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June 3, 2023

Now everyone can easily earn money. Because everything is completely online, now borrowing money can also be done online. There are many official applications that can be used to provide credit. However, there is a possibility that applications that are considered official are not compatible with the Dana Flow Apk.

Dana Flow Apk is an application in the financial sector that can issue sizable loans. Of course, this loan can also be used for people who are in need of money.

However, is it safe to borrow money using the Dana Flow Apk? This article explains the security of funds or APKs and how these apps work.

See Full Explanation Regarding Fund Flow Apk

Fund Flow Apk

Currently, loans or online loans are rife. Some are official and some are unofficial. Just to avoid things that are dangerous, you should only give loans through official agencies.

If the loan is unofficial, there will usually be a very suspicious bait. And usually also have various preposterous evidence to attract people’s attention. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to avoid illegal online loans.

OJK itself as a financial services authority has regulated several companies that offer loans online. Of course, with OJK protection, you can say that online loans are safe if the company has permission from OJK. Of course, with this guaranteed security, no party is harmed and the rules are clear.

One of the online loan provider applications is the Fund Flow Apk. Where it combines finance and technology to make it easier for users to issue loans. However, many questions regarding this one application, is it safe?

Especially when applying for an online loan, the important thing is that an application can have permission. Dana Flow as an online loan application is actually not an application approved by the OJK.

This is very surprising because many people have used this application for online loans. But it turns out that if you borrow money using this application, the interest is very unreasonable and too high.

Even from the OJK website, this application is a type of online loan that is already classified as an illegal online loan. So if you want to take as many online loans as possible, don’t use this application.

This application is often complained by various groups, because the number of tenors present does not match the original. For example, the loan money is Rp. 1,000,000 but the money the user gets is only Rp. 600,000.

But if you want to keep borrowing money in the Fund Flow Apk application, please first download the application “HERE“, after downloading, please install and start borrowing.

Various Kinds of Security in Borrowing from Pinjol Apk Flow Funds

Fund Flow Apk

Many people are tricked into making loans through the Fund Flow Apk. Dana Flow itself is an old company that does not have a standing permit and is also blacklisted by the OJK. Of course there are still many people who don’t know about this and continue to lend using this Fund Flow.

Apart from that, there are several other dangers if you decide to borrow money through Dana Flow. The flowers are quite large. When borrowing through flow funds, the interest is quite large and not as natural as in other applications. Of course, this very large interest will show that the installments will be even bigger.

1. Large Loan Interest

Generally, interest for official loans has direct regulations from the OJK with regulations which cannot be more than 0.4% if the loan is a short term loan. Now, for loans with an annual rate of no more than 12 to 24% per year.

For companies from Dana Flow Apk, the interest is around 18.2% per year. Indeed, it seems that it does not exceed the limit of the OJK regulations, but in practice the interest that is there is far greater.

2. The amount of money that is borrowed does not match

There are a few more things that need to be considered if you want to borrow money from the Dana Flow Apk. Where there are several cases of loan money not in accordance with what is written on the application.

So there are people who borrow like 1 million instead they only send 600 thousand, but the payment is still full of one million. Harming people who borrow on this application.

A number of Tips for Getting Legal Credit Fund Flow Apk

Fund Flow Apk

Of course, as wise people, we must avoid illegal online loans that can harm ourselves. Therefore, here are some ways that users can do if they want to avoid illegal loans.

1. Make Sure It’s Registered at OJK

It is important that the application or company that issues an online loan has approval from the OJK. OJK will supervise existing financial providers when they want to lend online.

With this, you can increase the security of these online loans. OJK can properly monitor the progress of the implementation and usually has certain standards as well. This standard already contains OJK regulations so as not to harm both parties.

2. Always Pay On Time

There is only one reason why people are always caught doing illegal loans. Namely a bad track record of legal loans. A person who takes a loan from an authorized body and does not make payments properly can usually no longer issue a loan.

Of course it will be difficult. If you lend online, maybe make sure the payments are smooth and there are no problems so you can lend to other people.

Thus our discussion this time about the Fund Flow Apk, I hope this discussion can help all of you. That’s all from us, thank you….

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