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May 28, 2023

Stock Trading Schedule– This type of trading is familiar to many people. There are many people in this world who buy and sell stocks. Even in Indonesia the numbers tend to be large and can increase every year. Especially among young Indonesians.

For the perpetrators of buying and selling shares, of course there are many things that need attention. Starting with knowing the purchase price of shares and knowing how to make a profitable trade. To find out when the actual schedule for buying and selling shares. Knowing this will greatly benefit the seller of the stock.

So if you are also interested in trying your luck in the world of Stock Trading Schedules. Then you also have to have knowledge about how to buy and sell these shares, especially information about the schedule. For information on how to buy and sell shares, you can read all the information in this article to the end.

Overview of Info Regarding Stock Trading Schedule Activities

Stock Trading Schedule

Before the discussion regarding the sale and purchase of shares goes further. Of course, you should know in advance the meaning of this Stock Trading Schedule activity.

Well, the activity of buying and selling shares itself is an activity carried out in the capital market or stock exchange market. Where the exchange itself is a special place for buying and selling shares and a meeting place for buyers, sellers, companies and jobs related to these shares.

In buying and selling shares, there are three main parties that are most influential, namely investors, speculators, and the government. In addition, there are also other influential parties involved in buying and selling shares such as brokers, underwriters and issuers.

Now investors or buyers of these shares can come from all walks of life, be it individuals, clubs, groups or other companies. Importantly, all potential investors must be registered as members of the stock exchange and must also have a registered stock account in registered securities.

There are many reasons why someone invests in stocks. But of course everyone wants to profit from buying and selling these shares. Therefore, the perpetrators of buying and selling shares learn all the techniques of buying and selling shares correctly.

The process of buying and selling shares actually looks quite easy for anyone to understand. Here you can enter sell orders and buy orders for the desired stock into the system. After that just let the system run and wait for the results.

Later, after work, the system displays the selling price and buying price on the stock market that is currently happening. Then when the desired buying and selling price matches the buying and selling price on the current stock market. Then the stock trading plan process will occur and be executed successfully.

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Let’s Get to Know the Types of Shares Sold on the Exchange Stock Trading Schedule

Stock Trading Schedule

As you already know, you have to buy or sell shares in the stock market. You can schedule stock trades only on the stock exchange.

Now there is not only one type of stock on the exchange. Various types of stocks are traded on this exchange. Of course, any share purchaser or shareholder can buy whatever they want. Likewise with the seller who can sell the desired shares.

For beginners, of course, you have to buy and sell stocks with the right stock selection. You can start with less risky stocks. Don’t be easily tempted by big profits when you are just starting to buy and sell stocks.

It is not enough for shareholders to know tips and techniques for selling shares. As well as knowing techniques and knowing the types of stocks that can be purchased. You also need to know when the transaction time for the stock trading plan is.

Without knowing the exact stock trading schedule, you will miss the best time to buy and sell shares in the stock market. The timing of these stock trading plans also varies depending on the chosen stock market.

At least in the stock market there are five types of shares that are all traded. If you want to know, here are five types of stocks that are used in the stock trading schedule on the stock exchange.

1. Types of Ordinary Stock or Common Stock

The first type of stock traded on the stock exchange is the common type of stock. These common shares are also known as Common Stock shares on the stock exchange. This type of stock is the most basic of the various types of stocks and is usually purchased by beginners in the field of stock trading.

These Common Stock shares are known as shares which give ownership of a company as many shares as you buy. So that shareholders with an ordinary type of share or this type of Common Stock have the right to give voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders.

2. Types of Preferred Stock or Types of Preferred Stock

The second type of stock that is commonly traded is Prefen shares or Preferred Stock types

This second type of stock has a higher dividend value, or earnings value, with relatively little upside potential. It is suitable to buy those who want higher profit but lower risk.

If you choose to buy stocks of this option during the stock trading plan. Then you get ownership of the company in the number of shares you already own. But you cannot vote or provide advice during the company’s shareholder meeting.

3. Types of Shares with Limited Voting Rights or Types of Restricted Stock

Restricted Stock Shares, or Restricted Stock Shares, are a type of shares that are also sold on stock exchanges.

Like any other stock, when you buy Restricted Voting Stock or Limited Voting Stock, you gain ownership of the company. Of course, the amount is equal to the shares you hold.

