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June 7, 2023 – The various types of games that you can find today, indeed, already consist of many types and with different genres. So in that case, you have to know about the number 1 game in Indonesia and several other popular types of games.

Because by knowing the most popular games in Indonesia, you can also feel all the excitement of these games. And all the discussion regarding these game categories has been provided in this article, so Mimin hopes that you can listen to it until it’s finished.

The best version of the number 1 game series in Indonesia


Each of the games that exist today, of course, you can play them offline and online too. But since internet access is now easier to reach, most of the games that are often played today are games that can be played online.

As is games online, then you can later meet all the other players from the game itself. And all the players you meet can become teammates, or you can also find them as opponents of the team that you have to beat.

Then with the many types of games and the excitement that is provided, of course you have to know about the number 1 game in Indonesia. Because to find out whether you have played the game or not, later you can only find out if you have looked for the results.

On this occasion, Mimin will list several types of games that fall into the category of the best and most popular games in Indonesia. So by listening to this summary, later you can find out about the number 1 type of game in Indonesia that you never knew about before.

1. Free Fire


Free Fire is the number 1 game in Indonesia which is still very popular and always busy for everyone to play. Starting from children to adults, of course they will participate in playing this battle royale game called Free Fire.

You can play this game later, with a plot that will take you to a certain map. Then you can meet 50 other people that you have to beat in order to become number one and win in this game.

2. Mobile Legends


You can download this MOBA genre game called Mobile Legends later because it is included in the number 1 game category in Indonesia. You can form a team in this game, to face 5v5 and achieve victory with the team you created.

Before starting the match, you can choose a hero first, to accompany every battle you do with friends. If you manage to create a strong team, then you can be sure you can get a victory very easily in the Mobile Legends game.

3. PUBG Mobile


The third game is called PUBG Mobile, and you should know that this game has the battle royale genre developed by Tencent Games. By playing this game, you will face 100 people who are formed in a team or can also be a solo player.

You can get the victory to reach the highest rank, by playing compactly and being able to eliminate every enemy you find. Until now, PUBG Mobile is still very busy to be played, where every player who plays this game comes from all walks of life.

4. Ghensin Impact


Ghensin Impact is an open world genre game that will allow you to explore a map in this game. Almost all the characters in it are anime characters which are very interesting for you to get.

But what you need to know is that this game has a very large size, so only cellphones with high specifications can play this game. And for those of you who do have a cellphone with high specifications, you can immediately download and play it.

5. Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is a real-time genre game developed or produced by a company called Supercell. In this game you can build an empire, and form an army to attack other kingdoms to get resources.

The stronger the kingdom you create, the greater the resources you can collect from this game. Later you can also increase your rank or ranking, by attacking other kingdoms through a number of troops that you have made.

6. Clash Royale


One of the other games made by Supercell, namely Clash Royale, is also included in the category of the number 1 Indonesian online game that you must play. Clashing strategies with other players is the most exciting thing you can do every day through the Clash Royale game.

Like games in general, you will also find a rank level that you can later pursue by always winning in every match. This Clash Royale game can be said to have been around for a long time, and even now it is still very suitable for you to play.

7. Higgs Domino Island


This online card game which is very popular, is still being played by all cellphone users, especially among young people. Those of you who play the Higgs Domino Island game will later be offered exciting card game modes that are presented for free.

Later you can play all of these game modes to collect chips, then sell these chips to other players. So indirectly, you can also use this Higgs Domino Island game to make money.

8. Call of Duty Mobile


After the emergence of Free Fire and PUBG Mobile games, now you can also find another battle royale game called Call of Duty Mobile. This more modern battle royale battle is indeed an attraction in itself for anyone who plays it.

You will also be offered several game modes, all of which you can play together with your friends online. The capacity of this game can also be said to be quite standard, so it is still very compatible for HP devices that have medium specifications.

9. Arena of Valor


This game, which once rivaled Mobile Legends, is still very worth it today and is quite busy to play. So the next one is called Arena of Valor, where this game itself has the exact same genre as Mobile Legends, namely the Moba genre.

Of course, in this game there is a rank or ranking level that you will need to achieve in order to become number one in the game. You can play Arena of Valor on Android and iOS devices, with very high quality like the DOTA game.

10. State Of Survival


For those of you who like horror games, now you can download and play the State Of Survival game. Mimin put this game in the category, because until now State Of Survival has been played by hundreds of millions of people.

You will be assigned to complete a mission, with the obstacle of defeating every zombie that will interfere with all your journeys in completing the mission. Of course there will be things that you can achieve after successfully completing the mission, so from now on you can try the game yourself.



Roblox admin input on the last recommendation, as the number 1 game variant in Indonesia that you absolutely must play. In this one game you will find lots of characters, each of which is inspired by a lego.

So you will later find lots of game modes where each game mode will give you a reward after playing it. Of course, with a gameplay like this, it makes you feel at home playing Roblox, so there’s nothing wrong if you try it yourself.

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