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June 7, 2023

You can rely on this type of bokeh if you are looking for museum bokeh films from various countries. Simply download the Japanese Yandex browser application, not only is the video content complete, the resolution displayed is very sharp and clear.

In this application you will also find a number of features such as animated keyframes, blur background effect and background music. In fact, features such as speed adjustment for creating videos time-lapse or slow-motion also easy to find in the following Yandex browser video application.

Apart from that, this application is also equipped with very complete music which you can also add to your videos. Don’t forget that there are tons of cool video transition options that you can also add to your videos from the following apps:

yandex Japanese browser

If you are really impatient with Japanese Yandex browser applications with specifications as explained above, let’s immediately refer to the reviews below:


yandex Japanese browser

Splice is a Bokeh Videos Yandex Browser video editor and video maker application with a layered editing system that looks very professional. You can also use this application as a music video maker because you can add various kinds of music to your videos, guys.

Apart from that, if you need transition effects, Splice apk has many options. However, Splice app offers a speed control feature if you want to make slow motion videos. Apart from that, this Splice Apk also has an aesthetic filter that you can apply to your videos, gaess.

Application Name Splice
Download Location Playstore
Developers Bending Spoons

Movavi Clips

Videos Yandex Browser

Movavi Clips is an editing application that has a myriad of pretty cool features in it that you can use according to your needs. You can also use this application to adjust the brightness and saturation of your video so that it looks more stunning.

Apart from that, this application also has one feature, namely fade-in and fade-out effects, where you can use these effects to make your film editing look more professional.

So, you can also make your logo and you can paste this logo on the video that you are going to edit so that there is a watermark, gaess. Isn’t it cool Gaess? If you are interested in this application, please just download the application through the Play Store.

Application Name Movavi Clips
Download Location Playstore
Developers Movavi


Videos Yandex Browser

If YOU want an app with lots of unique cool features, maybe YOU can use the Ovicut app. In this Ovicut apk, you will find lots of cool transition effects to smoothly shift your video scenes.

Apart from that, the Ovicut apk has aesthetic filters and color adjustments that give your videos a cinematic feel. This application called Ovicut is also equipped with a game editor feature that allows you to edit game content.

This application can export your edits in high quality such as 720p, FullHD 1080p and 4K.

Application Name Ovicut
Where to Download Playstore
File Size 56MB

Editor Trigger

Videos Yandex Browser

Trigger Editor is an application that allows you to edit photos, videos and slideshows, yeah, guys. This Trigger Editor app is equipped with tons of magic transition videos, cute stickers, and popular music.

You can also use the animated subtitles feature if you want to add subtitles to the video you are editing. Apart from that, you can also create slow motion or time lapse effects in this apk. And, you can also save your video results in HD resolution.

Application Name Editor Trigger
File Size 55MB
Download Place Playstore

Vochi Video

Vochi Video is an application that offers lots of cool aesthetic effects that you can choose according to your taste. This application is also equipped with AI technology that simplifies your video editing process.

Apart from that, you can also use the Vochi application to add a cinematic look to your videos with various aesthetic filters. Vochi also has a poster maker feature that lets you create posters from photos.

And of course you can use this application to save videos in Full HD resolution which of course is super sharp.

Application Name Vochi Video
Developers Pinterest
Download Place Playstore


ShowCut is also one of the coolest apps in video editing in terms of features and quality. This application already provides many cool video options and choices that will enhance the impression of a professional video.

Apart from that, ShowCut apk is also equipped with an aesthetic filter which will add aesthetic appeal to your videos. Well, an application called ShowCut can also change the background of your videos thanks to a cool feature called Background Changer.

Application Name ShowCut
Where to Download Playstore
Developers ShowCut Studio


Vinkle is a cool application that offers various advanced editing features as your video editing tool. This application also offers various kinds of video templates to make your editing process easier, gaess.

And what’s interesting is that this application called Vinkle already offers cartoon effects that can turn you into a typical Disney cartoon. This application is also supported by a large selection of video ratios that you can adjust to your social media needs.

Unfortunately, this application is not 100% free because to use all the cool features, you have to subscribe first, guys.


Vidmix is ​​a slideshow maker application that allows you to turn photo collections into videos. This application offers many sophisticated and beautiful filters to make your videos look even more charming.

Apart from that, the Vidmix application also offers a variety of cool transition effects so that your video appearance is not boring. And of course this Vidmix apk can also add music to your videos because there are already various kinds of music in it.

App name Vidmix
Developers Music Video Studio
Download Location Playstore


Tempo is a music video editing application that also comes with tons of cool features. Of course, since this apk is all about editing music videos, there is a wide variety of music to be found here.

And of course, the app also offers tons of cool filters and effects. There even is background emoji effects. And, there are lots of transition effects that you can use on your videos to make your videos cooler, guys.

Application Name Tempo
Size 84MB
Download Location Playstore


Mivo also the Japanese version of yandex browser is a music video creation application that offers lots of really cool editing options. There’s a 3D transition effect that you can find and use in this music video creation app called Mivo, gaess.

Apart from that, you can also use this app to create slideshows because Mivo is actually a slideshow maker as well. And, this apk also offers a large selection of music video templates which are certainly cool and aesthetically pleasing.

Application Name Mivo
Download Location Playstore
Developers SweetSnapStudio

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