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June 1, 2023

You all know that the government has launched its newest application. Applications that can help small business owners, people who can’t afford it, small industry owners and so on. The name of the application that was recently launched by the government is Peduli ESDM Apk.

Which this application can help small communities to get electricity subsidies. Of course, an application must have special uses and functions. Like the application launched by the government, yes, of course, it has a very cool function.

With this one application, it will be easy for you to register for subsidized electricity. So, of course, each candidate has requirements that must be met. If you want to know what conditions must be met by potential recipients of subsidized electricity.

You can just look at the discussion in this article. Because here we will provide a complete discussion of the application just for you. Therefore you need to listen so you don’t miss the various information provided.

Immediately, we start discussing what the application is, how to use it, and how to download the application. Here is some information you need to know.

Providing electricity subsidies for 450-900 VA electricity users


Before entering into the discussion of this one application, it’s a good idea to know about subsidies. So friends at do you know what subsidies mean? So the subsidy is one of the diversions or transfers of funds originating from the government’s APBN, right?

The use of this subsidy can make a good or service cheaper than the original price. The target of this subsidy is usually aimed at people who are less fortunate. Incapable of doing so in the economic field.

The government has also provided a lot of assistance in the form of subsidies to the less fortunate. One of the subsidies given by the government recently is electricity. So the recipients of this subsidy will have far cheaper electricity rates or bills than usual.

This subsidy is also based on laws, namely Law 30 of 2007 and Law 30 of 2009 yes. Which the current normal electricity tariff is IDR 1,400-1,500/kWh. But the price or electricity tariff for those who get subsidies is only charged Rp. 400-600/kWh.

Usually also electricity rates will be applied in accordance with the power used. As is well known, the target of this subsidy is only for the less fortunate. Therefore the government always increases the distribution of subsidies evenly.

Until now, the government is still improving policies regarding electricity subsidies provided or issued by the Indonesian state. We can see the improvements made by the government every year. As in 2014, the government reduced and even increased tariffs.

In 2015 the subsidy quota was reduced, then in 2017 the government only provided subsidies to the underprivileged. And finally, in 2021, the government will provide subsidies to people who use only 450 AVs.

This is the use of ESDM Care Apk


With the new policies issued by the government. The Directorate for the Development of Electricity Business at the Ministry of Energy and Resources has made the latest innovations. Namely by releasing an application called Peduli ESDM Apk.

Where this one application is made of course with a very clear purpose. That aims to equalize the distribution of subsidized electricity to the right target community. So that the distribution of subsidized electricity is properly distributed to people who really need it.

The government often gets complaints in the form of equality by the community. Finally, the application made is considered more efficient to use. Because this one application can record and evaluate complaints more quickly.

The main use of this one application is as a self-registration place for people who want to get subsidized electricity. All people who are less fortunate and use electricity with a power of 450-900 VA can apply. But this submission is only aimed at people who meet the requirements.

For those of you who don’t want to use the application or don’t allow downloading the application. You can access this application through the official website. You can just visit the URL beside this in order to make a complaint or submission.

The government deliberately makes applications and websites for its various citizens. So that those who are not able to use the application can still receive services using the site. So both have the same uses and benefits.

The positive benefits of this one application have been felt by more than 18 million subsidy recipients. By using this one application you can also make complaints accurately, quickly and reliably.

Tutorial Download Peduli ESDM Apk Easily


After you know various explanations about this one application. Now is the time for those of you who want to use the application to download it. Which you can download this application through the official platform of the application provider.

You can easily find this application on the Google Play Store. Now to make it easier for you in the download process, we will help you by providing the download link in the table below.

Application Name Care
Version 1.0.1
OS 4.1+
Download links CLICK HERE

Here’s How to Use Peduli ESDM Apk


For those of you who want to know the steps for using this one application. You can pay attention to the steps that you provide below to make using the application much easier.

  • Your first step can open app already installed on the phone.
  • Then can click registration, Next you will be asked to fill in personal data according to existing.
  • After completing data entry, make sure the data entered is correct. Then can continue with click register yes.
  • If you have, you can immediately select subsidy complaints menu. In this menu you can directly submit yourself as a subsidy.
  • Before registering, you need to make sure that you have fulfil some conditions.

Check Recipients of Subsidies on Peduli ESDM Apk Quickly


Now, after you submit your application, you can check whether you have been registered as a subsidy recipient or not. For those of you who don’t know how to check it. We will provide several steps you can take to check it.

  • The first you need to open the application Peduli ESDM Apk already installed on the device.
  • Then after that you can go straight to electricity subsidy check menu.
  • There you will be asked to input Owned PLN customer ID.
  • Continue by selecting subsidy complaint entry.
  • Later some data will appear that you need content yes.
  • If you have finished filling in the requested data and confirmed it is correct, you can go straight to it click submit.
  • Finished.

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