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June 6, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – The internet network has a positive impact on all sectors, including information and communication. Through this, you can reach many scores easily, such as education, office, home, and so on. Accessing Xnview Italiano can run easily.

Not only covering one region to another, but also from one country to another. With the existence of an internet network, you can reach many things only through the gadget in your hand. This certainly helps you in terms of communication and many other sectors.

Rows of Applications Supporting Xnview Italiano 18+ in Smartphones


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In reaching well-known sites, you need a stable internet network and a supported device. This is really needed by you because with the device and internet network, you can access everything quickly. Whenever and wherever you can open Xnview Italiano.

Via an Android or Windows-based device, you can access it easily. Of course, not only one or two platforms are available, but there are a number of platforms that can be accessed. If you don’t know it yet, this time Mimin will give you the order of the application.

1. Video Nodes

Video Nodes

If you like editing things, then there’s nothing wrong with downloading the Node Video application on your smartphone. The reason is that this application has good performance on every device, and can be relied upon in the editing process. Apart from being aesthetic, your video will look professional.

This application can be used by all people, not only 18+. Because there is nothing related to bokeh in this application, it’s just an ordinary editing application. However, other touches such as the protrusion provided by Node Video have attracted many bokeh connoisseurs to use it.

Application Name Video Nodes
Size 34MB
Minimum OS Android 4.1+
Number of Installs 20 million+

2. YouCut


YouCut is synonymous with the Youtube platform, because people often edit their videos in this application. That’s because YouCut has the same custom size as the Youtube platform. Or in other words, Youcut has the right ratio so that later it can be included on the YouTube platform.

You can get a myriad of advanced features and qualified facilities in this application. You can even save edited videos at a very small size, which will help you in many ways. Storage space becomes longer with the small video size.

Application Name YouCut
Size 26MB
Minimum OS Android 5.0+
Number of Installs 50 million+

3. ActionDirector


You can make a profit if you run this application on your smartphone, where you can do all kinds of edits here. Not only photos, you can also apply a number of video edits in the ActionDirector application. Of course, with this, you don’t have to go back and forth to several different platforms.

Maybe there are still many who don’t know about this application, but its superiority is no longer in question. Because the facilities and features are quite diverse in supporting your activities. Getting it is also very easy, where you only need to go to the official application store such as the Play Store.

Application Name ActionDirector
Size 25MB
Minimum OS Android 6.0+
Number of Installs 10 million+

4. VivaVideo Apk

VivaVideo Apk

If you are looking for a professional and multifunctional editing application, then try the VivaVideo Apk application. Because you can find charming features with dazzling advantages. VivaVideo counts legend among editors in the past, because the application has been operating for a long time.

Its emergence has a positive influence on many sectors, including today’s programmers. Many people make VivaVideo an example in making editing applications today. However, the VivaVideo apk now comes with a new face, which looks fresher and more colorful.

Application Name VivaVideo Apk
Size 21MB
Minimum OS Android 4.2+
Number of Installs 5 million+

5. Vita


VITA is a unique application that is currently being sought after by many people, because the application has unique features with a simple method of use. All can be used for free without any exceptions, so you can run without having to pay a monthly fee. There are also cool facilities in it.

With these facilities, you can easily get stunning results, of course, accompanied by unlimited creativity and ideas. You can apply aesthetic effects to each of your works, such as glitter, glitch, blink effects, and so on. This application is suitable when used by beginners.

Application Name VITA
Size 20MB
Minimum OS Android 5.1+
Number of Installs 1 million+

6. VLO


This application can be used by all groups and age levels, because the application is simple and easy to use. Both professionals and beginners can use VLLO easily, because the way to use it is very simple. There are no complicated things that make you confused in running this application.

VLLO is better known for its para platform vloggersbecause there are many things that smell mini vlogs And daily vlogs here. You don’t need to be afraid of failing to run the VLLO application on your Android device. Because the way to use it is simple and easy to understand by anyone, including beginners.

Application Name VLLO
Size 28MB
Minimum OS Android 4.4+
Number of Installs 5 million+

7. FilmoraGo


I’m sure many of you already know about this application, maybe it’s from an advertisement or had time to run it. If you examine further, the FilmoraGo application has a unique function. Where you can run two edits at once, namely photos and videos in the same application.

The existence of this multifunctional platform, makes you and other users feel benefited. In addition to logical storage, you will also be presented with charming facilities. There are many interesting things that you can feel here, certainly able to bring new experiences to your life.

Application Name FilmoraGo
Size 19MB
Minimum OS Android 5.0+
Number of Installs 50 million+

8. Prism


Around 2017, this application is widely used by people and is considered popular compared to other applications. And now Prisma comes with a new face, where it looks more colorfull and also fresh if seen. A number of edits here are inspired by the world’s great paintings as well as great masters.

You will be spoiled with charming features every time you use this application, where there are a myriad of interesting effects and also unique features in it. This will certainly make your photos look fresher with a colorful appearance with each edit. The editing quality is of course good and HD quality.

Application Name Prism
Size 30MB
Minimum OS Android 4.0+
Number of Installs 10 million+

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The applications above are perfect for those of you who like things that smell like bokeh, because some of them present great scenes every week. No need to bother accessing your PC and laptop, because some of them are available in mobile form. So you only need the Android platform.

To get these applications is quite easy, where you only need to access the official application store on your smartphone. Many of them are available there, and you can download them for free without worrying about subscription fees. But you can also download via the link listed.

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