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June 1, 2023 – Social media services that you can find today, later you can rely on to find friends from all over the world. But apart from social media services, there are applications to find foreign friends that can help you find friends from all over the world.

For the existence of application like this, you can find everything with the existence of a choice of features that are so complete in it. And of course you can use all of that for free, without a penny that you need to pay later.

Application Recommendations for Making Friends Overseas


The application for finding foreign friends is a service based on Android and iOS which will later be useful to make it easier for you to find other users of the application. Services like this, one might say, are not much different from the functions of social media applications.

Which, thanks to the capabilities of the application, you can get acquainted with anyone from all over the world. You can use some of the features contained in the application to make all your activities easier in making this introduction.

And what is certain is that you can find all genders in the application, so the existence of this application will be very suitable for women and men. Of course you can take advantage of this kind of application to find foreign friends every day, so you can get lots of different friends.

For now you can find applications in the search for friends category, with quite different application variants. But so that you don’t feel confused with all the applications that are currently viral, so right now you can listen to the recommendations listed as follows:

1. Heat Up APK


The first application to find foreign friends that you can choose, comes from an application based on Android and iOS called Heat Up. By installing the Heat Up application, later you can do lots of things that are really interesting for you to do in the application.

Apart from carrying out the written communication process, later you can communicate easily via live video. Because in the Heat Up application, you will be provided with a video call feature that you can use very easily later.

Name Heat Up
Size 33MB
Version Latest
Updates July 2023
Price Free

2. Chamet


The next application comes from Chamet, and you can also find the Chat application with the existence of advanced features in it. By using the Chamet application, you will have a considerable opportunity to get acquainted with anyone you know.

Several variants of social media applications too, very often provide information about this application called Chamet. So for those of you who want to find friends from abroad, now you can download and install an application called Chamet.

Name Chamet
Size 49MB
Version v4.0.11
installed 29MB
Price Free

3. Litmatch


Thanks to the help of the Litmatch application, you can find tons of other users you can get to know. Every time there are other users that you meet later, you can definitely be invited to communicate virtually directly by utilizing the chat features that have been provided.

And apart from that, you can also find a video calling feature that you can use with additional filters in it. So when you manage to have the Litmatch application, of course you can find lots of other users who are certainly ready to be invited to get acquainted.

Application Name Litmatch
Version Latest
Updates 2023
installed 10,000,000+
Ratings 4,3

4. Tandems


Simply by installing the Tandem application, you can already find thousands of other users who are ready for you to get acquainted. With the chat feature of the Tandem application, it will certainly make it easier for you to find friends like whatever you want.

You can run this application as much as possible, until a friend you want has been found. Every one of you who wants to use this application, you can try to download the application first through the Playstore and Appstore.

Name Tandem
Version Latest
Price Free
Size 40MB
Updates 2023

5. WorldTalk application


In an application called WorldTalk, you will be presented with several chat features that provide lots of interesting emojis in it. You can share all the emoji features in the WorldTalk application with all the other users you invite.

With the ability of the advanced features in it, you can use the WorldTalk application to get a friend or even a partner. How to use this application you can do easily, and for sure you can do it for free.

Name WorldTalk
Version Latest
Price Free
installed 1,000,000+
Size 58MB

6. Slowly


As the best running application in 2023, surely Mimin will also recommend this application for finding friends. The next one comes from the Slowly application, and even now the users of the Slowly application have reached millions of people.

Each of you who wants to get acquainted with foreigners, can search for them first through the search feature in it. And if you have found someone who is right for you, you can continue using the chat feature in it.

Application Name Slowly
Version Latest
Price Free
Updates 2023
installed 1,000,000+



Next is the MEEFF application, and for this one application you can easily find it on the Playstore and Appstore. MEEFF itself is one of the best applications for finding friends abroad which is currently used by more than millions of people.

You can use the MEEFF application to meet a friend who is fun for you to get acquainted with. And what is certain is that the MEEFF application supports all systems in it, with a communication service that is quite interesting to use.

Price Free
Size 37MB
Version v6.7.4
Updates 2023

8. Michat


Tandem is an application for making free foreign friends that has equipped the application with various cool features. The use of the cool features available in the Michat application will certainly be useful to make it easier for you to carry out acquaintance activities with someone you meet.

There is no age limit for using this application, because anyone who has the application can definitely get to know other users. All the features in it definitely have uses to make it easier for you to get acquainted with anyone.

Name Michat
Size 20MB
installed 5,000,000+
Price Free
Updates 2023

9. Lemons


An application that is no less cool too, now you can find it through the Playstore and Appstore services called Lemon. In this application, you can take advantage of the video calling feature which works well, the goal is of course useful so that you can communicate with the people you meet.

Uniquely, the video call feature contained in this application is equipped with useful features to beautify your face. So even if you’re not ready to meet someone you’ve found, for sure your face will still look attractive.

Name Lemons
Version Latest
Size 47MB
installed 1,000,000+
Price Free

10. Tinder APK


Tinder Mimin input on the last recommendation, and for Tinder itself it is included in the application service to find the best foreign friends to date. It is proven that this application already has a lot of users, all of whose users come from all over the world.

You can take advantage of some of the superior features in it, to carry out the communication process as a means of getting to know each other. Each of you who uses this application can find friends easily, and the users in it must be of all genders.

Name Tinder
Version Latest
installed 10,000,000+
Ratings 4,3
Version 6.3.5

Those are some applications that can be used to find friends from abroad. Having foreign friends (foreigners) in Indonesia, of course, is very useful for you to practice English.

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