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June 1, 2023

BRI bank customers are certainly no strangers to this BRImo Apk application. Brimo greatly facilitates BRI customers in conducting various transactions related to receiving or sending money.

Who here doesn’t have a bank account? Nowadays, everything will be easier if you already have a bank account. There are so many types of commercial banks that we can use to organize and simplify our affairs in terms of finances.

An example is BRI bank which is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. BRI itself already has internet and also mobile banking called BRImo. Well, this application has so many functions and its goal is to make it easier for customers in financial matters.

For those of you who want to open a BRImo account and want to find out more information with the mobile banking application. Maybe the discussion that will be admin of will help you.

Main Functions of the BRImo Application


Who doesn’t know BRI bank which stands for Bank Rakyat Indonesia? Bank BRI is one of the largest commercial banks in Indonesia.

There have been many customers who have trusted BRI in terms of managing and also saving their money. Now the era is getting more sophisticated so that processes related to banks are also more effective and efficient.

Especially since the presence of the BRI Mobile application or now its name is BRImo. This is an internet application as well as mobile banking from BRI which is very useful for both BRI customers and non-customers.

There are many features contained in this BRI application and all of them aim to increase effectiveness and efficiency in terms of making any transactions.

For those who have been BRI customers for a long time, don’t download this application. Even if you miss your wallet, you have this BRImo application on your cellphone.

Then everything is still safe and you can make any purchase transactions anywhere without an ATM card. You no longer need to go to an ATM or bank to make a transfer.

Because there is already a transfer menu in this BRImo Apk and this of course makes the transfer process easier and also faster.

You don’t need to be tired out of the house, right? For those who don’t know what features are in BRImo, don’t miss the explanation that the admin of will share below.

Usefulness of Features Existing in BRImo APK


The function of the BRImo application is to make it easier for customers in terms of any financial transactions. There are many uses of the features in this BRI bank mobile banking application.

So, if you have opened a BRI account before, it would be a shame if you didn’t download BRImo to your respective cell phones.

So that you don’t hesitate to download the BRImo application, we will explain it. What features are available there along with their uses so that you realize that the application is very useful today.

1. Transfer Money Easily

The main feature in BRImo mobile banking is the feature for transferring money to fellow BRI customers or other banks. By using this application, you don’t need to bother going to a bank or ATM if you want to transfer money.

Only at home can you send the required amount of money to anyone as long as you have an account. The transfer method is also quite easy because you only need the destination account number.

However, if you want to transfer this money, make sure you have enough balance. Usually, when making a transfer to another bank, an admin fee will be charged. So, make sure your balance is more than the amount you want to transfer.

2. E-Wallet Top Up and Other Needs

In this era, there are also many types of digital wallets around us. This digital wallet is very useful for those who do not have a bank account.

Or if you also have a digital wallet and want to top up the balance, you can use BRImo. For example, if you want to top up your GOPAy e-wallet account, then you can use the digital wallet feature.

All you have to do is select the type of digital wallet that you want to top up the balance for, then enter the phone number associated with your e-wallet account.

And the admin fees are also less and you don’t have to leave the house just to top up the digital wallet balance.

3. Scan barcodes

One of the most multifunctional features in this mobile banking application is QRIS. QRiS is a feature to scan barcodes and is very useful for any payment.

If you go to an outlet that has a payment menu using QRIS, then you can scan and pay using this BRImo. For example, you forgot to bring your debit or credit card, but there is a balance in your BRImo account.

So there is no need to bother because the payment process can still be done only by scanning the available barcode.

Almost all shopping centers already have this barcode scanning feature with QRIS so that it will be easier for us to process non-cash payments.

4. Can Transfer Money Overseas

This BRImo can not only be used to transfer money to people in the country. but there is also a cross-border transfer feature.

Of course the application will be very useful for those of you who want to send money to someone who is not in Indonesia.

5. Open an Account Online

Times have become more sophisticated and people can now open a BRI account online without having to go to the bank using BRImo.

You only need to complete all the requirements requested and follow all the processes until it’s finished.

Download the BRImod Internet banking application APK

BRImo is officially available on Google Play or the App Store so that all Android and iOS smartphone users can download it immediately.

If you feel you need this application because it will provide a lot of convenience for you.

So we recommend downloading the BRIMO application, especially if you already have a BRI bank account.

It’s a shame if you don’t create a BRI account considering there are many useful features in the application.

How to Register BRImo APK via HP for Immediate Success


If you don’t have a BRImo account yet, you have to create an account first so you can use all the features that are there.

The requirements or documents that you need to prepare are e-KTP, ATM, selfie photo with KTP, and signature. You can see more complete steps through the discussion below.

  • Download the BRImo application via Google Play or the App Store.
  • Open the BRImo application then select “Don’t have an account yet” and click features “Brimo Register”.
  • Prepare all the documents needed then proceed with a click “Document Contents”.
  • Then follow all the steps that appear in the application. “Enter ID card photo” into the space provided. After that Fill in the NIK and date of birth according to the KTP.
  • Then enter the ATM card number on the front of your ATM card.
  • After that “Input HP number and email” which is still active.
  • Then BRI will send an OTP link to your phone number via SMS and please click on the link.
  • And follow the next process until it’s finished according to the instructions given.

That’s all the explanation that the admin of can give regarding BRImo Apk.

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