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June 3, 2023

Hot Bokeh Videos App – Bokeh is an effect in videography and photography that gives the impression of being blurry or out of focus. You can also get the Hot Bokeh Video application with reviews that will be given by

With such high and good bokeh video quality, of course you can enjoy it more when you watch it. So, for the application itself, it certainly has several features that are no less sophisticated, and you can also use the application easily without any confusion.

List of Bokeh Museum Kekebun Hot Video Applications No Sensor 2022

Hot Bokeh Videos App

Link to Watch Bokeh Museum Video –> Watch Here

If you look at it, there is currently a lot of very interesting content to watch on various social media platforms, one of which is creator content on various social media, namely Tiktok and Youtube.

So, for those of you who want to become content creators and you are confused about how to edit the video so that it looks good and attracts the attention of social media users.

Apart from that, you can also make bokeh videos using several applications via your smartphone, gaess. The application is below:


Hot Bokeh Videos App

The first recommended app is InShot, a popular app among video editors who prefer simple apps. Inside is a museum bokeh effect where you can add it automatically.

If you also want to trim your clips, you can easily do that. Apart from that, you can also set the recording speed and the filter you want to add. The advantage of InShot is that it has complete features that may not be available in other applications.

With such a high rating on the Play Store, it’s no wonder that InShot has become famous in many circles even though he’s not someone who is good at editing videos. You can enjoy this application in two versions, free and paid.

APPLICATION NAME Video Editor & Maker – InShot
DEVELOPER InShot Video Editor
SIZE 38.89MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 6.0 and above
NEW VERSION 1.848.1368


Hot Bokeh Videos App

Museum-quality bokeh videos can be made using the bokeh effect and other interesting features in MagoVideo. In addition, this application has other features that make it more unique compared to other applications.

Hot Bokeh videos can be created with awesome editing tools like speed and slow motion features depending on what you want when editing videos.

APPLICATION NAME Video Editor Star Maker – Mago
SIZE 28.36MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 5.0 and above

Blur Videos

The editing application for Android and iOS is then an application called Blur Video, where this one application is an application that provides quite an amazing bokeh or blur effect.

The features available in this application are able to make your videos look more perfect, so many photographers choose this application when they need a blur or bokeh filter in their work.

You don’t need to be confused and have trouble if you want to use this application to enjoy Hot Bokeh Videos, because it’s already available on the Google Play Store platform via your Android. Therefore, please download and enjoy all the features including Funny Blur and Blur Mode.

DEVELOPER AlphaProject
SIZE 30.74MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 4.03 and above


This app works just like its name suggests. The focus effect is AfterFocus’ advantage for beautifying your bokeh video recordings. Developer technology will neatly blur unimportant areas around objects.

Advanced features are not only popular and of high quality, but also compatible for Android and iOS users to try. The installation process is easy and this free app offers more features like blur effect, smart focus and the like.

SIZE 30.33MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 5.1 and above


VideoShow is a modern application for Hot Bokeh videos, the features in the VideoShow application are the right choice for you to choose. This application is often used by users who will share their work on social media platforms such as Instagram.

With you using the VideoShow application, the results of your edits, Mimin, guarantee that they will not be flawed even though this application is fairly simple. Therefore, this makes it even more popular, moreover, its installation is so compatible on various types of smartphone devices.

APPLICATION NAME Video Editor & Maker VideoShow
DEVELOPER VIDEOSHOW Video Editor & Video Maker LTD.
SIZE 38.81MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 5.0 and above
NEW VERSION 9.8.3 rc

Video. Guru

Still not enough? The next recommendation is the Bokeh Museum video application, which also allows you to convert videos to other formats. The features that exist are very diverse and will help you to edit various versions of the video.

The Video.Guru application creates a bokeh effect automatically. The editing process does not take long because all stages are not done manually. The light size of the application also makes it widely chosen by circles.

Even though the name of the application sounds like Indonesian, it turns out that the original developer is an American company. Powered by InShot developer, Video.Guru is the best recommendation for you guys.

APPLICATION NAME Video Maker – Video.Guru
SIZE 40.60MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 6.0 and above
NEW VERSION 1,444,115

Insta Bokeh

Next is a bokeh video editing application for Android where the application is called Insta Bokeh. This application can change your videos with a bokeh effect depending on your wishes and needs.

Now, the features in this application can be considered quite complete, including more than one hundred bokeh effects, neon filters, light effects, and removing backgrounds with AI cutting technology.

APPLICATION NAME Photo Editor Pro Photo Effects – Insta Bokeh
DEVELOPER Photo Editor Perfect Corp.
SIZE 28.55MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 6.0 and above


Power Director is equipped with the technology and converter functions that are well known in the world of video editors. The advanced features it has are not only diverse, but also useful for beautifying your videos, including the bokeh effect.

If you look at the information about this application in the Play Store on an Android device, Power Director has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and has even received a five star rating. This proves that you can download this application.

Using this application is also very easy. You don’t need a lot of space to get high-quality videos because the Power Director application is only 94 MB in size.

APPLICATION NAME PowerDirector – Video Editor
DEVELOPER Cyberlink Corp
SIZE 87.42MB
COMPATIBLE TYPE Android 5.0 and above

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