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June 1, 2023 – Recently, the Indonesian people have been shocked by the emergence of Renald Fadli Video Gay. In this video, it features a man who is doing gay bokeh adult scenes and makes most people curious about the excitement of the gay video.

The video was so viral that neighboring countries in Indonesia were also curious about what was shown in the video. Because this video is quite mysterious and has become a lot of talk to foreign countries because it is considered very hot.

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Renald Fadli Gay Videos

For those of you who are already curious about Renald Fadli Video Gay, you can just watch this video through various sites providing bokeh videos. However, as we know, to access these bokeh video sites, you must use a VPN proxy.

Of course, some of you feel bothered because you have to make arrangements beforehand when you want to watch this bokeh video. Therefore, in this article we have provided a way to be able to access it without having to use a VPN, this method is by having a number of applications below.

1. LithMatch


LitchMatch is the best online dating application that has recently become a lot of talk about people on various social media. In it you will find lots of excellent features where you can randomly find other users around the world.

This application is equipped with a private chat feature that allows you to be more flexible in making acquaintances with these random users. You can also make video calls in this application, so that later you can see your chat partners.

Application Name LithMatch
Size 40MB
Price Free
installed 50,000,000+

2. Photo Editor Collage

Photo Editor Collages

Some of you may still feel unfamiliar with a photo editing application called Photo Editor Collage. Because this application is not very popular in Indonesia, even so this application already has many users around the world.

In it you can do photo editing by getting very beautiful and quality photos. The available editing tools are quite complete, for example, glitch effects, sketch filters, stickers, tattoos, and many other editing tools.

Application Name Photo Editor Collages
Size 130MB
Price Free
installed 10,000,000+

3. PhotoDirector


PhotoDirector is an application that has one developer just like the PowerDirector application. Quite different from it, this application is a multipurpose photo editing service application in which various excellent features are available and make photos of higher quality.

In this application you will also find an in-app camera feature, where you can apply photo effects directly when you take a photo. Of course, you can also do photo editing through the editing tools available in it and you can share it directly on various social media.

Application Name PhotoDirector
Size 103MB
Version 17.3.1
Price Free
installed 500,000,000+

4.Spotify Mod

Spotify Mod

Of course, all of you are very familiar with an application called Spotify Mod. Because this application is the best music player service that provides thousands to millions of the most popular songs from various genres around the world.

In it you can create playlists containing your favorite songs and can be used as a means of entertainment. What’s more, in this modified version you can use all the excellent features provided for free without having to make a payment to subscribe.

Application Name Spotify Mod
Size 30MB
Price Free
installed 500,000,000+

5. Splice


Splice is a video editing service application that is very popular because it can be used practically through your cellphone. Inside it also has a simple appearance, so this application can be used by various groups.

The features provided by this application are complete and capable enough to make your videos have quality results. This application can also be used free of charge, without annoying advertisements and has editing results without a watermark.

Application Name Splice
Size 84MB
Price Free
installed 1,000,000+

6. MiChat


At this time, MiChat is also one of the best online dating applications, especially in Indonesia. It’s no wonder that this application is very popular among teenagers, because this application helps you users to randomly find other users near you.

Of course, this will allow you to chat and get to know other users around you. With this feature, you can also have the opportunity to date directly with the people you meet in this one dating application.

Application Name MiChat
Size 43MB
Version 1.14.163
Price Free
installed 50,000,000+

7. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is a photo editing application that has recently become quite popular and is widely used throughout the world. This is because by using this application, you can have prettier results in just a matter of seconds.

It has several unique features, namely face reshaper, eye bag remover, body slimmer, and many other unique features. Overall, this application is the best choice for those of you who want to do photo editing using only a smartphone.

Application Name YouCam Perfect
Size 83MB
Price Free
installed 100,000,000+

8. PicSay Pro Mod

PicSay Pro Mod

For those of you who want to do photo editing practically and don’t want to take up a lot of cellphone storage space, you can use the PicSay Pro Mod application. This application itself has two official versions, namely free and Pro which has more advanced features.

However, in the official version you have to make a payment first to be able to use this application. So the PicSay Pro application is here in a modified form that allows all of you to use this application without having to make payments.

Application Name PicSay Pro Mod
Size 2MB
Price Free
installed 500,000+

9. Read Plus

Read Plus

Baca Plus is a news reading service application that provides the latest information and news with accurate and reliable quality. This application is of course the best choice for you because it will provide news that is always updated every day.

As well as reliable information, you can also get additional income by using it. In fact, for every piece of news that you read, you will be given a prize of a number of coins which can later be exchanged into Rupiah through a DANA account.

Application Name Read Plus
Size 21MB
Price Free
installed 50,000,000+

10. Remini Pro

Remini Pro

Currently, the Remini Pro application already has many users from all over the world. The reason is that this application has a specification feature that is to improve the results of photos that have been taken previously which in other words can help to produce the best quality photos.

In the pro version of this modified form, you can use the excellent features in it, namely making black and white photos colorful and making blurry photos clear for free. In fact, you can do this repeatedly to have perfect results.

Application Name Remini Pro
Size 35MB
Price Free
installed 100,000,000+

Link to Watch & Download Renald Fadli’s Latest Viral Gay Videos

Link to Watch & Download Renald Fadli's Latest Viral Gay Videos

After listening to this article to the end, of course all of you will be more interested and want to watch Renald Fadli Video Gay’s video right away. For that, you can download some of the applications above through the official platforms of application service stores such as PlayStore and AppStore.

However, there are several applications above which are modified versions, so you won’t find them there. If you are interested in the modified version of the application, you can download it via a special link or other application service web stores.

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