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June 1, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – Every time you take a photo, of course the photo is not always of high quality or looks HD. That’s why you need to find out how to make HD photos, so that every time you take a photo, the photo will look much better.

To make the photos more HD, you need special tools that you can find in the form of websites and applications. Later in the explanation this time Mimin will tell you about all of these services, so that all the photos you take can look more HD.

An easy way to make photos become HD without an application


For the first method, Mimin will explain to you, which is about how to make photos look HD online. So for this first method, you can take advantage of a site that is indeed useful for converting any kind of photo to HD.

Where with the presence of the site, you can later change every image that was broken for the better. Even on the site that Mimin will explain to you, a 4K photo storage feature is already available which will make the photo look even clearer.

So for those of you who don’t know the sophisticated system of each of these sites, their presence will surely help you. To take advantage of the site, of course you only need to open the site that Mimin intends through the browser on your device.

And all the sites that Mimin will explain are free, or without the need for you to do a subscription process which is certainly very troublesome. Right now you need to understand what kind of site it is, and then some tutorials to use the site through the following reviews:

1. Online Convert Free

Online Convert Free is one of the best sites that you can later use to change photos to look more HD. To take advantage of this site, of course you only need to open it via the browser and find all the services in it.

  1. Please open browsers MOBILE PHONE.
  2. Type in menus search tab.
  3. After entering into the initial view Online Convert Freeplease click menu “Choose File”.
  4. Later you can choose a photo by clicking “click”Drag and Drop Files”.
  5. Select the photo if you want to change the quality to HD.
  6. Click “Convert”.
  7. When the results are as desired, please end by clicking the button “Downloads”.

2. Convertio

In a feature called Convertio, later you will be provided with a system that is useful for improving the quality of photos. And you can get this for free, and with a process that is certainly very easy for you to do.

  1. First you browsers on PCs, laptops, and smartphones.
  2. Then on the menus search tabtype https://convertio.co/jpg-hdr/.
  3. After entering the page Convertioplease click “Choose File”.
  4. Choose a photo that is of low quality and you want to convert it to HD.
  5. Click “Convert”.
  6. And finally you click “Downloads

3. Upscalepics

By utilizing a site called Upscalepics, Mimin is sure that you will be able to get lots of excellent features in it. And all the features provided by the Upscalepics site, you can later use to change or improve the quality of photos to be more HD.

  • Visit the page https://upscalepics.com/.
  • Click on the menu “Upload Imageor you can also click “Drag & Drop Images”.
  • In the “Menu” sectionIncrease Resolution” and increase the resolution of the photo as desired.
  • You can proceed to activate “Remove JPEG Noise” so that the distractions in the photo disappear.
  • To compress images, please enable “Compress Image”.
  • When finished, click “Start Processing”.
  • And finally you can click “Downloads”.


RAW.PICS.IO is included in the site for converting photos into the best HD in 2022 which already has around tens of millions of users. Of course you can also try to use this site, so that all the photos you put in can look better.

  1. Open the service first browsers.
  2. Type in search tab.
  3. Click “Start”.
  4. Click on the “Open Files from Computer” or you can also click “Drop Files Here to View and Convert”.
  5. Click the pencil icon with the words ”Edit”, then you edit the photo according to your wishes and needs so that it becomes HD.
  6. When finished, click “Files”.
  7. Lastly you can choose “Save

5. Waifu2x

Just by opening it through the browser, you can already take advantage of all the advanced features that Waifu2x has. Each of its features has its own performance, and the most important thing is being able to improve the quality of the photos you get to the maximum.

  • Please open browsers first.
  • Type or you can also type Waifu2x in Google.
  • After entering the main view, click the menu “Choose File”, and select the photo to change the quality.
  • Click “styles”, then select “Photo”.
  • In menus “Noise Reduction“select quality”high”.
  • In menus “Upscaling“choose an option”2x”.
  • Then you enter verification CAPTCHA.
  • Click “Convert” to start the photo quality conversion process to HD.
  • Enter the new page, click “Save Image as”.

6. Resize Image

On a site called Resize Image, you can get an application function that is useful for editing photos. Of course, what you need from this site is how to make HD photos, and you can do this later easily through Resize Image.

  • You first visit the page https://resizeimage.net/.
  • Continue by clicking “Upload Image” and select the photo you want to edit.
  • Click “Resize Your Image” then enlarge the photo resolution.
  • Click “Select the Output Image Format” then you choose between JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP formats.
  • Then click “Best Image Quality” and click “Resize Image”.
  • After everything is done, click “Downloads”.

7. Bigjpg

And for the latter it comes from Bigjpg, where this site also has the same function, namely to improve the quality of the photos you make. Photos with whatever resolution you input on the Bigjpg site, you can definitely turn them into HD quality photos.

  • The first you can visit https://bigjpg.com/.
  • next you”Select Image” then enter the photo to be edited.
  • Click “Get started”.
  • Please set it in the Configuration section as follows:
  • Image Type: Photo
  • Zoom: 4x or 8x.
  • Noise Reduction: High.
  • Click “OK”, wait for the conversion process.
  • When finished, click “download

Here’s How To Make HD Photos Using Applications


Apart from using the site, admin will also tell you all about how to make HD photos using the application. Utilizing an application to make photos into HD, of course, will provide more services than when you use site services.

Because by using a site like this, you can later get some more features that the site above doesn’t have. Even for some of the applications that Mimin will explain to you, they can later be used to edit a photo.

So that later you will be given two direct application uses which will certainly provide benefits for you in the field of photography. Then for the use of the application that Mimin will explain this time, you can use everything offline or without the need to use an internet network.

So it’s enough to just open the application, then you will be able to carry out the editing process on the photo that you are going to edit. So if you feel interested in using the application, you can also listen to the list of applications through the following series:

1. Remini

Remini is the first application that Mimin will share with you, and for this application you can later have it for free. By utilizing this application, you can make a photo that previously had low graphic quality into a photo that has HD quality.

By utilizing the Remini application as well, later you can do a little editing process on every photo that you make. Even though there aren’t too many tools, Mimin is sure here that the existence of these editing features can help you create cool photos.

2. Photoshop

Surely many of you are already familiar with a photo editing platform called Photoshop. This application, which has been used by hundreds of millions of people, you can later rely on when you want to improve the quality of your photos to HD.

You can do this ability, because in the Photoshop application there are features that can improve graphics in a photo. You can even find professional editing tools, all of which you can use easily and for free.

3. Lightroom

And finally Mimin includes the Lightroom application, where the Lightroom application also provides advanced features in it. The main feature that you might really need from this application is a feature that is useful for increasing the quality of photos to HD.

You can also do the process of upgrading photos to HD very easily, because for the editing view of this application it has a simple design. That way you can get very good photos, or a photo that suits all of you.

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