premium.
  2. Make a transfer with a nominal amount of 10,000. and the maximum limit is up to 10,000,000
  3. Recipients of ShopeePay balances or users need to prepare an administration fee of 500.
  4. Make sure beforehand that you have enough balance to make transfers with minimal fees.
  5. The DANA account owner needs to set aside a balance to meet administration fees or admin fees.

The Easy Way to Upgrade a DANA Account to the Premium Version


One of the conditions that might make it difficult for you later, might be a condition that requires you to update your DANA account to the premium version. Because not all DANA application users already have an account in the premium version which has advantages in it.

By using the DANA application in the premium version, later you will get more functions compared to having a DANA account in the regular version. Therefore you can upgrade your DANA account to the premium version first, before you find out about how to transfer DANA to ShopeePay.

There are several requirements that you need to fulfill later when you want to update your DANA account to the premium version. So that you don’t find it difficult to fulfill all the required conditions, now you can also listen to the following steps:

  1. First, Mimin invites you to prepare an ID card first.
  2. If your KTP card has been prepared, you can proceed to open the DANA application.
  3. In the initial view you can click on the menu I.
  4. The next stage you are welcome to Photo ID card what you have. Take a photo of the ID card with the right position in the frame, and make sure that the photo is clearly visible.
  5. When the photo has been taken you can click Check Mark.
  6. Next, you do the face verification process with the scan rules that have been set.
  7. Enter all important data that has become a condition of the DANA application.
  8. If all conditions have been met and filled in correctly then you can click the button Submit.
  9. You wait a few moments, until a notification will appear that your premium account has been verified.

Whether or not your request is accepted in updating your DANA account to the premium version, you will find out in approximately 24 hours. So when you have done all the steps above, then all you have to do is wait for the notification that Mimin means.

How to Transfer ShopeePay Balance to DANA


After Mimin explains how to transfer DANA to ShopeePay, here Mimin will also explain to you how to transfer ShopeePay balance to DANA balance. The transfer method itself is not much different from the previous method, but there are a few things you need to know.

Moreover, the appearance of the menus in the DANA and ShopeePay applications are different, so there will be differences in the writing style which you will find later. Each of you who is going to transfer your ShopeePay balance to DANA, of course, must also pay attention that you have enough balance.

But what is a problem for you is certainly not that, but you want to know about how to transfer it. Therefore, you can look for years from now, because you can see all the tutorials for transferring Shopee Pay balances to DANA balances as follows:

  1. First, you can make sure that you are already in the ShopeePay application.
  2. Next you can Login with an account that you already have.
  3. On the main page of the application, please click on the section ShopeePay balance.
  4. Continue by clicking on options Transfer to Bank.
  5. Enter your DANA number starting with a number 8059+. Example 8059085764732012.
  6. Proceed with entering Nominal Balance which you will send.
  7. Next you can click Continue and input PIN from the ShopeePay application that is owned.

If you have done all the steps above, then your task will only need to check whether the balance has entered your DANA account. And if the balance has been entered, then there will be a notification that you can receive on your cellphone.

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