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June 1, 2023

If you are one of those people who really likes to see various live broadcasts that are bars. You will definitely be very happy if you know the information that we will discuss at at this time. Now there is the Peck Live application that you can use to watch for free.

Right now, we find lots of live streaming applications that require viewers to make payments. What’s more, a live broadcast application that presents several room so that the host or broadcaster can get more money.

If it’s something like this, you must already know what kind of live application it is. Of course, the application of live bars that many people are looking for. But it’s not uncommon for us to find some people who don’t know about this one application.

Because we cannot find this one application on the official platform of the application provider. This one application is a modified application that has lots of cool features. Do you think you are curious about this one application?

If you are already curious about various information from this live broadcast application. We will help you by providing some explanations about this one application. Your task only needs to listen to some of the discussions and get the download link below.

Details Regarding the Peck Live App


Watching live broadcasts like this is one of the things that really must be done. Especially for those of you who really have a hobby of watching free live broadcasts and bars like this. Surely you also really know what applications can be used to do that.

But we often find several applications that require you to pay to open room locked. Sometimes things like that blind us bother when we are going to do the viewing process. Usually if we forget to do top up Coins certainly can’t enter a room.

Even more so for those of you who have budget so mediocre. It’s rather difficult for you to watch on a live broadcast application that’s free. But don’t worry, you don’t need to worry. Because now there is an application that allows you to watch without being there room locked.

The name of the application is Peck Live, this live broadcast application is a modified version, yes. So you won’t find this application on the Play Store or the App Store. So it’s no wonder that so many people don’t know about this one application.

But if you try searching surely you will find very many results regarding this one application. so this one application is an application that can be used to watch free live and bars. Very, very pleasing to the eye for those of you who like fun videos like that.

By using this application you don’t need to have a lot of coins. You can freely enter all room without the need to make a payment first. Not only watching live but you can also play a lot games available here.

Curious about other information? Immediately, you can see some discussions about the features in this discussion. Below you will immediately find various discussions about its features.

Various Features Available In Peck Live


Every application in general has a lot of features in the application. You can also find various features in this live broadcast application. But in this application it is very different, because you will definitely find various interesting features.

Not only can it be used for live streaming but you can also use an application to play games. If you are being hit by boredom, you can use it games this is for play. Anyway, all the features in this application will definitely make you comfortable.

Moreover, this application offers lots of premium features. So, for those of you who are really curious, you can see some of the features below.

Simple application display

In this application you will not be confused if you use this one application. Because the display in this application has been made as simple as possible by the developer. With a simple display you will be able to use the application easily.

Relatively Small Application Size

If you use the original live streaming application, it must have a very large size. But don’t worry, if you use this one application, the application size is definitely small. So it’s very friendly for those of you who have a large storage memory size.

Available Store Features

If you want to give hosts gifts or whatever. You can immediately buy everything you need at the store available in this application. Here there are various types of prizes, coins and other objects that are definitely needed by application users.

Can Play Slot Games

Many games that you can find in this one application. One of them is games slots this one. Actually the games in this game are very similar to the games in the Higgs Domino application.

Free Live Broadcast Without rooms Locked

Now in this application, this one feature is the most eagerly awaited feature. Because you can freely watch all live broadcasts for free. You won’t find it room locked or whatever if you use this live broadcast application.

Download link and tutorial for installing the Peck Live Mod Apk application


Before using the application, you need to have the application first. As we said above, if you want to have an application, you can’t go through the official platform. But don’t worry, you will get the download link for the application here.

Application Name Peck Live
Version Latest
OS 5.0+
Size 48.4MB
Download links CLICK HERE

Immediately you need to know a few steps to install the application manually.

  • You just open it menu settings > additional settings > security and privacy > install unknown source applications (do the activation as shown above).
  • Then you open file manager menu > find the application name > click install.
  • Just wait for the download process to finish.

How to Register an Account on Peck Live


After you have finished all the process of downloading the application. Now when you know how to register an account on this Peck Live. The following are some steps that can be taken.

  • First you can open the application Peck Live.
  • After that it will appear account list You can choose to log in via Facebook or Google account.
  • Several permissions will appear for you to stay select allow.
  • Done and can immediately enjoy the various content available in it.

Here’s How To Make Money At Peck Live


In short, if you want to make money on this application, all you need to do is broadcast live. Now, after you do a live broadcast, you have to be able to attract the attention of the audience. So that you get a lot of saweran or prizes.

No wonder there are so many hosts those who do a few bar moves will get lots of special prizes on private room. You also need to be consistent in creating content or doing live, right? For example, you can do live every day with a slightly longer duration with various bar actions.

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