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June 6, 2023

The easiest way to download songs from Youtube is to use several websites or sites that are already on Google. There are lots of advantages to using the website, you also don’t have to install applications and you don’t need to use up memory space on your device anymore.

This method is very easy and practical, many people from various groups have used this method, namely using the website. We will provide several sites or websites that you can use to download YouTube videos to mp3. One of which is :

  1. SaveFrom
  2. Snaptic
  4. Ssstiktok

The website above is a site that is often visited because of the many advantages it has. We have already mentioned one of them. For how to download songs from YouTube, we will provide the steps so that you don’t get confused when downloading songs from YouTube.

Is it difficult to download songs from YouTube through the website?

Download Songs From Youtube

We will introduce several sites or websites to download songs from Youtube. Maybe many of you already know the sites or websites that we have mentioned. And many already understand how to convert songs from YouTube to mp3.

Maybe some of you have just tried downloading songs from YouTube and are still confused about how to download them.

Therefore, we will reintroduce some of the sites from those of you who still don’t know the website or site addresses. And, don’t worry, here we will also provide a tutorial on how to download songs from YouTube via the website.

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Savefrom, a site that can download songs from YouTube


This website is often used by people to download videos from Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and so on. This website also offers various audio size formats that you can download.

Savefrom according to Mimin himself is more popular than other sites or websites. Because in terms of appearance and the conversion process on Savefrom is very fast according to Mimin. And, until now Mimin still uses this site or website very often.

How to use it is also very easy, bro. Mimin will provide a tutorial on how to download songs from YouTube via this website.

How to Download Songs From Youtube Through Savefrom

The tutorial used is quite easy, bro. You can follow the method that we will provide to make it easier to download songs from YouTube via Savefrom. For those of you who are still confused about how to download songs through this website. Check it out below:

  1. Open your youtube application.
  2. Then, you are looking for which YouTube video you want to convert to mp3.
  3. Copy the youtube video link.
  4. Next, you open the browser on your device.
  5. Type savefrom in browser search.
  6. When it appears, then you just enter the website.
  7. In the search field on your savefrom website, just paste the link that you copied.
  8. Then, there is a choice of audio size, then you select the mp3 as you wish.
  9. Select download, and please wait for the download process to complete. If so, you can play the audio. site

There are several advantages found on this website, including being able to download videos without restrictions. The point here is that if you download it repeatedly there won’t be a problem. And of course you can download it for free.

And, this site is very secure so it is unlikely that it will not have a bad effect or get a virus on your device. On this website, you can also download videos, not just audio or mp3.

There is an audio size format as well so you can choose a lower format so it doesn’t eat up your device. We will also provide a tutorial on how to download songs from Youtube through this website.

Download songs from Youtube via

As for how to download using this website, it is very easy and we will provide it step by step How to Download Songs From Youtube via

  1. You enter the YouTube application first to copy the desired video link
  2. Then next look for the video, and please copy the link.
  3. Next, you open your browser, then you type then search for it.
  4. If you have found this website, just enter it.
  5. When you have entered the website, you will find a search field.
  6. Then you just paste the link that you copied earlier.
  7. Then you click search. After finding the link there is an mp3 and mp4 audio size format.
  8. Please just choose according to your wishes, then you press download.
  9. Wait a few moments to complete the download.
  10. Finished.

Download songs from Youtube via the Download4.Cc site

Download site 4.Cc

This website is the same as any other website. Download4.Cc provides size formats, from low to the same size format as the original. And, the same advantage that this site can be used for free.

No less sophisticated than other websites, this website can also quickly convert the videos you want. This website is another option if we convert to another site or website. Immediately, we go into the explanation regarding how to download songs from Youtube.

How to Download Songs From Youtube Via Download4.Cc

  1. Open the browser then you open YouTube
  2. Find the desired video
  3. Then, you copy the video link.
  4. Open a new tab. Find the Download4.Cc website
  5. When there is a search column, you just paste or paste the YouTube video link earlier.
  6. Then press search, after that there are several mp3, mp4, and other size formats.
  7. Please select the resolution you want and press download
  8. After pressing it, just wait until the mp3 download process is complete.
  9. Finished.

There are various websites available, you just choose to use the website that you like. Those are just some of the websites that we provide so that you can follow the steps that we have provided.

But if you download songs more often or download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, it’s better for you to download the application. If your downloads are too frequent, it will be easier to use the application.

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