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June 7, 2023 – Since the emergence of the TikTok application, now some of the newest games are popular more quickly and always attract many people to play them. For example, like the Super Sus Mod APK, which has not been around for a long time but has become very viral on TikTok and has become a favorite game at the moment.

Coupled with the existence of a modification process carried out by a third party, now Super Sus is becoming more popular and has a lot of demand. Those of you who play this game will certainly find lots of exciting game modes, all of which you can play for free.

About Super Sus Game Mod APK


Super Sus Mod APK itself is a games online game that carries the theme of aircraft repair games, with your teammates or groups that you make. So in this one game you will be provided with certain missions, all of which you can only complete with the team you created.

To complete this mission, of course your task is not just to make a team and then carry out its mission. But you need to do what is called teamwork, so that all missions that assign you to repair an airplane can be done easily.

Thus, here the developer of Super Sus Mod APK has made the system so that it can be played online. Because with this system, you can discuss all the things needed with the team with much easier communication.

As a type of game that carries an exciting mission, of course you will also find several obstacles that you need to complete. So overall, this unlimited Super Sus Mod APK game has an exciting game theme, so from now on you can try playing it.


The impostor character that you can find from this game is a promise of obstacles that you need to pass. Because every time you carry out a mission, you will always be bothered by the presence of an impostor character that has been provided by the developer.

The task of the imposto itself, will later hide several components that the team needs, in completing the mission of working on aircraft that must be repaired. So in this case you can blame each other on fellow team members, and that will certainly be troublesome.

But missions like that, of course, are very interesting and exciting for you to play with your friends online. And that’s why the developer has provided several types of superior features that will later help you complete the mission.

Each of the excellent features that you can find from the game Super Sus Mod APK new version certainly has its own function, and you can have it for free. Or to make it more clear, you can now listen to all these excellent features and some of their functions in the following summary.

1. Support Doing Voice Chat

To make it easier for you to develop a strategy, of course you can take advantage of the voice chat feature that has been provided by the developer. So that later you only need to activate the voice chat feature, then carry out the communication process to discuss with the team that you created.

2. Unlimited Golden Stars

In this very exciting game, later you can take advantage of the unlimited golden star feature to modify the character you have. So you won’t get bored quickly, with every character that you always use in carrying out a mission.

3. Unlock All Characters

Before playing the game modes in this game, you can choose a character first as your playmate. And fortunately here you will be presented with a large collection of characters, and all of them are open by themselves.

4. Must be an Impostor

Being an impostor in this game can indeed be a very exciting thing because it can confuse the other team. So, in this Super Sus Mod APK, you can easily become an impostor, without the need to wait for the character results that have been determined by the game system.

5. It’s Ad-Free

By freeing games from types of advertisements, you will later find comfort in playing online games. Because most of the online games that exist today, will always be filled with types of advertisements that are quite disturbing to you as a player.

6. Farther Flashlight Distance

An area or place where you are on a mission, does have a fairly dark feel and can only be seen by using a flashlight. Then in this Mod version, you can get a flashlight with a much wider field of view than the original version.

7. Unlimited Cookies

When playing a game mode, you also need to buy several types of items to support all the things you will do. That way you can take advantage of the unlimited cookies feature in it, so you can buy all the things you need.

Download Super Sus Mod APK Unlimited Golden Star Latest Version


All the excitement offered by this game has indeed been packaged as well as possible by the developers. Where are all the things that Mimin has provided above, you can indeed find it very easily when you have successfully owned the game.

By just downloading and installing the game, then all the fun offered by Super Sus Mod APK you can definitely have it right away with ease. So that you can use these interesting things later, when you are spending your free time.

Then what you need to know is that to download the Super Sus game in the Mod version, of course you can’t do it via the Playstore. But you need to download it via another service, to be precise by using the download link that Mimin has provided as follows:

Game Name Super Sus Mod APK
File Size 145MB
Updates Latest 2023
OS Android 6..0
Price Free
Download links Here

The game download process that you can do later, of course, will be very easy and also fast. Because in that link, later you will be directed to a mediafire download menu that you can open without needing to enter a password.

Here’s the difference between Super Sus Mod APK and the original version


Those of you who play this game, of course, can find lots of advantages that the original version of Super Sus didn’t have. Which in that case, everything is packed very well and it’s very exciting for you to play with the team that you made.

So with that in mind, you should know about all the comparisons in the Super Sus Mod APK with the original version of Supersu. And that’s all Mimin has summarized very well in this article, through a table that Mimin has provided as follows:

Super Sus Mod APK Super Sus original
There are several premium features that can be obtained for free. Available premium features only apply to those who have already paid.
Choose a featured character that is available by itself. Players will only be provided with a few types of characters.
Free to buy items needed in playing a mode. You can only buy an item if it has money in it.
Games that are not clear or made by unofficial developers. Official developers who are always supervised by professional developers.
The risk of getting banned will definitely apply to every player. It’s impossible to get banned if you don’t cheat.

By reading and paying attention to all the comparisons above, you can be even more confident about downloading Super Sus in the superior version. Then when you feel more interested in the modified version, then you can use the link presented in the table above.

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