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June 6, 2023

Using communication applications, there are already many versions that can be found. What’s more, if you are looking for a short message application that can make your daily activities easier. Like the application that we will discuss, the name is Fouad WhatsApp.

Now, with you using an application like this, you will certainly be able to get lots of benefits. Not only do you get benefits if you use an application like this. You will also be able to use this one application easily.

Do you know that applications like this can certainly be used very easily? Modified WhatsApp applications like this have very sophisticated and complete features. As we all know about the modification application and all its advantages.

For those of you who have often used modification applications like this, of course you are very familiar with everything that is available in it. But don’t worry for those of you who don’t understand how to use even everything available in an application like this.

You can just follow the discussion that we will provide below. Because will give you several discussions regarding various information on this modification application. Which you can definitely find out all the information that is available and add to the knowledge you have.

Details Regarding the Fouad WhatsApp Application


WhatsApp is an application that is commonly used by people to facilitate communication. Now, of course, there will be no one who doesn’t know this one application. Maybe you are also one of the active users of the WhatsApp application.

If you use this one application, you will definitely be able to carry out communication activities easily. By using this one application, of course you can communicate remotely with relatives who are separated by distance.

Especially for you overseas children who are far from family members. Surely applications like this are needed to carry out communication activities. But applications like this have now become one of the important tools that support mobility.

Not only used in sending short messages. But you can also make video calls as well as voice calls. Which can not only be done for two people. You can use the group call feature so you can have a conversation with more than two people.

Apart from what was discussed earlier, of course you can also send files. Where all the files that you will send can certainly be in the form of photos, videos or documents. Anyway, the package is very complete if you use this one application as an everyday application.

Along with today’s developments, you can easily find this application on the Google Play Store. Not only that, but now you can find various modification applications. You can easily find modification applications like this in discussing articles on the internet.

Like the Fouad WhatsApp application which we will discuss this time. This is an application that can be used to send short messages like that. Also, you can use the many features available in this one application.

Differences That Can Be Found In Fouad WhatsApp Mods And Official Versions


The applications that you can find now are certainly diverse. Now there are many versions of the same application available. So, of course, each application has a different version. With very different versions you can also find differences in the various features.

The features in each different application must have differences. Not only that, but you can definitely use all of the apps very differently. Like the application that we are discussing today also has many differences from the others.

You can find the differences in each application easily just by looking at it in terms of what is easily visible. Usually, before knowing the difference, you need to use the application first. Well, now you don’t need to use it first.

You can continue to see the various differences in the discussion that we will provide below.

Fouad WhatsApp Official Version Application

  • If you use the official version of the application, you will definitely be able to use only 1 account. You can’t have multiple accounts so you can playchat have fun with lots of people.
  • Sending photos in this application can only be done using the sending size limit. So you can only send photos with a limit of 10 photos.
  • Won’t get app locker. So the applications in this one application are a little insecure, huh.
  • You won’t be able to see messages that have been deleted like that, OK? Deleted messages from the app can never be retrieved.
  • You cannot hide all personal statuses using this one application.

Fill Fouad WhatsApp Modification

  • On the contrary, if you use a modification application, you can definitely use more than 2 accounts.
  • Now sending photos will also be fast and numbering more than 90. You can send more photos than just using the official version of the application.
  • You will get an application lock if you use a modified application. If you use this one application, surely your account will be perfectly safe and locked.
  • Messages that have been deleted will definitely still appear in the display chat rooms yes. If you use an application like that, you will definitely not be curious about messages that have been deleted.
  • Finally, you can easily hide all personal statuses. There are still lots of features that you can use, if you are curious you can continue the discussion below.

Here Are The Features Available In Fouad WhatsApp 9.05 APK


Now, those who are very curious about the various explanations about the features in this application. You can see the explanation below, of course you will immediately be interested if you see the various explanations.

You Can Send Photos in Large Numbers

As we discussed above, this one application allows you to send a large number of photos. You can send photos with more than 90 photos. That’s quite a lot if you use it at one time.

Active Anti Banned feature

Don’t worry about the affected account banned because it is guaranteed security. Your data and device will still be saved if you use this one application.

Can Read Deleted Messages

Reading messages that have been deleted is also one of the advantages of this one application. Anyway, you won’t be curious anymore if you use this one application. You can still read all messages that have been deleted, of course.

Find Themes Easily

Those who often feel bored with the original version of WhatsApp friends just like that. Maybe by using this one application you will be able to change various types of themes. Which all themes will be able to make variations from within the theme of this modification application.

Can Download Contact Status

Downloading interesting friend contact statuses is one of the advantages. So you can easily use this one application to download interesting statuses. You can use interesting statuses without the account owner knowing.

Longer WA Story duration

Usually, if you use the original WhatsApp application, you can make WA stories only 30 seconds long. But if by using this one application you can make a story using this you can make it longer than 30 seconds.

Hide All Private Status

Now for those of you who like to hide all personal statuses. It’s really mandatory to know this one application. Because by using this one application you can hide all personal statuses. Can hide personal status in the form of an online sign, typing and so forth.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version 2022 along with how to install it


For those of you who are already interested in using this one application. You can use a special link to start downloading this one application. Because you won’t be able to find modified applications on the Google Play Store or so on.

So, here is the specific application link that we provide in the table below:

Application Name Fouad WhatsApp
Application Version V8.90
OS 4.3+
Application Size 43MB
Download links JUST CLICK HERE

If you have used the link to download this one application. You definitely need to install the application first. Here are some ways to install the application:

  • Open menu settings > additional settings > security and privacy > install unknown source applications. Just follow the same picture above.
  • Continue to choose file manager > find app name > click install.
  • Finished

Tips that Fouad WhatsApp users must know to avoid being banned


Many already know that using an application like this is definitely very risky. So, one of the risks that you can get is being blocked. Well this block is also one of banned done by the official developer.

Here are some ways to avoid being banned. You can do this to keep your account and data safe.

  • First you can open the application Fouad WhatsApp available on the device that was downloaded earlier.
  • Then you can choose point three which is in the top right corner.
  • A number of options will appear that can be selected. Click Fouad settings to start setup.
  • After that you can choose update menu. We suggest that you check first.
  • Now checking is useful so you don’t do it update repeated. If the version used is still old then you need to update first.
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • If it’s finished, it means you are safe and you can say that you are free from risk banned yes.

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