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May 28, 2023 – To get access to the newest Yandex Hot which is full of wik wik videos, you don’t need to bother going here and there. Because you can get these links easily in your hands. It is enough to connect your cellphone with internet access, then all of these things can be obtained.

Either in the form of a link or an application, you can get the latest Yandex Hot easily. Which is sure to satisfy your passion and lust for a long time. Videos with long to short duration are available here in full, of course they can be adjusted according to your individual wishes.

Download the Latest Yandex Hot Full Museum No Sensor Viral

Yandex Hot

The ease of accessing Yandex Hot has made the site much sought after recently, especially by residents in Indonesia. In it there are many bokeh videos covering many countries in the world, starting from Indonesia itself, Japan, China, Korea, America, and many others.

As said earlier, you can find Yandex Hot in the form of a site or application, it all depends on your taste. Of course, you can use all of them for free and practically. There are more advantages for those of you who like to read the news, because the links are included in it.

1. Yandex


The first access to watching bokeh that you can reach is Yandex, where there are a number of videos from wik wik to museums for free. Its reach consists of many groups, and is usually used to relieve stress. This access can be used free of charge without any payment.

There are many categories available for you, from images, videos, web, and many more. You can reach one of them to be able to open things steadily. The cool thing is that Yandex Hot is equipped with VPN access in it, so you can open blocked sites freely.

Application Name Yandex
size 24MB
Version 5.2.64
OS Android 4.1+
installed 500 million+



Maybe many of you already know this application as a photo editing platform. And it turns out that snapseed can be used freely by anyone who likes bokeh. Because in it there are qualified features for editing photos. The presence of this application is able to make your photos look more attractive.

Not only adjusting the brightness, this application also functions to improve body shape, beautify parts of the face, change skin color, edit backgrounds, and much more. There are 28 excellent features with different functions for each party, and you can customize them.

Application Name Snapseed
size 28MB
OS Android 6.0+
installed 50 million+

3. Moja Insta Stories

Moja Insta Stories

A good story appearance makes an aesthetic impression when people look at it, you can do that when using Moja Insta Stories. Because this application has a number of templates that can be used to produce good story forms. This application is suitable for you who often run out of ideas in making stories.

Whether it’s in the form of photos or videos, the resulting stories will look charming and seem elegant. To prove it, you can download it in the mainstay Play Store or App Store. A number of ratios have been provided here, and you can choose whether you want to upload as a feed or story.

Application Name Moja Insta Stories
size 41MB
Version 7.12.6
OS Android 5.0+
installed 10 million+

4. Remini


Remini is no less popular than other platforms that have advanced features. Because this application has a number of excellent features that can compete with outsiders. Where you can use this feature to clear up blurry photos in your shots, so as to produce HD photos.

This application is often used as an alternative for some people, because how to use it is not difficult. You only need to slide parts of the screen and edit them slowly. Whether it’s a photo that’s blurry or out of focus, it’s often re-edited using a tiny application called Remini.

Application Name Remini
size 19MB
OS Android 4.4+
installed 100 million+

5. PhotoLeap


The platform called PhotoLeap has a simple interface with multifunctional capabilities. Where you can make edits with the sophisticated tools that this application has. Its features and advantages can be side by side with popular applications that have reached world class.

You can rely on PhotoLeap as a photo editing platform these days. Its unique features coupled with an attractive appearance can make you feel at home for long editing here. By putting together several matching effects, you can swap faces between one person and another.

Application Name PhotoLeap
size 27MB
Version 7.34.4
OS Android 5.1+
installed 5 million+

6. Ulike Apk

Ulike Apk

Not only is the name unique, but Ulike Apk has a unique system with interesting uses. Where you can do photo editing by adding your favorite filters. Apart from that, you also use existing features to add to the aesthetic impression of each of your photos.

It turns out that this application is a beautiful secret for people in the land of ginsen. Because Ulike Apk is often used by a number of artists to residents in Korea to add filters and other things. The filters that are the mainstay of this application are Beauty and Glowing, which will definitely suit you when used.

Application Name Ulike Apk
size 29MB
Version 9.23.0
OS Android 6.1+
installed 1 million+

7. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 will give you a new sensation and give you a memorable experience. With skills and creativity without, you can produce even better works, so that every work that appears will look more elegant. You can add other unique things in this application.

With a clear camera and good image focusing, the Camera FV-5 is suitable for photographing things that smell like bokeh. Amazing results will appear in every shot and edit of your photo, because everything is able to work in sync. You can also adjust the lighting according to your wishes.

Application Name Camera FV-5
size 34MB
Version 6.2.43
OS Android 4.2+
installed 500 thousand+

8. PhotoDirector


This time the service is specifically for those of you who like video editing, because it includes a number of tools that can support your editing. This kind of platform is capable of functioning under any circumstances, so some people call it multifunctional. You can get excellent features for free if it’s in it.

You can get quality video results when you export your edited videos one by one. Another uniqueness that this application has is that it can take photos and videos directly. You can even add effects directly, without the need to edit them separately.

Application Name PhotoDirector
size 25MB
Version 8.23.2
OS Android 5.0+
installed 20 million+

9. BuzzBreak


This application is suitable for those of you who like to read the news, because it provides a lot of information from within the country to abroad. Buzzbreak itself is a news provider service that has recently gone viral because it has rewards for its users. Where can you get extra money.

The method is very simple, you only need to read the news according to your wishes. Later there will be a reward in the form of coins if you succeed in reading within a certain time. These coins can be searched for and transferred to your personal account or e-wallet. Inviting friends is another way you can do this.

Application Name BuzzBreak
size 20MB
Version 7.2.43
OS Android 4.1+
installed 10 million+

How to Watch Free Japanese Bokeh on Yandex Hot Without Needing a VPN

Link Download Yandex Hot

If you want to download any of the above apps, then please reach out to your app store. But if you want a modified version, then look for special links that provide it. This time, Mimin will give you one of Wik Wik’s videos that will definitely excite you.

Through this link, you can watch steady bokeh videos freely. If you want to see even more solid, then please find the Yandex Bokeh link or download the application in the play store. Everything is available to you briefly without any blocking and is definitely safe to use.

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