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June 7, 2023

You may find some videos on Youtube that cannot be opened for several reasons and the only way to open these videos is using Croxyproxy Youtube.


Get the Youtube Croxyproxy tool to open all videos on Youtube without exception and without any conditions. You can download the tool from Croxyproxy Youtube in the following place.

Not only can you open full bokeh videos on Youtube, but you can also hide your device’s IP address so that it is not detected.

Face Swap Tempo application

One application that will support your skills in terms of editing faces in certain videos such as being a bride, idol, and so on is Face Swap.

This Face Swap application is very interesting for you to try because there you will find various templates that are good enough to make your fantasies come true.

An example that has gone viral from this application is a video of a bride and groom wearing Indonesian traditional clothes and there are also clothes from abroad. And the video turns out to be able to replace his face with his own face or according to what you want.

The process of editing face swap videos in this application is also very easy because you only need to select the video template you want and after that then determine the selfie photo you want to replace the video template.

Name Time Face Swap
Category Video Editors
Rated For teens
Review 5.0

Face Play Apk


Nowadays, people often use the face swap application as a fun edit material. Like this Face Play application, which provides a variety of photo and video templates, from alone to in pairs.

in this application there are two template options that you can try, namely there are video templates and also photos. If you want a face swap photo, then you choose the photo feature.

And later there will also be several choices for your own type, two players, couples, and many more. Just adjust what kind of face swap you want with the template.

When using this application, don’t be surprised by the many advertisements that will appear in the future. Every time you want to open a template, edit, and also save photos if you are a free user.

If we don’t want to edit a large number of face swap photos, then those advertisements are still understandable.

Name Face Play – FaceSwap Videos
Category Video Editors
Rated For Everyone
Review 4,3

Canva Free Design Premium

The design in the Canva application is indeed more attractive if you have switched to a premium account. There are so many great premium elements to work with that make it easier for you to create certain designs.

Your creativity is unlimited when you use this premium version of Canva. There’s nothing to lose by subscribing to the Canva application nowadays.

Moreover, one Canva Premium account can be used by several people on different devices. You can share with family or friends to pay for this Canva subscription.

Especially nowadays, design graphics are indeed being sought after and also needed in all aspects.

Name Canva
Category Design & Edit Photos
Rated For 10+
Review 4,8

Mango Live Full Mod Apk

A live broadcast application that is not only useful for watching exciting content, but can also find additional friends is the Mango Live Apk. This Mango Live application is very useful for those of you who often feel bored and want to find virtual friends.

You can chat directly through ongoing broadcasts or use separate features. The readers of the program on the Mango Live application are very friendly.

Each audience can interact directly, such as requesting something or the other because your comments will be read right away.

Fellow users can also get to know each other to add new friends and who knows it is suitable to make further friends.

Name Mango Live
Category Entertainment
Rated For 17+
Review 4,5

Videoshop – Video Editors

Video shop is a basic editor application whose features are quite complete and useful for all. The features of this application sequentially start from tools for cutting videos, video effects, additional transitions, text, and much more.

The video that you edit also not only can be added to certain elements, but if you feel something is not quite right from the contents of the video.

For example, a video that is too dark, or a video that has some parts that you want to make clearer, you can fix it through this Videoshop application. There is also a stop motion feature and you can use it to record the video directly.

So, in the Videoshop application there is also a camera feature that can be used to record videos directly from the application and edit them.

Name Videoshop
Category Video Editors
Rated For Everyone
Review 4,6

Movavi Clips

Not much different from the video editor application that we previously described. In Movavi Clips, you can develop videos that were originally ordinary to become extraordinary.

Each component of the features in Movavi Clips will certainly really help those of you who want to make recording your important moments more memorable. The average person has their own goals when editing photos or videos.

It’s up to you to rearrange what items are suitable to be included and added to the video. If you feel it doesn’t fit or is too much, then you can delete it without fear of disturbing other clips.

Likewise, when setting the video speed, only the clip that you have specified will change the speed. Unless, if you use the feature use for allthen the edit tool you choose will apply to all video clips that have been inserted.

Name Movavi Clips
Category Video Editors
Rated For Everyone
Review 4,4

1998 Cam Apk

The main characteristics of the 1998 Cam application are the vintage and retro effects and the date stamp feature which is automatically attached to every photo you take directly using your own camera tool.

However, if you edit a photo imported from the gallery, then this date stamp feature must be applied first, then the date you want will appear. Another uniqueness that has also made this application go viral is the texture effect in the 1998 Cam application.

Examples such as the dusty effect or the term dandruff effect in the 1998 Cam application have various forms. So, you can choose which dust effect you want or which texture effect you want to use.

Name 1998 Cam
Category Photography
Rated For Everyone
Review 4,5

Funimate Video Editor

One of the best video editor apps for mobile phones what you can download for free from the Play Store is Funimate Video Editor. The existence of the Funimate application helps those of you who like to make video compilations from other videos.

The edited video doesn’t have to be recorded from your own cellphone because it can also be video clips from other people. So, if you like to edit videos by merging other clips.

Then you can choose Funimate as the main editor tool if you are still confused about where to edit your content.

Name Funimate Video Editor
Category Video Editors
Rated For teens
Review 4,4

Try using the Croxyproxy Youtube tool if you have problems opening the no copyright bokeh video on a PC or cellphone. Check out other interesting articles at

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