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May 27, 2023

Bokeh link xnxubd 2020, the most complete full HD frame rate, is currently being sought by lovers of bokeh video content. There is a lot of content that many people like.

You can find this through the xnxubd 2020 frame rate application, the download link for which rumahkeadilan.co.id will share for all of you this time. Please download below.

Complete Xnxubd 2020 Bokeh Application Frame Rate Free Access No VPN


Immediately, you download the xnxubd 2020 frame rate via the link provided above. The size of the application is also not that big and certainly won’t burden the device used.

By using the bokeh video application, you will find a variety of quality bokeh video content. You no longer need to look for it in a special browser site, just use the application.

You can find other similar bokeh applications in this review, all the apks that will be shared are guaranteed to be safe and you don’t need to worry about them anymore. Here’s a list of full HD bokeh apk for all of you.


The Funimate application itself is the choice of the best editor application that you can choose to use. In this application you will find various interesting features. Advanced editing tools are also available for free here.

Funimate has also presented various opening and closing effects for those of you who want to create YouTube content. This editor application is very easy for new users to operate.

Developer AVCR Inc.
size 65MB
Ratings 4,1
Operating system Android 5.0 and up
Version 12.9


You can find the YouCut application on the Playstore download platform. You can download this apk editor for free on the market. The results of this one application can be said to be very good.

Producing a cinematic video can also be done in a way that is fairly easy to do even for beginners. With the help of these excellent features, it will be easier for you to do the editing process.

The YouCut editor application is provided free of charge, but you don’t need to be afraid that annoying ads will appear. You won’t find that annoying thing in this bokeh editor apk.

Details YouCut – Music Video Editor
Developers InShot Inc.
Ratings 4,8
Downloaders 100M+
Size 28MB


You can make adjustments using this VidTrim apk by finding lots of cool features in the application. You can combine several videos into one with other videos.

This one application supports smartphones with low specifications. VidTrim also has an application size that is light enough so that any Android device can use it.

Developers Goseet
Version 2.6.1
Operating system Android 5.0 and up
Size 35MB

Power Director

The Power Director application itself is one of the best mobile video editing apks in 2021. You can use this one apk on an Android device to make video edits.

You can make videos with a blurry background, you can use this one application very easily. Power Director has a useful feature to stabilize video shake.

There are many other advantages in this application, you can enjoy all of these features if you download and use it. Just go to the Play Store or App Store according to your respective device.

Developers Cyberlink Corp
Version 10.5.0
Operating system Android 5.0 and up
Size 96MB


You can use the Efectum App as an excellent video editing apk. You can find various effects to make it easier to edit videos. The editing features here are very complete, that’s why many like it.

You can use various effects here for free, you can also choose various speeds when editing videos. You can also add the music you want easily.

Developers Craigpark Limited
Version 2.0.61
Operating system Android 5.0 and up
Size 67MB

Viva Video

You can choose Viva Video to be used as a video editing application for beginners. This application is very easy to use and has lots of basic features in editing a video.

In Viva Video you will find many features that will really help us in editing videos later. The quality of the editing results carried out through this application cannot be doubted.

You will get a video editing result that looks like a professional one later. If the video you produce is to your liking, you can save it and upload it to your social media account.

Details VivaVideo: Video Editing Application
Developers QuVideo Inc. Video Editor & Video Maker App
Ratings 4,6
Downloaders 500 million+
Size 34MB

Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips itself is an application for making videos or movies with very complete features. Starting from music, filters and effects that you can find in this one application.

The appearance of the application interface is very simple and simple, so you as a user can make editing easier through this one application. There are also many features and editing tools here that have many functions.

You can change the background of a video in various ways background available here for free. You just have to choose which one you want to use.

Developer Movavi
size 99MB
Ratings 4,5
Operating system Android 7.0 and up
Version 4.22.1


InShot is an application that many people already know as a video editor application on the Playstore. You can easily make cinematic videos like popular films with just this one application.

There are many advanced features in InShot that can be used by all users for free. With the help of the features in this application you can easily produce bokeh video works with good quality and are very nice to look at.

The results look very high quality when you use this one editor application. Just download the application via an official download platform such as the Google Play Store or the App Store for free.

Details InShot – Music Video Editor
Developers InShot Video Editor
Ratings 4,9
Downloaders 500 million+
Size 71MB


Likee is an application that provides a useful feature for you to lip-sync the sound on videos. You can use this one application on Android in an easy way.

With the support of the voice over feature in this video, Likee is liked by many people. Not only that, but you can make videos with various kinds of music as you wish.

Developers Likee
Version Likeme Pte. Ltd.
Operating system Android 4.4 and up
Size 74MB


VideoGuru itself is a popular video editing application that you can use. In this application you can make slideshows which looks very attractive. Not only that, you can also add lots of music, effects, filters and so on.

This one application is perfect for video editors like Tiktok or Youtube. You can also apply various effects and filters as you wish. One of them combines a number of videos into one.

Developer InShot Inc.
size 30MB
Ratings 4,8
Operating system Android 6.0 and up
Version 1.45

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