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June 1, 2023

Live streaming applications have recently been very much sought after by internet users. What’s more, the application is now very, very popular. Like the application that is currently being discussed, namely Ceri Live Mod Apk.

The application which is currently the most popular application for both teenagers and people who are old enough. This application is an application that has been released for a long time. However, from the first release of this application, it still hasn’t become popular.

But in recent times this live broadcast application has become increasingly popular. Various types of hosts beautiful and also charming are presented in this one application. You can find various kinds of beautiful women, you can also find them here.

If you are curious and want to know what is in this application. You can continue to listen to some of the explanations in the RumahKeadilan.Co.Id article. Because here you will immediately discuss this one live application.

Cheri Live Mod Apk Application Details No Banned


You know the applications that are currently viral are various types of live streaming applications, right? You can get various types that you can use to see people broadcasting live. That way you can freely enjoy fun content.

Most of the content available in applications like this definitely requires you to subscribe. If you have subscribed, of course watching all the videos will run smoothly. You can easily find live applications like that on the Google Play Store.

But most people who want to watch various kinds of live for free. So that’s why the Ceri Live Mod Apk application was created which can be used for free. Not only free but you can also get various benefits from this one application.

For example, you can get new friends who are more interesting and charming. Not only that, but you will also find lots of sophisticated features in this application. You can use all the features in this application and make it easy to use the application.

Not only being a spectator of a live performed by people only. But you can also do live streaming to get extra money. In addition to additional additional money, you will also get friends. As we have said above.

For those of you who really like various live bars. You will definitely get the video or content here too. This one application has also been used by many people. There is no need to make any payments when you are on this live broadcast application.

Intrigued by the features in this modified application? Can you continue with some of the explanations in the application below?

Some of the Features Available in Ceri Live Mod Apk


As you already know that all applications must have their own advantages. Of course, the various advantages that today’s applications have are in their features. Features that really help facilitate use.

So, the application that we are discussing is a modified application, right? So here, of course, there are lots of sophisticated and very cool features. Where all the advanced features of this one application have more advantages compared to the original application.

It’s no wonder that so many people are switching to this modified version of the application. What are the superior features in the application that is being discussed? You can just take a look at some of the features available here.

Anti-ban feature

If you use a modified application, there must be one risk that is most often feared. The risk that you can get and is most likely to happen is getting hit banned yes. But you don’t need to worry because if you are in this application it is equipped with features anti banned yes.

Ad Distraction Free

When you are in the process of watching live, of course you want to focus and be free from distractions. So that watching activities run very smoothly you can use this one application. Because here you will be free from ad interruptions while watching live or doing live.

Can Chat Via Video

Interestingly, by using this application, you can immediately chat with hosts favorite huh. So you can chat using this application directly via video. A kind of video call so you can do in this application.

Many Prizes Available

Lots of prizes are available in this application if you do live. So even more so if you do live in a very interesting style. There will definitely be lots of gifts for you. Perform bar action when live is also very supported if you use this one application.

Download the Ceri Live Mod Apk Application Using the Link + How to Install


Seeing the many features and conveniences that you will find in this one application. You must have started to be interested in using this live broadcast application. But you can’t get this application through the official platform or google play store Oh, I see.

Don’t worry, because RumahKeadilan.Co.Id has provided a download link for the application. Here is a special link that you can use to get the application in this table.

Application Name Cherries Live Mod Apk
Version 2.7.9
OS 4.2+
Size 25MB
Download links CLICK HERE

After you have finished downloading the live application on this one. Now you can proceed to the next process. Which you need to install the application manually. The following is a way to install the application.

  • First you can just go straight to menu settings > additional settings > security and privacy > install unknown source applications. Follow all the processes as shown above.
  • Then you can just go ahead select the file manager menu> search for the application> click install.
  • The application is ready to use.

Here’s How to Use the Cheri Live Mod Apk Application


For those of you who want to use the Ceri Live Mod Apk application. But you don’t really understand the use of this one application. Don’t worry, we’ll give you some steps you can take. It’s very easy and simple, here’s how:

  1. First you need open app live first.
  2. After that you can go straight create an account use e-mail or Google account.
  3. Next you can Enter HP number and also password.
  4. Wait until the OTP code is sent using Verification code.
  5. There will immediately appear several missions that need to be done.
  6. Proceed with viewing all rooms that are already open.
  7. Then you open the Live Streaming menu and choose hosts favorite.

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