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June 2, 2023 – Various kinds of things that are always busy on social media, are indeed the biggest searches that make you feel curious too. One of them is like looking for a link for the viral bucin test which is done by almost everyone, especially for those who use TikTok.

For this one trend, it’s quite interesting, because later you can answer 10 types of quizzes with interesting questions. So, want to know about all the fun from this viral bucin test link? If so, you can also listen to all the meanings in the following review.


The viral bucin test link TikTok is a fun game created by the Google form docs to allow you to be able to answer a very funny question. We can also equate this bucin exam with a quiz which will give a distinct impression if you successfully answer it.

You certainly won’t be able to find the term from the word Bucin itself in the KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary). Because for terms like this, made by young people who refer to someone when they are in love with someone they know.

Love slave is the meaning of the word bucin, and here Mimin is sure that you often hear terms like this in everyday life. What’s more if you are a young person, of course you will always hear terms like this on various social media services.

And thanks to the appearance of the viral bucin test link, now the term bucin is increasingly being called by many people. Here Mimin will give you a way to open the Bucin test site which is clear Mimin also includes a link so you can open the quiz service easily.


For those of you who are hearing this term for the first time, of course you will feel confused about what is meant by a bucin test. And even though you already know the term itself, of course many of you don’t understand how to play it.

Since this bucin exam contains questions, of course you have to learn about how to play it. Because if the way to play it is wrong, maybe the results of the game you are doing are not in accordance with what you should get.

To solve all the questions properly, at least you need to do a number of steps that are supposed to be done. And here Mimin is very sure, that you will be able to complete all of these stages very easily without any feeling of confusion.

Here Mimin has summarized some of the steps that you need to do, when you open the link for the viral docs bucin test. So, just watch and understand all the ways to play, through a summary that Mimin has provided for you as follows.

The first step that you need to do before playing the bucin test, of course, is to open a link from the site that provides the question. To open it, you first have a link that if it can direct you to a site that provides bucin exam quizzes.

For the search process itself, of course you can use the Google browser or other browsers on your cellphone. After that, you can immediately open the bucin exam site, then get ready to answer all the questions that have been provided.

2. Answer All Available Questions

In the quiz that we are currently discussing, later you will find 10 exciting questions that you can easily answer. And this is included in the second stage, so that later you can finish all the games from the bucin test site properly.

To get a more definite impression, you can answer all questions honestly, so that everyone who sees the results of your answers will feel more interested. Moreover, there is nothing formal that you will find from the quiz, so you can answer it easily.

3. Share Question Results to Social Media

The final stage that you can do from this bucin test game is to share each of your answer results to various social media services. Starting from Instagram, WhatsApp, even up to Facebook, of course you can share it so that many people can see your quiz.

You can later share the results of these answers every day, because you can also use the 2022 viral bucin test link to your heart’s content. So from now on, you can follow all the steps that will definitely make you feel interested in the game.


To make it easier for you to answer all the questions from the bucin exam, here Mimin will provide all the leaks from these questions. So from now on you can find out all kinds of questions, so you can think about all the answers you will write later.

As Mimin said earlier, that you will be presented with 10 types of questions that are quite interesting to answer. And it all consists of several categories of questions that you can definitely answer or fill in very easily.

Of the 10 types of questions or exams, of course you need to answer all of them so that the mission you are on can be completed. Because if you only answer a few questions from the 10 exams, then the game you are currently living will not be finished.

On this occasion, the admin will write down all the questions that you can receive and need to answer. So right now you can understand all the contents of the question, of course by listening to all the reviews that Mimin has written as follows.

1. If you are having an argument with your boyfriend

-I am sorry

-Wait for him first



2. Doi told me to delete the game

-immediately wipe

-love games more

-do not care


3. Have you been saving money for months to buy what you want, but you ask to buy things, if you don’t buy them you will get angry

-refuse slowly

-buy it with him

-ttp kekeh buy stuff and break up

4. Doi is very possessive, to the point of exaggeration?

-listen to doi’s words

-ask for an explanation

-keep doing that

5. Watching him talk about other girls/boys?


-Break it out

-Install an upset status

6. Who do you follow?

– Sobbing

-Fiersa is big


7. Doi is really cranky


-paint spam

-let it be

-Wait until calm down

8. Playing with friends or meeting up with doi?

-play with friends

-Meet doi

-Pretend to be dead

9. Do you reply to sg/sw?



-Just silence

10. Chat/spam doi first

-Ss for mementos

-Collect notes

-Show off to a friend

Is Playing TikTok Viral Bucin Test Safe?

Latest Viral TikTok Quiz 2022

Maybe many of you often wonder whether this viral quiz game is safe to use. Because in every available question, almost all of them concern your habits in going through all love affairs.

And most importantly, you need to log in through your Google account before answering all the questions. So that is what makes you wonder whether the bucin test website is safe for you to use.

According to Mimin personally, Mimin here states that the Bucin exam website is a safe service to use. Because basically it’s just a game that doesn’t include any privacy that you might want to hide from others.

Then to access searches that you do through Google too, of course it will continue to be safe because the site is made from Google forms. So instead of that you don’t need to hesitate to play the bucin test quiz, because this service is fun and very safe to play.

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