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May 28, 2023

Confused looking for a free application for Bokeh Streaming? You can see the explanation in this article. Especially for those of you who are stuck and need to watch fun videos, you can really use some of the application recommendations that we provide on this occasion.

Lately, the internet media has been busy talking about various viral videos that are widespread, both in the Bokeh Blue Twitter application and viral Tiktok. Now, to be able to stream Bokeh with several applications, the admin wants to provide a collection of applications below.

The application for streaming the newest full museum free bokeh


In accessing various full bokeh videos, of course, you need a bokeh streaming application. Which you can download various bokeh streaming applications via the bokeh link which we will share later. Therefore, let’s just take a look at the series of applications below.



First there is the LightX application with its ability to provide special features for you to edit. This application has been used by 10 million people and on average gives a high rating on the Playstore. The background removal feature is one of the best and most used features in this application, you know.

You can use the lasso tool feature to identify several gang-like areas. Very interesting right? Not only that, you can also adjust the lighting for a photo in this application, you know. Change the color splash and give effect to a photo so that the results are more stunning. For more detailed information, please see the table.

Name LightX
Ratings 4.5
Developers AndOr Communication Pvt. Ltd
Size 59.84MB
Version 2.1.8
Support OS Android 6.0


Then the next one is the Cymera application for those of you who want to get maximum results when taking selfies. You can use a variety of effects and beautifying filters that will definitely make you look more attractive even if you don’t use make-up.

This application can also be used to edit photos, for example, you want to cut a photo, rotate a photo, make a collage, change the background for a photo and many others. Not only that, you can also create your own effects and share them with many people. Interesting right?

Name Cymera
Ratings 4.5
Developers Google LLC
Size 45MB
Version Latest
Support OS Android 6.0

EPIC Editor


EPIC Editor is also included in the category of good applications to be used as a gangs photo editor. You can use this application to edit a photo to make it look more aesthetic. You can find cute fonts that you can use to make typography too, you know.

Or you want to make a photo look like a vintage effect in this application, of course it’s very easy. Apply the bokeh effect in it using the special tools available. Take it easy gangs, this application is free to use with all the features in it you know.

Name EPIC Editor
Ratings 4.5
Developers EPIC
Size 78.65MB
Version 2.0.1
Support OS Android 7.0



Almost the same as the Cymera application, BeautyPlus also provides hundreds of types of effects and face filters to beautify. Not only that, even in the BeautyPlus application you can edit your face to make it look more perfect. Because there are several features that you can set.

For example, you can change the shape of your nose to be more sharp, you can also make your jaw smaller or make your face look thinner. Everything can be done in just one application. So for those of you who are interested, let’s see the specifications of the application first.

Name BeautyPlus
Ratings 4.7
Developers Beauty Plus
Size 78MB
Version Latest
Support OS Android 6.0

List of Bokeh Streaming Links Most Viral Full Bokeh Movies

Apart from application recommendations that can be used to stream bokeh videos, we also provide several links that can be used to download museum films, you know. Intrigued and want to quickly open it? Please see the continuation below.



First, there is the Line Camera application, which you might think that this application can only be used to communicate with friends, right? In fact, this application can also be used as a means for you to edit photos, you know.

Because there are lots of stickers and effects and filters that can be used for free in this one application. No need to pay or subscribe, you can immediately benefit from this application, you know.

Name LineCamera
Ratings 4.5
Developers Line Corporation
Size 108MB
Version Latest Version
Support OS Android 6.0


So there is also a social media application that you can use to edit a photo to make it look more attractive, namely Instagram. You must be very familiar with this one application right? Yep, Instagram is an application of choice that is suitable for those of you who want to get various interesting features in it, gangs.

Here you can get lots of effects and face filters, then you can edit them again using Instagram layouts or adding stickers in them.

Name Instagram
Ratings 4.7
Developers Meta
Size 145MB
Version 2.1.8
Support OS Android 6.0



Continue to the Fotor application. Maybe you are still unfamiliar with this one of the best photo editing applications. Even though you can do many things in one photo application, gang. How not, you can get more than dozens of interesting effects and filters in it, you know.

You can definitely use the photo community to add friends and add creativity, you know. For the number of users of this application, of course there is no need to doubt the gang. Because the number has reached tens of millions with quality that is certainly also very high. There is no fee to use the application itself.

Name photo
Ratings 4.5
Developers Beijing
Size 59.84MB
Version 2.1.8
Support OS Android 6.0


Finally, the link that you can use to stream bokeh is PhotoDirector. This application is able to provide a lot of features. One of them makes it easier for you to edit the light in the photo. Not only that, you can also crop photos and change the background as you wish. Very interesting isn’t it? Let’s see the details of the application.

Name PhotoDirector
Ratings 4.5
Developers Photo Director Ltd.
Size 34MB
Version 3.1
Support OS Android 6.0

Please select several applications and also the bokeh link that you will use to stream bokeh. You can access it through several applications that we have previously shared, guys, I hope this is useful.

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