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June 1, 2023

The platform for watching the full Bokeh film, the China Japan Museum, for free, without a sensor, can be done with the Yandex Blue China New Version application. The download link for it is below.

Watch Chinese Japanese Bokeh Films on Yandex Blue China


The most famous type of Yandex application from the original is Yandex Blue China. You won’t find this application in official places because it’s only on the Yandex website.

if you want to download the application faster, download it from the link that has provided.

Alight Motion Pro App


A video editor application that can edit videos directly from presets made by other people is Alight Motion. There are also many users who provide presets for editing videos in Alight Motion so you don’t have to bother choosing other features that are there.

At first glance, this application may not be as simple as the video editor you usually use. However, if you already understand the concept of features and also the editing tools in the Alight Motion application.

So you won’t be confused with other applications, because almost all video editing apps on smartphones are not complicated to use. As a new user, maybe you can edit videos using existing presets or see tutorials that are widely available on the internet.

name Alight Motion
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,7
Download at Google Play Music Video Editor

Almost all videos on social media platforms, such as Tiktok and also Instagram, must contain music in them. Even if it’s a video daily life still people include musical instruments so that it is not too boring. is a music video maker application that also has a 3D transition feature in the application. Yes, for how the results of the video here are as smart as you are when using every feature that is there.

Don’t be afraid to try the editing tools and the features listed, because that’s your own video project. Edit your video until you find the right result and it’s also good to save. When saving videos to the gallery, select HD quality so that the resolution is not different from that in the application.

name Music Video Maker
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 4,5
Download at Google Play

CashTree Apk

Have you ever tried to play a good earning application that is viral or not? This Cash Tree is also a type of producing application that can be obtained officially, you know.

The concept of this application is actually like a game because it contains several forms of play. And to get money from the Cash Tree application, you automatically have to play the games that are there.

At the Cash Tree, the prizes are not only in the form of cash balances, but you can also exchange the coins that have been collected in the form of any vouchers.

If you have never tried this money-making application and are curious about its content and how to play it? Here is detailed information regarding the specifications of the Cash Tree application.

name CashTree
Price Free
User Ratings 4,9
Download at Google Play

EPIC Photo Editor

A photo editor application that already has professional features and also tools advanced is an EPIC app. If you have to choose just one application to edit your photos on your cellphone because of memory limitations.

This EPIK application can be your choice because everything you are looking for is definitely in the EPIK application. Starting from the most basic editing such as cropping images, effects, text, collages, to sophisticated editing tools.

Like removing the background or background directly, removing objects in the image without destroying the contents in the photo and much more.

So, indeed this application will be much more useful for you to download if you can only download one application.

name EPIC – Photo Editor
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 4,6
Download at Google Play

FilmMaker Pro Full Version

Making movies using only a cellphone, from the recording process to editing, is no longer an impossible thing. Especially nowadays, HP camera specifications are already high, right?

It’s just that you need to think about the memory of the device because the name of the video will take up a lot of storage space. One way to save memory is to download a video editor application that is not too large in size.

Is it a video editor application that is less than 50MB? Of course there is, and the name of the application is Film Maker Pro. The features are complete and can help you edit videos and films with adjustable ratios.

name Movie Maker Pro
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 4,7
Download at Google Play

Google Camera Apk

An application that will be a solution for those of you who find it very difficult to take good moments at night is Google Camera. One of the advantages of Google Camera is its night mode.

If you take a photo with this application, there will be no term cat’s eye even though the flash is turned on. Actually, even without flash, if the lighting around the place where you want the photo is still there, this application can still capture the moment clearly.

And another advantage lies in the other features of this application, which do not only have a camera for photos and videos, but also for scans and others.

name Google Camera
Price Free
User Ratings 4.0
Download at Google Play

iQIYI Drama

Watching dramas or anime with a resolution of up to 4K is only in the iQIYI application. Just imagine how clear the display quality up to 4K is, which is definitely higher than 1080P.

If the highest quality you usually use to watch movies is 1080P, then 4K is even better. This feature can only be used by iQIYI users who are already VIP.

The price for a VIP subscription at iQIYI doesn’t break the bank, especially if you’re a new user. You won’t be disappointed if you subscribe to VIP here, especially if your favorite dramas and anime are broadcast there.

name iQIYI
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 4,6
Download at Google Play

JOOX Music Live

One of the applications for songs on smartphones is the JOOX application. For new JOOX users, they will usually get VIP prizes within a week.

Apart from VIP users, you can still listen to various music in the application for free. It’s just that when you find a song marked VIP, that means you can’t listen to it yet.

The way to subscribe to VIP JOOX is by exchanging coins from the prizes that you get when you have completed the mission. But the contents in JOOX are not always there and only appear at certain times.

name JOOX Music
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 4,2
Download at Google Play

You don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to watch the full Japanese China Museum bokeh film because there is the Yandex Blue China application.

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