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May 28, 2023

Hello friends, now the IG glasses beard filter is viral again earth you know, lots of IG users use this feature, to improve the appearance of men.

For women, this feature is probably just for fun and play, of course, it’s not appropriate genre a woman but beard hehehe. Here, will provide a complete explanation let’s go.

Review of the Viral IG Glasses Beard Filter

As we have said in the previous article, friends, that Instagram is currently being horrified by the viral filter effect on social media, namely the IG Glasses Beard Filter, so there are not a few who want to try it.

Indeed, at first glance, if you use this filter, you look a little out of sorts, but because you have a strong sense of curiosity, so many people follow this trend.

Of course, at this point, it can be said that every Android user must have an Instagram account, especially for those of you who are always actively uploading various kinds of statuses, both in feeds and in stories.

You can also get various filter effects that make videos or photos to be uploaded even cooler and more creative. One of the several effects that is currently still viral and trending on social media is the IG Glasses Beard Filter.

It’s so trending that many Ig users want to try this filter out of curiosity, so many people are looking for it. Unfortunately not a few people who do not find this cool filter.

Because this filter uses keywords that are not the same as their own name, my friend. That’s why in this article we will tell you the real name of this cool Ig filter, stay tuned until it’s finished

There is one thing that makes you love this filter even more, you will still get good video and photo results and still attract the attention of many people.

Namely, because this filter is considered more unique, so many people have tried to use it, the unique thing is that it really looks like it has beard hair and wears glasses. So this filter has become a trend in the social media environment.

Many people really want to use this filter, but unfortunately many can’t find this filter and many are still confused about looking for it, even though I really want to upload videos or photos on Instagram using the IG Glasses Beard Filter.

The Real Name of the IG Glasses Beard Filter that You Must Know

Maybe you’ve been curious and wanted to try it, but you’re still confused about where to find it, meaning find the IG Glasses Beard Filter, if you look for it using the name in this article, I’m sure you won’t find it.

Because the keywords from the filter are different from those in this article.
But you don’t need to worry, because we will provide clear and polite information

Now, for those of you who want to know or are looking for the IG Glasses Beard Filter, then you can search for it by using the name or keyword “Cute-Ygy”. Yes, with that keyword, you are looking for it, because of the alias of the IG Glasses Beard effect.

Maybe you also had time to ask questions apart from this cool filter keyword, who actually made it, while the one who made this filter is @itsdimss_, where the name of this maker can also search for keywords from this cool filter

After you understand the name of the filter, the name of the film or video maker and to make things easier, it will make it easier for you to try this cool filter.

How to Use the IG Glasses Beard Filter on an Instagram Account

Assume that all of you already have IG, so next we will provide information regarding the IG Glasses Beard Filter.

For those of you who want to try using the IG filter which is currently viral, it’s best if you take a look at the steps below:

  1. First open the IG account that you have and don’t forget to enter the account right away
  2. Next, you can scroll left or you can also open the IG story icon, but first make sure that your IG can access the camera
  3. Then you select one of the various effects then you press the Browse Effect icon
  4. Now, the most important thing is to just type “kece ygy” (IG Glasses Beard Filter Key Name) in the search field.
  5. Select “Try Effect” if you want to use it right away.
  6. Select “Save Effect” if you want to save it first

An alternative if the IG effect you are looking for is not found

  • You guys are looking for the profile of creator content @itsdimss in IG search, OK?
  • Then you open the Ig account profile then select it in the filter icon section.
  • Next, just look for the IG Glasses Beard Filter
  • Select “Try Effect” when you want to use it directly.
  • Select “Save Effect” when you want to save it in the cellphone gallery first.

Other names for IG Filter Effects that are More Hits

Hey, friends, in addition to you, apart from the IG Glasses Beard Filter, there are also other names for IG filters that are hits that you can use, let’s just check them out below:

Golden Hour

This filter is perfect for those of you who really have a hobby or like selfies, besides that you can also add music according to the taste you want, especially when you are outside under the midday sun this effect will really look even better


The effect of this filter is great for blending in bright places because the colors look softer.

Bem Panuterona

The effect of this Instagram filter makes your face look like it’s in makeup, you know, without dressing up it’s really cool, right?

Red Love

This filter is also cool and funny if you use it, there will be a love effect that will appear on your face.


As the name implies, this effect makes your face have freckles around it


The effect of this filter is to make your face look smoother and nicer on the cheeks and nose

Gold Girl

The effect of this Gold Girl will make your photos change their appearance to gold,

Hair Color

From the name alone, we can already guess that the effect of this filter can change the appearance of your hair to be colorful, it can be yellow, green, purple, pink and so on.

My friend who is still loyal to accompany me to this day hehe. Thus the information and tutorials about the Viral and Trending IG Glasses Beard Filter for 2022, and also some additions regarding the names of the Ig Filters which are viral again.

Hopefully you guys understand and you can use these effects on Instagram. Hopefully you are always healthy and given smooth fortune, more success in this world and the hereafter.

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