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May 28, 2023

Hello, my boss, we meet again at, oh yes, my boss, now the Shopee company makes it easy to make payment transactions, namely paying for shopee via SMS banking.

Prior to this facility, Shopee actually provided payment services in many ways, including through banks or ATMs or Alfamart/Indomart and so on.

What is SMS Banking?

banking sms

Of course, you are already familiar with SMS banking, right? Because SMS banking is a facility provided by banks to serve their customers with the aim of making it easier for customers to make transactions online. offline.

Now the relationship with the Shopee company is that later you can make Shopee payment transactions via SMS banking. Indeed, in plain view, Shopee payments via SMS banking are simpler and not complicated when compared to paying, having to go to the counter that accepts Shopee payments.

Apart from that, paying for Shopee via SMS banking doesn’t use the internet, it’s just practical and really not complicated.

Advantages and Weaknesses of Shopee Pay Transactions Through SMS Banking

Even though SMS banking is simple and not complicated, of course there are advantages and disadvantages to using it, whether it’s the constraints from the bank or the prime card operator service used.

This is where you also have to know about the advantages and disadvantages, so you can anticipate usage and transactions can go as you wish. Below you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages.

1. Transactions Do Not Use Internet Services

If you are in an area where it is difficult to get an internet connection, then the Shopee payment method via SMS banking is a very good solution.

Because this service doesn’t use the internet, so you don’t need to bother looking for an internet network for Shoppe payments.

2. Enough in the hand, no need to come to the bank

You just have to stay still to make Shopee payments without having to get tired of queuing to come to a bank.

The point is that you can complete all Shopee payments or bills just by relaxing at home or wherever you are.

After we know the advantages of SMS banking, you must also know the following weaknesses below.

3. Setting up Credit for SMS Fees During Transactions

Sms banking is different from mobile banking, for sms banking users you must prepare a number of credits if you are going to make a transaction.

Unfortunately, sometimes when the credit runs out it hasn’t been filled while the Shoppe bill is close to running out, so the transaction will not be successful before you fill in the required credit.

4. Dependence on the cellphone signal used

This weakness sometimes makes consumers unsatisfied, namely depending on the cell phone signal used, because if the signal is not good, the transaction will hang and even almost fail.

Terms and Conditions for Paying Shopee Via Bangking SMS

Apart from the advantages and disadvantages, you also have to know what are the terms and conditions for making a Shopee payment transaction using SMS banking.

Below are the requirements for making Shopee payments via SMS banking, we can read it together, my boss:

  1. The first, of course, is that you make sure that the telephone number you are using is registered in the SMS banking system, for registration you can go through the nearest ATM.
  2. After the number is registered, also make sure that you understand how to use the SMS banking transaction so that it doesn’t fail.
  3. Also read the terms of how to pay through a shopee account, my boss
  4. Prepare enough credit to make sms banking transactions
  5. Of course, you also have to know the format for sending shopee payment transactions via SMS banking.
  6. The format will differ from one bank to another

How to Make Shopee Pay Transactions Via SMS Banking BRI, BNI, Mandiri and BCA

There are several ways you can do Shopee payment transactions via SMS banking BRI, BNI, Mandiri and so on. The following are the steps for the payment transaction.

1. Pay Shopee Via SMS Banking BRI

pay shopee via sms banking bri

When you make an online purchase transaction in the Shopee application using the BRI SMS banking service, of course, you will get the BRIVA code before making a payment transaction, pay attention to the following things first.

Select the BRIVA (BRI Virtual Account) icon, after you select the briva code, the payment bill code will appear, so don’t forget that you can copy the code or write it down. Pay off the shopee bill that you have agreed to pay for.

The format for paying off the bill that you will pay via SMS banking is as follows.

  1. Type PAYAR space BRV space No. BRIVA space Billing Amount space PIN SMS Banking.
  2. For example like this: PAY BRV 0000008123456789 300000 123123.
  3. Then send the SMS to number 3300 via the number registered with SMS banking.
  4. If it will be processed and finished.

As for the credit fee for one SMS, it varies, my boss, depending on the provider you use, but it’s not expensive, of course, under Rp. 1,000

2. Via SMS Banking Mandiri

For payment transactions via SMS banking Mandiri, this is not the same as using BRI’s SMS banking service. Here is the format below:

  • Your first step is just typing 141# you shouldn’t call.
  • Select the SIM CARD that you registered with the Mandiri banking sms.
  • Then you select the 6th icon.
  • Click pay and click next.
  • Just keep clicking next until you find the shopee or shopee pay menu and continue topup shopeepay.

This is the way to pay Shopee bills through the Mandiri SMS banking service, it’s a bit difficult compared to the BRI SMS banking service, but you can try this.

3. Pay via SMS Banking BNI

pay shopee via SMS banking bni

My boss, for this transaction, you will be directed to top up your Shopee balance first, and from this Shopee balance, you can make Shopee bill payments.

Here are the formats that you must follow my boss:

  • You open the short message service (SMS) on the cellphone that has registered SMS banking.
  • Next, you just make an SMS like the following.
  • Type TRANSFER space Billing Number space Billing Amount.
  • TRANSFER Example 880741531312313123 450000.
  • Finally, you sent the SMS via number 3346.

Oh yeah, my boss, to top up my Shopee Pay balance, the minimum is 10,000.

4. Pay via SMS Bangking BCA

pay shopee via sms banking bca

If possible, you are BCA customers, of course you will take advantage of the Shopee bill payment service via BCA SMS banking, right?

You don’t need to be confused and worried, here we will briefly explain using the BCA SMS banking service to pay Shopee bills.

  1. The first, of course, is that you first complete the order on the shopee application until you get the VA code (Virtual Account BCA).
  2. Next, open the BCA mobile application.
  3. Enter the PIN to login the application.
  4. Click the transaction icon.
  5. Press transfers.
  6. then click BCA VA (Virtual Account)
  7. Then you enter the code 126 and the cellphone number that is registered with the BCA banking sms.
  8. finally enter the PIN when the application wants confirmation.

Alright, boss, here’s an explanation of How to Pay Shopee via SMS Banking, I hope it can be useful for you and all of us, my boss.

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