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May 28, 2023

Nowadays, finding a job is a bit difficult for us to do. Maybe all of that has had a huge impact from the recent pandemic. But don’t worry because now there are lots of ways you can do to make money, one of which is by using a Money-Making Site.

The ways to earn money that you can easily do are due to technological advances and rapid development. Therefore now we can use many easy ways. Various activities that we do every day can be done very easily.

Therefore, technological advances are very useful for our survival. What’s more, it can help with the daily activities that we will run. So, back to the process of earning money, which can be done easily too.

For those of you who are curious, you can follow along with some explanations about the sites that can be used. Because will give you several sites that you can use. Immediately see below here.

Site Selection Tips So You Can Use It


Now, before we enter the recommendation section of sites that can be used to make money. Now is the time for you to find out in advance how to choose a site that is more or less suitable for use. If not, you will definitely not be comfortable using sites that are not suitable.

Therefore, knowing how to choose a site that can be used is quite important. Of course, everyone will also choose a site that is very reliable and well used. Especially for the tribes freelancers that’s it.

Of course, you will prefer to use a site that is suitable and suitable for you. The one who knows the match itself is actually you yourself. So here we will only provide tips and determine the site is your own task.

For those who want to know some of the tips, you can see some important points below:

  • First, you will definitely find various types of sites when you do a search. Where in this step you need to do an earnest search.
  • After that, if you have found many sites, you choose the one that really suits you. How to determine it can be seen from the site how it works according to your preferences or not.
  • Finally, you also need a lot of information from various sources about the selected site. So you can know clearly whether this site really pays or is included in fake sites.

After you make the selection using the method we have provided above. You can be sure that you will get a good site and not be fooled by fake sites.

Here Are Some Trusted Money-Making Sites Per Day

As we all know, making money now can be done very easily. You don’t have enough capital to start a business? Or are there other problems that are still preventing you from making money.

Take it easy in this day and age, of course you can make money easily, right? You can use various money-making applications to help you make extra money. Not only money but you will definitely be able to make money just playing games.

Using a money-making application can indeed be done easily. But making money using an application like that, of course, you will earn quite a bit of money. But you don’t worry because we will give you another solution if you want to get big money.

Now you can find various types of money-making websites. You can get lots of explanations about sites that can be used in articles like this one. Therefore you must be diligent searching so as not to miss the various information.

But you don’t need to worry because we have provided you with some explanations here. If so, your task now is just to pay attention to a number of sites that can be used. After listening, you can immediately try to use the application.

Alright, now we will immediately start with some of the explanations here. Listen carefully so you don’t miss any important information in the article.


This first site recommendation comes from a website that you can use very easily. You can use this one application in a fairly easy way. Just by filling in a few captcha provided you will be able to get paid.

The name of the site is that can be found on the internet. You can make money just by using one of the web browsers. You can make 1 dollar if you have typed 1000 captcha like that.

YouGov Indonesia


You can use this one site as a site that can make money. You can easily use this one application very easily. You will not get various difficult tasks if you use this site.

It is enough for you to fill out some of the surveys that have been provided, you will get a lot of benefits. The questions from each survey will definitely not be difficult or even very easy. The reward that you get from this site is also the same as the site above, namely dollars.

Google AdSense


By using one of the services developed by Google itself. You will be able to get a lot of money and it’s also very easy. Especially if you are one of those people who has many YouTube accounts subscribers and also viewers.

You will definitely be able to get a lot of money if you register an account with Google AdSense. On average, YouTubers or Bloggers are sure their accounts have been registered on this site. For you freelancers, you can really use this site as a money-making site.



Next, we will discuss about sites that can really be used by those of you who like games. Especially if you really like online games. You can use this Twitch site to make money in a fun way.

You can create a channel on this site to broadcast live. If you use this site, you can make money by broadcasting live online games. If a lot of people watch, of course your income will also be a lot.



You can make money while doing really fun activities, right? You can do activities that are very easy and also very relaxed if you make money through this site. Now the site we mean is Swagbucks, right?

By using this site, you will definitely be able to make money. You can watch all the videos available in this one application. After finishing watching the video you can play the game too. Another way to do this is to fill out various surveys.



Do searching but you can make money? Wow, it turns out there is a site that can be used by those of you who like to surf the internet. By using an application like this, you will definitely be able to make money in an easy way.

Ways that you can do is to download extension on your device. Later, after you do a search on Google, you will find lots of marked sites. Which marked site is a site that can be used to make money.


This site is arguably a Money-Making Site that will accommodate all your sales. So by using you can sell any work on the site. This site is also very popular among Indonesian freelancers.

Usually the people who use this site must sell a variety of their own works. Items for sale can be: e-books, website templates and also many others. You will get a lot of income if the items have been sold.



Freelancers would love to know about this Money-Making Site site. By using the various sites available for you to make this money. By using Sribulancer, of course you will be able to get a variety of freelance jobs.

You can find various jobs, for example article creators, website builders or designing too. Of course the work is very easy and you can use it as one of the mainstay sites. Because you can get quite a lot of money if you use this website.



So if you are one of those people who really like to capture a moment. Of course, you are also very suitable for using this site that can make money. Because if you use this Shutterstock site, you can definitely use it as a money-making application just by uploading photos.

The photos that you can produce will definitely be posted and attract the interest of buyers. You just have to wait whether there are people who are interested in buying your goods or not. If it’s like that, you will definitely get a lot of rewards depending on the price.

Later the money that you earn in this one application will be in the form of dollars too. Anyway, all the money generated from this Money-Making Site can be used easily, OK?



The talent that exists in a person will certainly be seen if it has been developed, right? Everyone will definitely have fuel, sometimes the talent hasn’t come out yet. In other languages, the talent that exists within a person is still hidden.

If you join the Fiverr site, you will definitely get help developing talent. Which if the talent is hidden you will definitely be able to easily make money. You will be able to make money easily through any means according to the talent you have.

Here, you will be helped to develop talent in any field. Maybe you can use this site to design or many others.

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