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May 28, 2023

Have you seen this viral tiktok video yet, namely viral video jeje. For the video link, you can open it directly at


Are you one of those people who often spend time just playing social media? Surely you don’t miss any news that is currently viral, including this Jeje viral video.

This viral video link is being searched for on Tiktok, Google, and Twitter. Those who have visited this article don’t need to go anywhere else because the admin of has already linked the link to watch the viral video jeje here.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Viral videos on social media were uploaded by someone through a long process. Although there are some trending videos that are not edited at all.

However, it’s better if the videos you upload to social media with the aim of being lost by many people are edited first. If the reader is used to using a PC or laptop in editing videos because it is much more comfortable.

Do you already have a video editor application that supports it yet? There is an application Adobe Premiere Clip which is a special video editor for PC. The size of this application is quite large and its features are also quite complex.

The average person who uses this video editor application is an expert in their field or at least understands a lot about video editing so they are not confused when they want to operate the application.

Name Adobe Premiere Clip
Category Video Editors
Device PCs/laptops
Price Free

Bokeh Camera Effects


Not only cellphones that you can use to make something amazing. The tool that we always carry everywhere, anytime and anywhere, namely HP, has proven to be very useful.

We can do various things on the cellphone, including editing photos and videos. There is the Bokeh Camera Effects application which provides services for editing blur bokeh photos and also lights effects.

This category of applications has a special function, so if you want to make a photo suitable for use in Bokeh Camera Effects.

So then download this application to your cellphone because of its limited use.

Name Bokeh Camera Effects
Category Photo Editor
Device Androids
Price Free

Viral Video Template CapCut


Just like the viral videos that we are discussing in this application, CapCut also produces Tiktok video templates that are trending very quickly on social media.

Many templates in CapCut are used by users when following a trend. Have you ever thought about who made the template? There is such a thing as capCut creators and their job is to create ready-to-use template designs for regular editors.

Being a capCut creator turns out to be quite productive, you know, and there have been many testimonials saying the same thing.

And of course the CapCut application and all the editing features in it are very useful for all of us who are not very good at editing videos, but want good results too.

Name CapCut Video Editor
Category Video Editors
Device Android & iOS
Price Free

DutaFilm Apk


Watch all kinds of films from domestic and foreign cinemas with only one flagship application. Have you ever used the DutaFilm application?

For those who like to watch western films or other films that don’t only come from one country. So the DutaFilm application will really help you so you don’t have to go anywhere else if you want to watch movies for free.

The DuatFilm application is not yet available on the Google Play Store, but if you want to download the application, you can look through internet sites that provide a download link.

Just try searching on so you can find out more about DutaFilm’s contents, such as features, how to use them, and other useful information.

Name DutaFilm
Category Movies
Device Androids
Price Free

FilmoraGo Pro Mod Apk


How do you make cool videos like people on social media? Anyone can create cool video edits as long as they have the will.

Maybe you can learn first through tutorials given by people and choose an application that you think is the easiest to use.

There is the FilmoraGo application which you can also use as a special video editor for beginners. Look for tutorials related to editing videos on FilmoraGo so that you are familiar with its features and functions.

For wider and unlimited access to features, you can download the FilmoraGo Mod Apk application, friends. In this application, all premium features are automatically unlocked at no additional cost.

Name FilmoraGo Mod
Category Video Editors
Device Androids
Price Free

Genflix Apk Watch Online


You can get various selected films with interesting storylines and super HD shows on the Genflix application. All the films on Genflix are mandatory for you to watch because they have story plots that are not boring.

Does Genflix only show Indonesian films? The answer is no because there are also several films originating from abroad and if you want to watch them, they already have Indonesian subtitles.

You can watch movies on Genflix online by activating the network and of course you have to have a quota. Or download the movie first so you can watch it again without having to turn on the data.

If you are a team that likes to collect films, then it is better to download the films you want to see on Genflix first.

Name Genflix
Category Movies
Device Androids
Price Free

Kuji Cam App


The Kuji Cam application is a category of vintage applications that have various types of effects for users to use. The appearance of this application is also quite funny because it is similar to an analog camera, only the mobile version is used.

Kuji Cam also provides further editing features that you can use to enhance your photos. After taking a screenshot, you can edit the brightness or even add frames to the photo.

Or if you want to change and add filters, you can because one of the photo editing tools is a filter.

Name Kuji Cam
Category Photography
Device Androids
Price Free

Lomopol 1998 Apk

lomo pattern

Like photos with polaroid frames? There is a camera application that immediately has Polaroid frames and the 1998 effect. When you use the Lomopola application, you no longer need to edit photos with additional frames.

You can automatically choose the Polaroid frame shape that is available there for free.

So, if you want to shoot something, just use Lomopola so you don’t need to edit it afterwards.

Name Lomopol 1998
Category Photography
Device Androids
Price Free

For those of you who miss viral video news, like this 10 minute full bokeh museum viral video. Just look for the information at

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