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June 2, 2023

A live platform that never makes users feel bored is live china apk. Especially if you use the application that we will discuss below, it will be more comfortable and comfortable in using the application.

What are you waiting for, don’t miss the interesting discussion regarding the free 2022 Live China Apk live bar below which is easy to get at any time.

Most Recommended Live China Bar Bar Severe Apk Mod 2022

You don’t need to be confused anymore to determine which live application you want to use after reading the explanation in this article. Here you will see the differences and advantages of each application.

In essence, the content that will be delivered is not much different, it’s just that the people who present it differ from one application to another. This live china apk rating is indeed the highest than the others.

Because of that, you can download the live bar bar china application below, either one or all at once. If you still feel confused make a choice.

Then the following explanation will really help you to provide an overview of using the application



Who here has tried the PD Live application? Or you have never heard of this one application? So, PD Live is included in the live china application, where most of its users come from there.

Especially for the broadcasts that are held there, almost all of them are hosted by China, so they are called Apk Live China. The thing you need to know about this application is that the default language of the application uses Chinese and Chinese characters.

So maybe at first you will be confused about how to change the language. However, you don’t need to worry because the language change menu is in the upper right corner when you enter this application.

The PD Live application is quite in demand by users from anywhere, especially those who really like the severe Chinese live bar bar apk 2022.

Name PD Live
Downloads 100K+
Rated For 12+
Ratings 3,5

MoreinLive Apk


MoreinLive is a type of application that is even more in demand than the previous application because it has been proven that all the hosts there have beautiful faces. Not to mention the content offered makes everyone feel entertained.

You really can’t miss this Chinese live apk, especially if you are looking for a live application from there. For the affairs of the event that is presented, there is no need to question it anymore because it is definitely extraordinary.

And for those of you who download the MoreinLive application, you also don’t need to go anywhere because your cellphone will definitely be in the Play Store. The quality of broadcast shows in the live china bar bar application is very clear.

You can also give prizes in the form of stickers with different values ​​to the host who is holding the event. There you can also create groups of fellow users to chat with each other.

Name MoreinLive
Downloads 1M+
Rated For 18+
Ratings 3,6

Nono Live


An application that is no less interesting than some of the apks that we have mentioned above is Nono Live. Here you will meet lots of event readers and content creators beauties which will fill your time so you don’t get bored.

The readers of the program will share their happiness with the audience, namely you. You can choose which shows you think are fun to watch for a long time.

Each program has its own characteristics and characteristics, so you have to decide which one is your favourite. This live china apk will never let you down and its users come from anywhere.

There is also a chat menu that users can use to interact with the program’s presenter in person real-time. And all the shows here have no replays anymore.

That means once the live ends, you can’t see what they’ve shared before. So if you already have anchors favorite then you can have to activate the notification alarm so you don’t miss it.

Name Nonolive
Downloads 50M+
Rated For 12+
Ratings 4,2

Papaya Live Apk


One of the most popular types of live china applications in Asia is Papaya Live. This will make it easier for you to find friends from various other countries and also chat with each other using the features that are there.

You can’t only enjoy what’s on Papaya Live in the form of broadcast events. But also take advantage of other additional features available in the application.

So you don’t just open the application and watch live there, but you can add friends. We don’t know, who knows, one of them will be your soul mate.

The chat feature on Papaya Live is also very interesting because you can just do video chat or text chat.

Name Papaya Live
Downloads 500K+
Rated For 18+
Ratings 4,6

GODA Live Apk


An application that is truly a china live apk is Goda Live Apk because everything in there is Chinese by default. If you still want to use this application, that’s okay.

However, if you don’t really understand the features because the language is not Indonesian, then don’t click on a feature if you are in doubt.

Just download and register, then not the live broadcast listed at the beginning of the application.

Downloads 100K+
Rated For 12+
Ratings ,4,0

Free China Live Apk Usage Guide For All Apps

As additional information for users regarding this free 2021 live china bar bar application. The Baikhati.id admin will provide general guidelines for using applications that are generally used.

Of course the first thing you have to do is download the application. To download this application, you can go through anywhere, be it the official app store or from a third party.

If the application has been downloaded and successfully installed on the device, then you must first create an account. In this case you are not required to use your real name or real account.

Generally, there are two methods offered in creating the account, namely using Facebook or Google email. Just adjust which one you want to use.

After successfully logging in, the first thing you will see is the various broadcast content in the application. If you are confused or don’t know the username of the host you are after.

Just look for live users who are live and enjoy the event. That’s more or less the general usage guide for every Chinese live apk or the latest free live bar apk 2022.

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