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June 6, 2023 – The WhatsApp Aero application has now turned into the most popular WA Mod variant which currently has millions of users worldwide. Where previously this was still controlled by the GB WhatsApp application which offers various types of superior features in it.

But all of you don’t need to worry, because of the two variants, some of them are still part of the WhatsApp Mod. So that you can update the application on the same platform, to be precise via the Happymod site or you can also visit our site.

Of course all of you are familiar with WhatsApp Mod, this application developed by a third party always brings the latest things. You have never found various kinds of the newest things on other platforms, especially the original WhatsApp.

Then Mimin is also very sure, that many of you are interested and want to use the WhatsApp Mod. Therefore, Mimin provides a review of WhatsApp Aero, so that all of you can experience the advantages that WhatsApp Mod has.

What is the WhatsApp Aero Application?

whatsapp aero

WhatsApp Aero is an online short messaging application developed by a third party by embedding superior features in it and incorporated in the WhatsApp Mod variant. The function of this application is to be able to read a WA message that has been deleted to remove the online sign on the WhatsApp account.

But with the presence of different variants, of course you will also find different kinds of access. You will find these differences in the main system, especially the theme section which you can get later and can be changed to an iOS theme.

Its presence, which is not much different from GB WA, is indeed an advantage that other variants don’t have. So, of course, you also understand that there are already millions of users who rely on WhatsApp Aero iOS to experience these advantages.

Various kinds of changes and advantages that can be found, of course, will not eliminate the main function of this application. Where the latest WhatsApp Aero also has the same function, namely helping everyone to carry out the communication process virtually.

Sophisticated Features of the iOS Version of the WhatsApp Aero Application

wa aero apk

Developers who modify an application will indeed focus on creating the latest features in their application. In fact, this also often applies to a game, especially online games that you often hear out there.

The WhatsApp Mod application is included in a service that adds all of these superior features by third parties. This applies to all variants of WhatsApp Mod, all of which are equipped with various excellent features.

Of all the superior features that accompany these various variants, they usually have features that are their own characteristics. One variant that has these characteristics is WhatsApp Aero, where users of this variant can later change the theme to WhatsApp iOS.

Apart from that, of course you will also find various other interesting features that you definitely won’t find on the original WhatsApp. So to find out all about these excellent features, right now you can pay close attention to the following summary:

1. Can Change WA Display

By using WhatsApp Mod, every user can definitely get the feature to change the appearance that is already available in it. To use WA Aero, you will be given a more type of display that will make your WhatsApp more attractive.

At least the developers from WhatsApp Aero have provided hundreds of types of themes, and all of them can be installed for free. Even this application also provides a choice of iOS WA themes, which will certainly be very interesting to install on your Android.

2. Much More Complete Privacy Features

As an application that is used to support the communication process, of course we often do various kinds of activities in it. So this certainly requires privacy features, so that all the activities we do can be secured or avoided by someone who is not responsible.

In this case, the WhatsApp Aero application has also provided extra security for each of its users. Because the developer has provided very complete privacy features and you can activate all of them easily in it.

3. Able to read messages that have been pulled

Most of you, of course, often find a message that was deleted before you read it. Where this is often done by your friends, so you are often curious about the contents of the deleted messages.

In this case, WhatsApp Aero has made it easy for you to read every message that was previously deleted. This ability will activate by itself, or without you having to activate it first.

download wa aero apk

Before downloading WhatsApp Aero v11, of course you need to delete the original WhatsApp application that was installed beforehand. But don’t forget to back up all of your data, including the chat data contained in the previous WhatsApp application.

Nan, now do you know that WhatsApp Aero cannot be found through the Playstore and Appstore? Maybe some of you already know and some of them also don’t know about this.

So it is very different from the original WhatsApp, where to download WhatsApp Mod, including the Aero variant, you cannot go through the two application store services. Due to the version developed by a third party, making these two app store services prohibit this.

So with this policy, all of you can only download the WA Aero application through other application stores such as sites on the internet. But now you don’t need to worry, because you can directly click the download link and update link from the application here.

the WA Aero apk that we have provided for you. In the following, we provide information about WA Aero and the download link.

Application Name WhatsApp Aero
File Size 72MB
Current Latest Version 9.31
Support OS Android 4.5
APK Developer Hazar Bozkurt
Download links Here

Tutorial on installing the WA Aero application on Android

download whatsapp aero

Downloading applications developed by third parties will force you to install them in a different way. Where the method is to install it manually, with the condition that you allow unknown source options on your device.

For some people who have never done this, maybe now they will be confused about the process that needs to be done. Moreover, many of you have never used WhatsApp Mod, of course you will feel worried about this kind of installation process.

Some of you may often think that applications that are installed manually are bad applications. But here we discuss this statement, because in our opinion not all applications that are installed manually, especially WA Mod, are not safe to use.

So, so that all of you don’t need to be confused about this matter, it’s better for you to install the application right now. Especially for those of you who don’t know about the steps that need to be taken, now you can also follow the following tutorial.

  1. The first stage or in the first step you can open FileManager.
  2. Then you can enter the menu Internal Storage.
  3. After the menu we mean has been opened, then you can proceed to choose Downloads folder.
  4. Inside this folder you will find several types of files, and just select them WhatsApp Aero files.
  5. Enter it, and there you will see a button Install which you can click on.
  6. After a few moments an option will appear Unknown Sourceand immediately you give it Check Mark.
  7. By checking or giving a tick to this option, the installation process will run.

How To Update Expired WhatsApp Aero?

One thing you need to know is that the WhatsApp Mod application has a grace period or expiration in each of its variants. So this policy applies to all WhatsApp Mod variants, which already have a policy like this on WhatsApp Aero.

Most WA Mod users are not aware of this kind of matter or policy. Including those of you who want to use it for the first time, you will definitely feel confused about the intent of a policy like this.

So, when the WhatsApp Aero that you are using cannot be opened, then that is what is called entering the grace period or has expired. If this problem appears, then you need to fix it in the latest version of WA Aero.

To update or overcome this grace period, you can generally use the browser on your device. Just by typing WhatsApp Mod, sites will appear that provide information and download links to update the application.

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