But as the name suggests, these shares do not give you the right to vote at any shareholder meeting. At a shareholder meeting, you only have the right to vote at certain times.

4. Types of Group Shares or Types of Group Stock Shares

Another type of stock that is sold on the stock exchange is group stock or commonly called Group Stock. As the name suggests, the shares of this group are shares that are sold by many companies working together. Therefore, the form remains in stock.

However, even though it was formed as part of different types of companies working together. However, the shares of this Group have different degrees of ownership for each company. And everyone who buys the shares gets separate ownership rights in the company.

5. Types of Index Shares or Types of Index Stock Shares

On the stock exchange, the last type of stock traded is index stock, also known as index stock. In the stock trading plan, these index shares are traded in one unit. Where in this stock trading plan, one unit consists of stocks with a certain mixed index.

The selling price of the stock is now the average price of the pool of various stocks available from the various indices.

The following is the stock trading schedule for each market

Stock Trading Schedule

For you beginners, of course, you have to buy and sell shares by selecting the most appropriate stocks. You can start with stocks that are not too high risk. Don’t be easily tempted by big profits if you are just starting to get to know buying and selling stocks.

For stockholders, knowing the technique of selling shares will not be enough. In addition to knowing the techniques and types of shares that can be purchased. You also need to know when the transaction time for the stock trading plan is.

Without knowing the exact stock trading schedule, you will miss the best time to buy and sell shares in the stock market. The timing of these stock trading plans also varies depending on the chosen stock market.

For days where stock transactions can be carried out. You can do this every week from Monday to Friday, this applies to all types of markets whose opening hours are listed in the table below.

Meanwhile, there are no transactions in any market on Saturday and Sunday every week.

Well, for those of you who don’t know when the schedule will be. Below is the latest schedule of trades that you can follow.

1. Regular Market

The first market to buy and sell shares is the regular market. Where the regular market is a place to buy and sell shares by using a stock price offering system continuously. Where closing occurs when the asking price is the same as the market price.

The following is a schedule for buying and selling shares in the regular market, which of course you should know and understand well.

Market Name Regular Market
Pre Market Opening Schedule 8.45 AM To 8.59 AM
Market Sales First Session Schedule 9 am to 11.30 am
Schedule of the Second Session of Market Sales 1.30 PM To 2.49 PM
Transaction Pre Closing Schedule 2.50 PM To 3 PM
Sales Random Closing Schedule 2.58 PM To 3 PM
Post Market Closing Timetable 3.01 PM Until 33.15 PM

2. Cash Market

The cash market is a type of place where stocks are bought and sold. At first glance, this cash market looks very similar to the regular type of market. This can be seen from the length of the payment period, which is equal to 3 days after completion of that day.

However, what distinguishes the cash market from the regular market is the method of payment for shares. Where the buyer needs to pay for the shares using the cash payment method.

The existence of a cash market is intended to accelerate the resolution of problems that arise during the buying and selling of shares and between shareholders. So that the share problem doesn’t drag on and irritate the members. The schedule of sales and purchases on the spot market is presented in the table below.

Market Name Stock Cash Market
Share Purchase Schedule for Session1 9 am to 11.30 am

3. Negotiated Market

The last type of market for stock trading schedules is the bargain market. The process of buying and selling shares that occurs in this market is almost similar to that which occurs in the regular market. Where there will be a continuous bidding process until an agreement is reached.

The difference between the regular market and the negotiated market lies in the bidding process. In this negotiation market, negotiations only occur between the seller of shares and the buyer of shares. In contrast to the regular market where stock offerings are made for everyone

The basis for a negotiated transaction is the price given at the last exchange rate that occurs in the regular market.

In this market, buying and selling shares is very difficult and there are not many rules for sellers and buyers. This is because there is no automatic reject system in this negotiated market that can set upper and lower limits for individual stock transactions.

Now you can see the transaction schedule on this negotiating market and consult the table below.

Market Name Negotiation Market
Session 1 Stock Purchase Schedule From 9 AM To 11.30 AM
Session 2 Stock Purchase Schedule From 2.30 PM To 3.30 PM

That’s a glimpse of information about the stock trading schedule that you should understand well. Please try the stock trading schedule and good luck. Maybe that’s all from us thank you…..

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