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May 27, 2023

Currently the site most searched for by users is the viral Twitter bokeh video which is in the United Nations 18 link below.


Want to find viral videos of bokeh museums from all walks of life? Just check the unifying nation 18 link at

Youtube Music Apk


Listen to songs more comfortably using the Youtube Music application while viewing video clips or lyric videos that are there. Many users are happy to download Youtube Music because in this version of the application, the only videos available are songs.

You can listen to all songs for free using this application and there are no limitations. The use of this application also does not limit your space to open other applications. Youtube Music has a background feature.

Whichever video or music you listen to will continue even if you don’t stay inside the application. If you already have the Youtube application, can you still download YouTube Music? The answer is yes.

And you can also log in with the same account because these two applications differ in terms of function.

Category Music & Audio
Name YouTube Music
Downloads 1B+
Content Rating teens

EPIC Photo Editor

One photo editing application in which there are various functions and uses is EPIC Photo Editor. EPIC will make it very easy for users because from here you can edit photos with complete and professional features.

Hanay with just one application you can edit photos starting from filters, collage makers, and many others. From this EPIK application you can make photo editing a fun and not boring activity.

This EPIK also has features that are quite detailed in terms of editor applications on cellphones. In order not to be curious about the advantages of this application, you must experience it for yourself by downloading the EPIC application.

Then use it to edit every moment that you have captured in the form of an image.

Category Photography
Name EPIC Photo Editor
Downloads 10 Million+
Content Rating teens

iQIYI Drama Latest Version

If you are bored, then one solution to get rid of boredom is by watching a good movie or drama. Therefore, those who like dramas, western films, Indonesian films, and others must have at least one viewing application.

Have you ever tried the iQIYI application out of the many existing applications? iQIYI is also a viewing application that has premium features both in terms of the dramas being broadcast and other supporting tools. You can use the iQIYI application as a place to watch the films you like.

Most of the iQIYI applications are Korean dramas and there are also several famous anime titles that are there. This application has VIP or subscription features to get all the advantages offered by the application. However, this application can also be used for free.

It’s just that there are some limitations in its use because some VIP features cannot be accessed for free.

Category Entertainment
Name iQIYI
Downloads 10 Million+
Content Rating teens

Mago Video

A bokeh video application that you can use to create a variety of interesting content as well stunning is Magi Video Star. The filters and effects in this application are quite attractive so that people can recognize who made this application.

The existence of keyframe animations, transitions, effects, filters, and other features will help editors to create a video project easily and quickly. You can share the results of the video here on all your social media with pretty good quality.

Or if you want to save it first in the gallery you can too and the process of saving it doesn’t take long. So, for those of you who want to download this application, please search on the Google Play Store by entering the same keywords as the application name.

Category Video Players & Editors
Name Mago Video
Downloads 10M+
Content Rating Everyone

Focus Camera

The application that supports the best DSLR bokeh effects with all the features that can be used for free is Focos Camera. This Focos Camera application has a collection of camera lenses that are different from the usual cameras on the cellphones that we use.

Focos also has a bokeh blur feature that can be applied directly when photographing an object in the application. Focos Camera will help you to produce photo quality similar to a DSLR Camera.

By using this application you no longer need to edit a lot of things in your photos because the basics are already good. This application can be obtained for free and its use will not incur any costs.

Just download the Focos Camera Blur Lens application through the official online application store service on your cellphone.

Category Photography
Name Focus Camera
Downloads 100K+
Content Rating teens

Bokeh Camera EffectsLight

The Bokeh Camera Effects application has two main menus at the very front of the application, namely the camera and editing the bokeh effect. If you just want to edit a photo into lights bokeh and the image already exists.

Then select the bokeh effect editing menu and you will be taken into an application that provides dozens of charming bokeh lights effects. Every effect that is here can be adjusted back to the exposure level and also the others.

You can also include more than one effect in the same photo by combining them to produce an amazing photo. Bokeh lovers, let’s come together and download the application immediately on the application store of your choice.

Category Photoragphy
Name Bokeh Camera Effects
Downloads 1M+
Content Rating Everyone

Triller App

The social platform as well as the video editor apk that is in the same application is Triller. Maybe there aren’t many that have an application concept like Triller. This trailer shows various short videos uploaded by users there.

You can also be part of this Triller application by participating in posting interesting content into the application. Don’t forget to create an account first if you want to be active in this application.

The menu in this application is also complete. You can like, comment, or share videos like on social media platforms in general. It’s just that you can also use this application to edit videos, where the results can be directly uploaded there without a watermark.

If you have never downloaded this application, then just use Triller and upload your interesting content there.

Category Video Players & Editors
Name Triller
Downloads 1)+
Content Rating teens

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