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May 30, 2023 – Playing a game that has been modified, of course, will give you more excitement as a player from that game. For that Mimin will offer a modified game called FIFA 22 Mod APK which already provides a lot of advantages in it.

The game that Mimin is referring to is of course going to be the mainstay game for you to play, because this game itself has the soccer genre. The reason is that the admin here really understands, that many of you have always liked playing a game with the soccer genre.

Game Review FIFA 22 Mod APK Latest Players


FIFA 22 Mod APK is a soccer genre game that has previously been subjected to additional modification processes by third parties. The results of the modifications made by these third parties produce several advantages that later you cannot find in the original version.

So you can actually find FIFA 22 in its original version, through the Playstore and Appstore application stores. Then, since there are so many enthusiasts of this game, the developer also modified the system of this game to form FIFA 22 Mod APK.

With all these advantages, of course you can feel the sensation of playing a soccer game with an even more exciting plot. And one of the advantages most sought after by users of this game, namely the existence of a team that is equipped with the latest players.

You can also find several other exciting game modes which you can obviously play for free via FIFA 22 Mod APK unlimited money. So for those of you who really like playing soccer games, then you can immediately download it via this article right now.


Many of you may have downloaded several soccer games with their respective advantages and characteristics. But for those of you who are already very fanatical about the sport of soccer, of course you often feel dissatisfied with what this game has to offer.

Therefore, Mimin believes that all the system advantages provided by FIFA 22 Mod APK will make you feel even more satisfied with the soccer game that you will play. For that you can download it now, and play all the fun modes available in it.

So, since the FIFA 22 that we are discussing is a modified variant, you won’t be able to find this game through the Playstore or the official app store. However, here Mimin has provided the game for you, to be precise by providing the download link in the following table.

Game Name FIFA 22 Mod APK PS5
Size 800MB
Version v16.0.01
Updates 2022
OS Android 10+
Price Free
Download links Here

You can download this one game very easily, especially when you have the link that Mimin shared above that you have successfully. Because by clicking on the link that Mimin has linked above, later you can start the download process for FIFA 22 Mod APK Indonesian league.

Watch and Follow How to Install FIFA 22 Mod APK OBB Data Offline

There is a slight difference in the Mod game installation process, where for the Mod version of the game itself you need to install it manually. And of course Mimin has provided a solution for you, by providing an installation tutorial that you can see and follow below:

  1. The first step you can open FileManager First of all.
  2. Then you can proceed with opening Internal Storage.
  3. In it you will see several types of folders, and here Mimin invites you to enter Downloads folder.
  4. Please enter the folder, then switch to the options Download History.
  5. There you can find files from the game FIFA 22 Mod APK that you have previously successfully downloaded.
  6. If the file has been found, please click on the options section Install.
  7. Click again on the options Additional Settingsand immediately activate the Install From menu Unknown source. And at that stage, then all you have to do is wait for the installation process to finish.

Some of the installation steps or steps that Mimin provides above will later also apply to installing other Mod versions of games. So it will be better if you want to memorize the installation steps, so that the installation process that you do later will be even easier.

Mod Features Of Latest FIFA 22 APK


Of course you will see the advantages that you can get from the Mod version of the game clearly through the features in it. Because in the Mod version you will find more advanced features, or an excellent feature that is not owned in the original version.

Then the developer of the game FIFA 22 Mod APK unlimited everything too, of course, has provided lots of excellent features in it. Where all of these features will provide a more exciting sensation later, especially when you have started playing this game.

The excellent features that Mimin means, will immediately apply when you have successfully owned the game. In other terms, you don’t need to do a subscription process or download other additional files, to take advantage of all the excellent features available in FIFA 22 Mod APK PS5.

So, when you want to download a Mod version of a game like this, maybe it would be better if you listened to all the types and functions of each feature. The reason is that Mimin always gives reviews about the features of the games that Mimin discusses, through a summary that is listed below.

1. More Complete Choice of Club & Country

Before starting the match, you will need to choose a team from a club or country that you rely on. The reason is that in this online FIFA 22 Mod APK you will find hundreds of types of clubs and countries, all of which you can choose very easily.

2. Create Your Own Club Management

With this feature, you can later create a club by utilizing the transfer market system that is in it. So you can later form a football club management which of course you can compare with a club made by other people.

3. Game graphics already support 4K

To get a much more exciting playing experience, of course the graphics in the games being played already support 4K quality. And you can get that from this soccer game, so you can get a much more exciting gaming experience.

4. Very Complete Play Options

Before starting a match, you can first have a match mode that is fun for you to play. Coincidentally, the game we are discussing already offers lots of game modes that you can choose easily and for free.

5. Provide Offline Mode

If you experience problems accessing the internet, then you can later take advantage of the offline mode feature that is already available in it. So even though the game you are playing is done offline, you will always get its own excitement later.

Here’s How to Easily Update the FIFA Mod APK Game

The Best-Mod-Version-Ball-Game-Today

A game in the soccer genre, of course there will always be an update process for every season to come. So because it’s still 2022, the FIFA 22 Mod game that you can download right now is a game with a team composition suitable for 2022.

Thus, you will need to update this one game later, when time reaches the end of the pre-season or at the turn of the year. Because at that moment, the composition of the team will immediately change and you need to update it so you can try the new team competition too.

So, to update this FIFA 22 Mod APK game, later you only need to download the OBB file where you downloaded it before. More precisely, you don’t need to delete the FIFA Mod APK game that was downloaded in 2022, but only need to install the OBB data in the following year.

Of course, this kind of updating process is very easy for you to do, because Mimin also believes that you will need a new team composition. Therefore, you can follow the method that Mimin mentioned above, so that later you don’t need to delete all files from this game.

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