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May 28, 2023

Watch the latest Bokeh Japanese Pronunciation video, the search process is fast, only on Yandex Blue Japan or download the application below.

Application to Watch Japanese Pronunciation Bokeh Videos 2022

Bokeh Japanese Pronunciation

Enjoy watching Bokeh Japanese Pronunciation without ads and look forward to the latest updates directly from the application below. For the download link, you can click on the link that we have provided at

AfterFocus Pro


The bokeh camera application that is quite busy being sought after by Android smartphone users is After Focus. The application is not just a camera app, but there are also editing features.

If you want to use the After Focus Pro application to edit existing photos, just enter the photo. For the rest, you can access various bokeh editor tools in After Focus Pro.

Many have asked whether the After Focus Pro application is the same as the usual one? The two applications are the same and the difference is that one is free and this one is paid.

The price for this application is not expensive, it’s only around 30 thousand rupiah, and you can pay for it when downloading the application on the Google Play Store. The advantages of the service that you will get are ad-free features, unclock all premium features, and many others.

Price Paid
Available in Google Play
Rated For Everyone
Name AfterFocus Pro

Blur Bokeh Background


Blur Bokeh Background is included in the same category as the After Focus application, namely to make blur effects on photos regularly. This kind of effect is known as bokeh and is also usually easiest to capture with a professional camera.

When you use a DSLR or other type of camera equipment besides a cellphone, the blur feature will be embedded by itself. You have to be able to position which object you want to take a picture of and which one you don’t.

When you focus on yourself, other parts around the object will blur without having to give an effect. However, for a faster version and can also be done anywhere, people have the Blur Bokeh Background application.

Select the photo and then use the available blur feature, it will immediately turn your photo into a blur bokeh.

Price Unpaid
Available in Google Play
Rated For Everyone
Name Blur Bokeh Background

KineMaster Pro


Loyal users of the KineMaster application who want to try all kinds of editing tools in this application for free, raise your hand? KineMaster is a pretty cool video editor application in terms of editing features.

You can even make amazing short films with just one application, you know. The key to editing videos in the KineMaster application is patience and persistence because there are many components that you have to enter.

There is also only one video editing layer in KineMaster, so changing one of the components that has been included is a bit complicated. However, the results certainly don’t disappoint, friends.

Especially if you use the KineMaster Pro application and manage to open all the tools that were previously locked. Then your video editing creations will be even wider.

Price Downloads Unpaid
Available in Google Play
Rated For Everyone
Name KineMaster Pro

BuzzBreak App


Can you really get money from reading the news? The answer is that you can as long as you download the BuzzBreak application first. The BuzzBreak application is a money maker that provides exclusive news about various interesting things.

While looking for information in the application, you can collect lots of coins so that they can be exchanged for money. When converting coins in the BuzzBreak application, you have to pay attention to the nominal again.

In order to collect lots of coins faster in Buzzbreak, do other missions available in the task column of the application. At the same time, invite your friends to earn money together and you will benefit from the application.

Price Unpaid
Available in Google Play
Rated For 17+
Name BuzzBreak

Meitu Video Editor


An application that has been supported by the sophistication of AI technology in terms of filters and other tools is Meitu. Meitu tends to be used more often for editing photos.

However, you should also know that there are other uses that you can use at Meitu, namely the video editor. The Editing Tools of this application are quite simple and also won’t make you dizzy in using them.

The video that has been edited at Meitu will be brighter and brighter because the average effect there is like that. So, if you want to fix videos where the face is pale with the Makeup feature, you can download the Meitu App.

Discover more awesome interesting features only in the Meitu app.

Price Unpaid
Available in Google Play
Rated For Everyone
Name Meitu Photo & Video Editor



Who likes photography here? For those of you who like to explore camera applications in the Play Store. You can’t miss this one analog camera application, namely NOMO Cam.

At NOMO Cam, you will find a variety of unique ways to take any photo object, whatever the concept. At first, you might be confused by the appearance of the NOMO Cam application.

You don’t need to be confused because NOMO Cam is a camera in which there are several types of cameras. However, you can use everything for free and the results are all cool.

What needs to be remembered is that the NOMO Cam application can only be used to take pictures. That means you can’t use this app to record anything because it won’t be recorded even with the button shutters you last.

Price Unpaid
Available in Google Play
Rated For Everyone

Rookie Cam Apk


Have you heard of or used Rookie Cam before? Rookie Cam is a camera application in which there are also additional photo editing features as well.

Although the photo editing tools that are here are basic tools, but the results never fail to make your photos great. Especially if the photos you edit here also come from the same application.

If this is your first time using Rookie Cam or are just interested in downloading the app. So you won’t feel at a loss because this application provides various attractive advantages for its users.

Anyone can produce much better photos with this Rookie Cam application.

Price Unpaid
Available in Google Play
Rated For Everyone
Name Rookie Cam



Do you want to earn money just by filling out surveys? Download the YouGov application and fill in all available surveys to get the coin prizes.

YouGov is a paid survey platform that will give prizes to any users who have answered questions from every survey they submit.

The questions given also do not contain sensitive elements and there are no right or wrong answers.

So, when filling out the survey here, please be honest and don’t need to be confused by the survey questions.

Price Unpaid
Available in Google Play
Rated For Everyone
Name YouGov

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