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May 30, 2023 Links from Twitter videos of household assistants are also often used as an outlet for employers when the male employer’s lust is unstoppable, something like this is often found.

let alone having a household assistant who has a beautiful face that makes the employers’ lust peak. let’s look at the application to help you find videos like that.

The following is a series of applications that accommodate information circulating on social media, you must have this application to get viral news that is more up to date and reliable. It is undeniable that you will find a lot of viral news published on social media, due to the development of technology.

Making social media a means to send information the fastest, not only events that have only happened for a while, but events that occur outside where we live you can find out. Like what is viral on Twitter social media, namely the video of a household assistant which is viral, see the news in the following application.

1. CNN Indonesia

CNN Indonesia is an application that you can already have and find in the play store and app store, this application contains viral news. From events that occurred at home and abroad, you can convey them through this application and find your favorite household assistant’s Twitter videos.

Like the recent viral video, the museum is disguised as a red kebaya and continued with a green kebaya. which makes netizens curious to see the full video of the museum. however various sites did not share the videos. There is still a lot of news for you to know, keep watching viral news information.

Version 2.8.0
Android version 8.0 and up
Content Ratings 3+
Updates December 6, 2022
Review 4.6

2. Read Indonesian News (Babe)

The publication of this application is the work of the Indonesian nation’s children to convey news information that occurs, ranging from domestic and foreign news. Reading the news is of course very boring for young people, but this application presents the news in an interesting way so it doesn’t feel boring.

On average, most of the news presenter applications use stilted language so as not to arouse curiosity. try deh you feel the sensation of reading the news using this application. It’s very easy, of course, for you to have this application, you can find it in the Playstore and Appstore.

Version 4.8
Android version 5.0 and up
Content Ratings 3+
Updates December 21, 2022
Review 3.2

3. detikcom

The next application is the same as other news presenter applications, but there are other features too, which are in this application. So you don’t only use this application to find all the latest news. You can feel other benefits when you use this application. Intrigued, download it now.

The features developed in this application are features to help you make transactions in this application, because in this application there are services for you to order tickets or other transactions in this application, you will feel more benefits not using this application.

Version 6.2.10
Android version 8.0 and up
Content Ratings 18+
Updates November 24, 2022
Review 4.3

The content rating of this application is very high, isn’t it, it has reached 18+, that’s where you can see all viral news such as various kinds of bokeh museum videos. which can be your painkiller. Talking about the next application video, this is a collection of entertaining videos.

4. TikTok

This booming application is suitable for you to be a tool for communicating and being creative with the creativity you have, because this application contains various kinds of videos that you can watch. Starting from inspiring videos to motivating videos, you can find them in this application.

You want to make a video swaying like a dangdut singer or you can stylize like a girl or boy band from Korea who are dancing, you can do that in this application and capture it according to your creations. let’s keep creating and developing your creativity that produces.

Version varies according to device
Android version Varies
Content Ratings 12+
Updates December 23, 2022
Review 4.4

5. iQIYI

This application is an application that provides collections of various kinds of videos, anime, films, and variety shows. there are many types of entertainment that you can enjoy without this application, of course it is very exciting to watch your favorite movies with video quality that you can adjust the image quality.

Then for those of you who don’t like films, be it Indonesian, Korean, or even Western films, don’t worry, there are still features that you can enjoy for you anime lovers, you can find them here, and for those of you who like variety shows, they are also presented for you. enjoy watching and hopefully entertained.

Version 4.11.0
Android version 5.0 and up
Content Ratings 12+
Updates December 6, 2022
Review 4.5

6. Viu

The following is an application for those of you who like Korean and Asian drama films, a collection of your favorite films are presented in this application. With various film genres for you, whether you are a romantic or dramatic genre team, of course it is very exciting no matter what genre you watch.

There are thousands of films in this application because this application was made specifically for Korean and Asian films, so you don’t need to look for links to download your favorite films. just download this application in the playstore or appstore on your gadget.

Version 1.1. 18
Android version 5.0 or higher
Content Ratings 12+
Updates December 21, 2022
Review 4.0

7. WeTV

The We TV application is a collection of films that have been shown in theaters, for those of you who are late to watch films that are no longer showing in theaters. Don’t worry, you can find the film you want to watch in this application from episode 1 to the end.

The films in this application are shown in several episodes, this is made so that you don’t spend a lot of quota to watch movies in this application. You can download movies from this application at a smaller size, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy the movies you are waiting for.

How about now, you know which application you should download to watch your favorite film, please open your playstore or appstore because the application you want is there. Following are the specifications from We TV so you can adjust it to your cellphone.

Version varies according to device
Android version varies according to device
Content Ratings 3+
Updates December 13, 2022
Review 4.0

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