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June 1, 2023 – By using the Boom Live Mod APK, you don’t need to feel confused anymore to look for an entertainment program. Because in it, each of you will be presented with a collection of live streaming shows that you can watch for free without spending money.

You will also receive many benefits from this application, all of which will allow you to get acquainted with the VJs in it. For that you can try playing the application right now, by downloading the Boom Live Mod APK via this article.

About Boom Live APK


Boom Live Mod APK is a live streaming application that provides tons of streaming events from around the world. In it, you only need to select the live streaming program, then play it so that later you can watch an event that is quite entertaining to watch.

This one application has a theme that is quite interesting, so as a user you will never get bored using it. Of course you can find the live streaming programs provided every day, and you can find them according to the broadcast genre that you have set at the beginning.

As a spectator, of course you can also get acquainted directly with all other users, to be precise by utilizing the communication features in it. You can do all of that for free, when you have successfully downloaded and created a Boom Live Mod APK account in it.

The excitement offered by the application will certainly be very interesting for you to have, so that is what makes Mimin feel interested in the application. And since you are new to the existence of this live streaming application, from now on you can download it.

Features of the Latest Boom Live Mod APK 2022 application


Generally, the existence of an application that provides live streaming events like this, you can get very easily. And for all the live streaming events provided, they are also very similar, namely in the form of a collection of videos made by users of the application itself.

Then the Boom Live Mod APK also has the same performance, which allows each user to live stream and make videos. Then they publish all the content in the same application, through the excellent features in it.

Here Mimin is sure that most of you who want this application will only use it to watch all entertainment content. Because if you want to do live streaming activities yourself, you don’t need to download the modified version, but you can do that from the original version.

As someone who will use the Mod application, of course you will be provided with several types of features, all of which you can have for free. Of course, as a new user, Mimin will explain all of these types of features to you, through a review that you can see as follows.

1. Unlock All Rooms or Unlock All Rooms

In a live streaming application, you will usually be presented with a feature in the form of a streaming room. And in this Boom Live Mod APK you can get it for free, or without the need to do a process called subscription or join as a VIP member.

2. All Ad-Free Events

You can watch all the live streaming events offered by this application later, very easily and also for free. Plus you will watch all live streaming shows freely, without the slightest interruption of advertisements that will spoil the screen display.

3. You Have Unlimited Coins

In giving an appreciation to a VJ who guides a streaming event, you can later give him a gift. And you can get these prizes from giving an item which you can later have by utilizing the coins in it.

4. Can Make Video Calls

If you feel interested in a VJ in it, then you can also take advantage of the video call feature in it. Moreover, the video al feature of this application is equipped with an effect feature which will later give a distinct impression when you make a video call.

How to Download Boom Live Mod APK Unlock Room Version


The use of an application that has been modified will indeed provide many advantages for anyone who uses it. You can also get this from the Boom Live Mod APK application, the existence of this Mod version is indeed to provide benefits for each user.

Plus all the available content is an exciting way of live streaming which will later be delivered live by professional VJs. Seeing in terms of the excellent features offered, of course you will be more interested in this application, and want to immediately take advantage of the application as well.

Well, of course you have to do the download process manually first, or you can’t download the application via the PlayStore. But this doesn’t need to be the most troublesome problem for you, because Mimin has also provided a download link that you can click as follows:

Application Name Boom Live Mod APK
File Size 28MB
Version v4.7.9
Price Free
OS Android 5.0
New update 2022
Installed Over 10,000,000+
Download links Here

You can download the application very easily, because you only need to click on the link provided in the table above. Mimin shared the download link, in the latest version so you can also take advantage of all the exciting and newest superior features that have been provided by this application.

How to Install the 2022 Mod Version of the Boom Live Application

In this latest version you will also be presented with the latest superior features, all of which you can get for free. The developers of this application have also provided it all very simply, which will allow you to access it more easily.

The process of downloading an application that you do manually will later require you to install the application manually. There are several stages in carrying out the installation process that need to be done, all of which Mimin has provided for you, so all you have to do is listen to the following tutorial:

  1. First you complete the download process.
  2. Then you open FileManager in the Android cellphone, and please enter the menu Internal Storage.
  3. Inside the menu you can enter Downloads folder.
  4. In that folder you can switch to Download History.
  5. Please look for the APK file from the Boom Live Mod APK that you just downloaded earlier.
  6. If you have just click Install and also click on Additional Settings.
  7. Immediately you click the Install option Unknown Source.
  8. Wait a moment, and now the installation process will run immediately.

Every installation process that you do can certainly be applied easily, and for this method you can also apply it to install other Mod applications. After successfully having the application, all you have to do is open one or a live streaming event that is dancing for you to watch.

Is Boom Live Mod APK Free Coin Safe to Use?

boom live mod apk

Sometimes to fill your free time, there are lots of activities that you can do by taking advantage of all the features in it. You can also choose Boom Live Mod APK, to fill this free time so that the free time you do can be filled with a more pleasant atmosphere.

Well, in this modified version, sometimes it makes you forget that the application you are using is a service from a third party. Where it will include all things that are dangerous, into an Android cellphone device that you are currently using.

Here Mimin will give you an answer, that Boom Live Mod APK is a Mod application that is safe to use. Because of the tens of millions of people who have joined this application, they have never felt the loss caused by the application system.

But you will always be presented with various benefits, all of which you can get easily and for free. For all the benefits that you can get, of course you can have it right now, to be precise, by downloading and installing the application right now.

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