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May 28, 2023

Hello loyal friends of baikhati.id, can’t wait to read information related to the Xxnamexx Song Tiktok 2021 bokeh video, which will be our main topic this time? You can use several bokeh sites that are currently viral on the internet by using this one full bokeh link.

To be able to get more bokeh videos on the Xxnamexx Song Tiktok 2021 application, of course, the appropriate steps are needed. Therefore, if you want to access bokeh videos but you are confused about how, you can see the explanation below.

Complete 2021 Bokeh Xxnamexx Song Tiktok Video Collection 2022


There are lots of Xxnamexx Song Tiktok 2021 bokeh video collections with very extraordinary quality. Moreover, the collection of videos available in this Yandex application. Now, on this occasion, we have prepared several types of bokeh videos available. If you are curious, you can see in more detail below.



Next is the Nichi application with a very large collection of templates. Moreover, the various templates available in this application also have a very aesthetic appearance, you know. You can edit photos with extraordinary quality.

There are also lots of stickers that you can use in this application, you know. Not only that, you can also use many fonts to make writing in this application, gangs. So that later you can get very maximum results and can be shared directly with various social media applications.

Name Nichi
Size 3.55MB
Developers Beijing Muke Technology
Ratings 4.1
Minimal OS Android 6.0

Vintage Film Camera Old Roll

Furthermore, there is also the Vintage Film Camera OldRoll application with full features in creating vintage effects in this application. You can use a camera with a disposable effect too, you know. There are also many photo frames that you can use when editing a photo.

Flash assistance which is very useful in this application also really helps you in making the appearance of light so that it looks more attractive. There are also many retro effects that you can use to give a 1998 style impression, you know. Let’s see in more detail the specifications of the application below.

Name Nichi
Size 3.55MB
Developers Beijing Muke Technology
Ratings 4.1
Minimal OS Android 6.0



Next is the Tezza aesthetic editor application which is very up to date. This application provides perfect presets with more than 40 types of presets that you can use. The presets available in this application are also very interesting because they have a vintage style.

Very suitable, of course, for those of you who are lovers of vintage effects with retro effects, super8, vhs and many other effects that you can use. So, for those of you who want to get more complete features in this application, you can start subscribing.

Name Tezza
Size 246MB
Version 2.24.0
Developers Tezza
Ratings 4.4
Minimal OS Android 4.4

Lampopola camera


The Lamopola camera is a photo editing application that provides an extraordinary retro effect. There are 25 more retro and also vintage camera filters that you can use in this application with 30 more light leak effects that you can use for free.

For how to make it, it can also be done easily, yes, you can import the desired photo then please add some of the desired features such as text, frames and others. If you are interested in using the application, please see the table below for more detailed information.

Name Lampopola camera
Size 1.4.1 MB
Version 10.38
Developers Analog Film Photo & Photo Editor Camera
Ratings 4.4
Minimal OS Android 4.4

Application for watching Bokeh Video Full Xxnamexx Song Tiktok 2021

Apart from providing a series of bokeh videos that have gone viral lately, we have also prepared several full bokeh viewing applications that are similar to Xxnamexx Song Tiktok 2021, you know. So for those of you who might want another application, you can see the explanation below.

1998 Cam


1998 Cam is a bokeh video and photo editing application that can make it easier for you to create selfies or photos with a very cool style, gang. This application provides the best vintage camera effects so that it seems like you are back in the 90s.

You can apply a blur effect in this one application, there are even many choices of bokeh effects that you can apply in it. 1998 Cam also contains more than 100 types of photo filters with vintage, retro, cinematic and various other classic photos, you know. If you want to use this application, then you can see the specifications first.

Name 1998 Cam
Size 48.47MB
Version 1.8.8
Developers The FFFF Studio
Ratings 4.4
Minimal OS Android 4.4


Next is the Snapseed application which is also a platform for providing bokeh videos with extraordinary effects. There are several main features that you will find in this application. One of them is that you can use 29 features and filters to make photos cooler.

You can also use this application to add details to a photo. Not only that, there are also brushes that you can use to add lighting and more. You can rotate a photo and also crop the photo as you wish.

Name Snapseed
Size 24.05MB
Developers Google LLC
Ratings 4.6
Minimal OS Android 5.0



Next is the Lightroom application with the provision of amazing presets and effects for you guys. In this application you can delete and replace objects as you wish in a photo. Not only that, you can also use the camera directly in this application, you know.

You can use more than 200 presets for free, of course, in this application. What’s more, you can also make your own presets with various kinds of tools which are also very complete. Very interesting isn’t it? For a complete view of the application, you can check the specifications table below.

Name Lightroom
Size 115MB
Version 8.0.0
Developers adobe
Ratings 4.6
Minimal OS Android 8.0

Prequel Aesthetic

Lastly is the Prequel Aesthetic application, which has a very high rating on the Google Playstore, friends. The application has lots of interesting features that you can use as an editing tool to produce perfect photos, of course. There are hundreds of stickers that you can use with the addition of many types of fonts too, you know.

You can get amazing visual effects in this application. But to use the various superior or premium features in it, of course, a subscription fee is required. For that, before you intend to download the application, let’s look at the specifications table.

Name Prequel Aesthetic
Size 128MB
Version 1.51.0
Developers Prequel Inc.
Ratings 7.0
Minimal OS Android 7.0

If you want to find more interesting features on the Xxnamexx Song Tiktok 2021 site, then you can see more of the application collection through the several articles available on our website, so don’t miss it.

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