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June 6, 2023

There is an application platform that is very similar to Youtube, but the free version is Go Tube Apk. From the name alone, you can judge that this application is indeed similar to similar platforms.

Is the content in the Go Tube Apk application also similar or even the same as Youtube? Not many people are familiar with the Go Tube application, even though the apk can be installed on Android.

Therefore, here we will discuss the functions of Go Tube and the supporting features in it.

Don’t miss the discussion that we will present this time because this could be new information for you. Especially for those of you who are still confused and don’t know anything about this Go Tube Apk application. A more complete explanation is only in rumahkeadilan.co.id.

What is Go Tube Pro APK App?

go tube apk

Go Tube is an application that has a function similar to the Youtube platform. People certainly know more about the Youtube application than Go Tube.

Even though this application is no less cool than Youtube, and you have to know what its important functions are. Here the admin of rumahkeadilan.co.id will provide a series of explanations regarding this Go Tube.

Especially regarding its function and also what advantages this application has. The main use of the Go Tube application is the same as Youtube. You can see various types of videos that appear there and these videos also come from Youtube.

The advantage is that if there are lots of advertisements on YouTube videos, the Go Tube application will not have any advertisements at all. You should know that this application is also active in showing trending videos.

Later here there will be several features that you can use to watch the videos that are there. Continue to follow the explanation that is here until it’s finished.

Terms of Using the Go Tube Mod APK Application


In contrast to the Youtube application which can be downloaded by all ages. Go Tube itself has special requirements in terms of downloading the application.

This application provides conditions for people who want to download the application are over the age of seventeen. It is not without reason that Go Tube provides this provision.

If you are interested in using this application then follow the terms and conditions provided. Yes, even though this application cannot detect whether you are lying or not.

But choose shows that are appropriate for your age, because that’s also for the good of each.

If you have fulfilled the terms and conditions of the application, then you may directly download the Go Tube application. Where to download the Go Tube application?

Download Go Tube APK Old Version No Ads


Many users are curious about the use and appearance of the Go Tube application. Readers can immediately search the Google Play Store and use the keyword Go Tube.

The application will immediately appear at the top with a blue application logo. This is an official application developed directly by the developer.

We recommend for users who really want to download this application, it’s better to download it on the Play Store. Although you will find other download links.

But it will be safer and certain if you get the Go Tube application directly from our favorite application store. Or to make it easier, you can directly click the download location that we have provided in the table.

And later you will be directed directly to the application in the Google Play Store so you don’t have to bother looking for it anymore.

Name Go Tube APK
File Size 20MB
Feature Free Premium
Support OS Android 4.0
Download links Here

Premium Features of Go Tube APK App

gotube-app features

The Go Tube application is relatively new for some people because most users use the Youtube platform more often when they want to find or watch videos.

For this reason, we will explain again how the features and how to use them in the application. At least the discussion that we will provide provides an overview for those of you who are trying to use the application for the first time.

So, don’t miss the discussion below because it’s a shame if you don’t read the information that the admin of rumahkeadilan.co.id will convey here.

1. There are trending video shows

All the videos on Go Tube are very interesting to watch and can be considered complete too. You can also find out what videos are trending among the public.

On the home page of the application, Discover recommended videos appear or whose channel account you follow. Yes, this feature is similar to the Youtube feature because the only difference lies in the ads.

You can enjoy YouTube videos without ads and don’t need to switch to premium, you know.

2. HD Video Resolution

The videos that you see on Go Tube can be set to the highest resolution according to your network.

Choose a resolution up to 1080P for a very clear video quality. Watching videos here will still be comfortable because the display is all HD.

3. Add Video To Playlist Without Login

To use the Go Tube application, you don’t need to log in using an email account or anything else.

So, watching videos or adding videos to a playlist doesn’t need to be logged in first.

Usually users like to be lazy to create accounts and this application provides that convenience.

4. There is a PIP Mode

You can search for music videos on this Go Tube and activate PIP mode. With this PIP mode you can listen to music or watch videos while running other applications.

So, you can run this application in another background so you are not limited to only using one application.

5. Create Your Own Go Tube Channel

You can create your own go tube channel if you want to try uploading videos there.

Users can actively become content creators on Go Tube as well to channel the creative ideas you have.

Easy Ways to Use the Go Tube Pro Mod APK Application


This Go Tube application won’t bother you in terms of using it. Here we will provide steps to use the Go Tube application, especially to take advantage of the Popup feature.

First, you can open the Go Tube application that you downloaded from the Google Play Store. So that this video can also be active in the background, there’s a way you have to do it.

Find first which video you want to listen to or see in the background. And to make it faster, just use the Search feature and enter the required keywords.

Then you can click features “Background” and later the feature will work immediately and you can try removing the Go tube application. The sound from the video will still be heard and at the end of the screen a video box will also appear.

The existence of this feature is very useful for users so as not to stuck only in one application when listening to songs or watching other videos.

There are still many other useful applications and tips and tricks that you can see at rumahkeadilan.co.id.

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