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May 28, 2023 – When you are spending free time but are confused about what to do, then you really have to download the latest version of the 2023 Youtube Go application right now. Because in the application, you will be presented with various high-quality entertainment shows, of course.

Which one application this will also allow you to watch video content as much as possible, without worrying if you will run out of quota. Because of the advantages possessed by this application, later it can be useful in saving internet quota when you are watching videos.

Overview of YouTube Go

Youtube Go

Youtube Go is an application for watching videos online that provides various collections of interesting videos from all corners of the world. Youtube Go itself is included in the form of development carried out by the Google company as the owner of the Youtube service.

The developments carried out by Google have made the existence of this version of Youtube have several advantages. Due to its presence, it is indeed useful to provide a little relief for Youtube video connoisseurs who have lightweight device specifications.

The purpose of forming Youtube Go is so that later you can save on using internet quota in watching the videos you like. So no matter how many videos you watch from this application, Mimin will guarantee that the use of the internet quota that you spend is very affordable.

And for sure there are many more advantages that this version of Go has, so for those of you who haven’t tried it, of course you can download the application right now. Then after you have the application, you can start searching for and watching videos that you like.

Why You Need YouTube Go Mod APK?

youtube go apk

The developments made by Google for the Youtube application, of course, will also provide a new system for the application. Where for the latest system carried out by Google, it will be able to provide distinct benefits for each user.

In the Youtube Go application, you will be provided with all the advantages that you might never find on regular Youtube. Or you can also call this advantage with advanced features that are specifically for all users who use this application.

The advantages that you can find later, certainly don’t only amount to one or two advantages. But there are various kinds of advantages, one of which has a function or function of each which will be very useful for you when accessing it.

Since you are a new user who wants to try the capabilities of this application, of course you need to know some of the advantages this application has first. Because Mimin has also presented a summary which contains the following excellent features.

1. Can Manage Quota Usage

Before watching the video, you will be provided with an option that aims to regulate the quota usage that you will issue. So that later you can easily manage internet quota usage, for a video that you will later watch.

2. Provide Download Features

Some videos that you really like, might be more suitable if you download them to watch them repeatedly. And this application already supports this, because in the system a feature is already available to process the download of the videos you like.

All the videos that you have downloaded, you can later watch them again through this one feature. So if you want to re-watch all the videos that have been downloaded, then all you have to do is open the application and enter the offline mode feature in it.

4. Free from Ads

The most important advantage of this application is that you can watch all videos as freely as possible without any ad interruptions. And advantages like this will of course be very useful for you, because you can later feel comfortable playing the videos you like.

5. Select Video Resolution

Apart from setting up internet quota usage, later you can also make the process of setting the video resolution that you will watch. The goal itself is so that you can feel satisfied, with all the quality of the shows that appear in a video.

6. Share Video Via Bluetooth

Not a few of you who read this article feel interested in sharing a video in the application. Therefore, the developer has also provided a useful feature for sharing videos using the Bluetooth system.

7. Play Videos Without Clicking

The preview feature available in this application can help you watch videos without having to open them. So this will support you, especially when you are busy doing other activities that require you to open YouTube.

youtube go download

Several years ago, searching for the Youtube Go application was a very easy thing to do. Because for the truth, you can find it easily in application store services such as the Playstore and also the Appstore that are on your device.

But some time ago, you could no longer find the existence of this application through an application store service. Until now Mimin doesn’t even know about clear reasons, but here, of course, Mimin has provided a solution or way out.

So on this occasion, Mimin has provided a download link for the Youtube Go application, and of course you can click it to download the application. So instead of that, you just take advantage of the link, by clicking on a download button that is already available here.

Application Name YouTube Go APK
Size 18MB
Additional Features Premium
Price Free
New update Year 2023
Version 3.25.24
Download links Here

From the description of the application specifications that Mimin listed above, it can be seen that the size of this application is very light. So, whatever your cellphone specifications are, of course you can download and install this application so that you are ready to use it in watching the videos you like.

Some Disadvantages of YouTube Go APK Premium


Every application like whatever you use, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Likewise with the application that we are discussing right now, where the system in it definitely has drawbacks.

But you don’t need to worry, because the shortcomings that this application has are not so influential with the advantages that are in it. So Youtube Go does have a drawback, but it doesn’t surpass all the advantages it has.

You can think of things like this as very reasonable, because there are still many advantages that you can get when you have successfully owned an application. What’s more, this application is a free platform, so it’s not impossible if the application doesn’t have any drawbacks.

So, before you proceed to download and install this application, it might be a good idea if you are aware of some of these deficiencies. By coincidence, Mimin has also provided a brief summary in a review that is presented below.

1. Inappropriate Video Resolution

The first drawback that you get from this application is the incompatibility of the resolution you choose with the quality of the video displayed. So even if you have videos with high resolution, sometimes this application displays videos with inappropriate graphic quality.

2. Does Not Provide Comment Features

To give an opinion from the videos you watch, usually you often add comments to the video. But in the Youtube Go application, you cannot do this because the application does not provide a comment feature.

3. Not Perfect Application

Several things often happen to the Youtube Go application, it is indeed very difficult to overcome, especially for you as a new user. So that this kind of thing is indeed quite disturbing to your activities, as someone who often needs important information from the Youtube application.

That’s a full review of the Mod APK version of the Youtube GO application which can be used to watch YouTube videos for free without any annoying ads.

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