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June 3, 2023 – Installing a game onto your Android phone is of course the most exciting thing for you to do. And one of the favorite games that you can install right now is called Ninja Heroes New Era which provides lots of exciting modes in it.

The game that Mimin means is developed by a third party developer which offers a lot of advantages in it. Where all these advantages will surely be very exciting for you to play, especially when you are spending free time and want to find some entertainment.

About Ninja Heroes New Era APK


Ninja Heroes New Era is an Android-based game developed by a game developer named kageherostudio. Games this one carries the theme of the Naruto series which has become the most popular anime series from the past until now.

Since this game has an anime background, of course most of its users are big fans of anime or what is commonly known as weeaboo. For the game genre itself, it is an RPG which provides lots of exciting game modes for you to play.

Several years earlier, Ninja Heroes already existed and carried some of the old characters from the Naruto anime series. So that in this Ninja Heroes New Era APK, several new characters in the Boruto Next Generation series have been added to it.

That way this game will continue to grow, in line with the storyline of the anime Naruto to Boruto that you usually watch today. What’s more, the game modes in it are also in harmony with the storyline, so you will definitely feel happy when playing this game.


Until now, Android games that carry anime series already have quite a lot and all of them can be obtained easily. But since Naruto is the most legendary anime series, then you will find a lot more fun later.

Every one of you who manages to play it, will immediately be offered a variety of exciting game modes that can be opened for free. And this is a distinct advantage for you, because there are lots of anime games that provide paid game modes.

But to get all the interesting things from the game Ninja Heroes New Era, of course you have to download the game first. Here, Mimin will provide a download link for the Ninja Heroes New Era game in a modified version, which Mimin has definitely provided in this article.

Application Name Ninja Heroes New Era APK
Size 58MB
Version v1.1.1
Updates August 2023
OS Android 7+
Price Free
Download links Here

You can click on the link listed above to start the download process for this game called Ninja Heroes New Era. And what is clear is that Mimin has included a download link for the latest version which will provide lots of the latest advantages in it.

Main Features Of Ninja Heroes New Era Mod APK Unlimited Gold


Each of the modified versions of the game certainly has lots of excellent features that you can find in it. For example, like this Ninja Heroes New Era Mod APK game which provides lots of excellent features in it and you can have it for free.

The excellent features provided by the system in this game are included in the benefits that you can get later. So by downloading the game, all the excellent features that will provide benefits for you can definitely be owned easily.

The latest version that you download in this game, of course, will also offer some of the latest excellent features which are definitely very interesting for you to have. So with all the advantages contained in the game system, it will definitely make you feel impatient to be able to play it.

At least there are some excellent features that you can find later, and you can also have these for free. And here Mimin will give all of his reviews to all of you, regarding several types of features and functions of these superior features through the following reviews.

1. You Can Do Gacha for Free

There are various types of epic skins in this game, of course you can have them too so that the game Ninja Heroes New Era can be more exciting for you to play. And for this you can do gacha for free which you can later do when you have installed this one game.

2. There are many new character choices

As time goes by, you will be able to find lots of new characters that can be found for free. Of course you can also immediately use all of these new characters, so you can get a much more exciting RPG game mode.

3. Nostalgic Backsound

To give a more interesting impression of playing this game, you will be provided with a nostalgic backsound. Where you can listen to all of these backsounds easily when you are playing the game modes in them.

4. Newer Character Visuals

Apart from providing several new characters, you will also be presented with a more modern visual character. So that later you will feel more comfortable playing it, when you choose the new character to try all the game modes in it.

5. Free from Pop Up Ads

So that you can get comfortable playing this game, the developer has also provided a feature that prevents advertisements from entering the game. So even though this game is a Mod game, you will be provided with a very good service later.

Some of the newest characters from Ninja Heroes New Era


The Boruto next Generation anime series, has presented lots of new characters with their respective abilities. Even now, this character has such amazing power, compared to some of the characters that existed before.

Every one of you who plays this game, will definitely be presented with the newest characters. So that you alone can try all the strengths of this new character, which was previously provided by the game developer Ninja Heroes New Era.

Then for some of these new characters, maybe they are your favorite characters that are often watched in all the Naruto anime series. In another sense, you can try all the strengths of the new character in this very interesting game.

Maybe some of you still don’t know about some of the new characters from the anime series and the Boruto Next Generation series. Therefore you can also find out about all the newest characters, through a summary that Mimin has provided as follows.

Ninjas Ratings Chakras
Otsutsuki Isshiki (SSS & later) 146.8 earth
Byron Naruto (SSS) 144.8 Wind
Otsutsuki Kaguya (SSS & later) 142.6 earth
Rinegan Sasuke (SSS) 140.7 Lightning
Boruto Karma Mode (SSS & newest) 138.8 Wind
Kawaki (SSS) 136.8 Fire
Six Paths Madara (SSS) 134.7 Fire
Otsutsuki Momoshiki (SSS & later) 134.6 earth
Mangekyō Sasuke (SSS) 133.1 Lightning
Nine Tails Naruto (SSS) 133.0 Wind
Kashin Koji (SSS & latest) 132.8 Fire
Six Paths Obito (SSS) 131.8 water
Sage Mitsuki(SSS 130.9 water
Hashirama (SSS) 130.5 earth
Madara (SSS) 130.3 Fire
Sarada (SSS & newest) 128.9 Lightning

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