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June 6, 2023 – One of the legendary games called Grand Theft Auto or what is commonly called GTA, now you can play it easily through the mobile device that you have. Where you can find this in GTA SA Lite which later you can download easily and also for free.

The game mode that you can get from this game too, of course is very similar to the game mode that you can find in the PS console version of GTA. Therefore you can play the game, and enjoy the sensation of playing a very legendary game through the HP device that you have.

Review GTA SA Lite APK


GTA SA Lite is one games the open world genre, which is currently quite popular and has been played by millions of people. A game that you can play via this HP device, will later have the same game mode as on the PS console.

Because as you know, GTA SA Indonesia is one of the most legendary games that is still very popular today. Then as time goes by, the game has been designed in such a way that you can later play it on an HP device.

And a modification made by one of these developers can be said to be very successful, because the gameplay in GTA SA Lite is very similar to the previous version. And what’s advantageous is that you can play this game without being complicated, because you can control everything through the cellphone that you have.

One thing you need to know too, that this Lite version is a form of a modification process carried out by a third party. So you can later play this very cool open world game, with such a light storage capacity.

Main Features of GTA SA Lite Mod APK Indonesian Version


For someone born in the 2000s, they would be very happy if they managed to play this game again on their cellphone. Because basically, GTA SA Indonesia is an offline game that is perfect if you play it when you spend your free time.

Since the game genre that you can get from this game is open world, of course you can get a lot of fun in it later. The reason is that there are lots of activities that you can do from this game, and all of that is supported by high-quality graphics.

Uniquely on the Android version that we are discussing now, you can play this game online with the friends you have. Or you can later meet other players in the game, of course, from all over Indonesia.

To give you the excitement of playing the game, the developers of this game have provided several types of modes that are equipped with additional missions. So that it will feel even more interesting if you manage to play it with your friends online.

In order to make it easier for you to play this game, the developer has designed a game that has Indonesian language sub menus. And for the given menu, it has also been included in the Mod version which will later provide a more complete gameplay.

2. Choice of Several Interesting Missions

In this open world genre game, later you can also find lots of exciting game modes to play. This is so that you don’t get bored quickly, even though you always play the GTA SA Lite game almost every day.

3. Drag Mod is available

One of the most superior game modes of this game, is a drag-themed mode that you can play for free. There are also many motorbike choices that you can get later, which will give you more excitement.

4. No Need to Root

This game that has the most exciting theme, is indeed like the games in the Playstation console or what is commonly called PS. But you can get this through HP devices, and game systems that you can do without having to root.

5. No Other Additional Files

Not up to 500 MB, later you can have a game with an open world theme and taken from the Playstation game. Uniquely, you can download GTA SA Lite via the admin link, without the need to do an additional download process for the OBB file in it.


Those of you who have always really liked the open world genre of games, will indeed be satisfied with the presence of GTA SA Lite. Especially for the current version, you can play it in the Mod version, which will certainly provide many advantages in it.

Actually, for the original version of the GTA SA game, you will also find a lot of fun that you can get for free. However, the size of the game itself is very large, so it is not compatible enough to be downloaded and played on HP devices with light specifications.

So, if you are really interested in downloading GTA SA Lite in its light version, then you can download it through other application store services. And you can do that easily, if you download it via the link that Mimin has provided below:

Game Name GTA SA Lite
Size 281MB
Version v2.10
Price Free
OS Android 5.0
Mods Features Unlimited Money
Latest Update Links Here
OBB file Downloads

A link or links that Mimin shares with you can certainly be used very easily, because you only need to click on the link later. And the system will automatically take you to a download menu containing files from the GTA SA Lite game.

Here’s How to Install GTA SA Lite Mod Drag All GPU

Several types of open world genre games that you usually find until now, maybe you have played them before. But in the modified version itself, maybe most of you feel quite foreign or have never played it at all.

Well, because the GTA SA Lite game has an open world game mode and is included in the game mod, of course you will need to download it manually later. And since this is often a problem for many people, here Mimin has provided an installation tutorial as follows:

  1. In the very early stages you can unlock FileManager first.
  2. Then you can enter at the next stage, by opening a menu Internal Storage.
  3. Once in it, please click on the section Downloads folder.
  4. If it is open you can select a file that says next Download History.
  5. In the download history you can search for files, from a GTA SA Lite game that you downloaded just now.
  6. Next you just click the Install option, and also enter an option Additional Settings.
  7. You will then see a notification that says Install Apps From Unknown Sources.
  8. Please give Check Mark on the notification, and wait for the installation process to complete.

By listening to the tutorial above, of course you can even more easily install the application, and immediately start playing the game. And what is certain is that you will be able to finish all the existing game modes very easily, rusting the superior features that have been provided by the developer.

Security Glance Of GTA SA Lite Mod (Adreno-Mali-PowerVR)


There are already lots of you who may have previously downloaded and are still playing the GTA SA Lite game. And every day, you always try to complete a mission that basically has been provided by the developer.

Meanwhile, for those of you who just want to download this game, maybe you are still a little unsure about the security aspects that are in it. Because GTA SA Lite Mod APK is a game made by a third party that includes a lot of system changes in the game.

So with this feeling of doubt, here Mimin will give you a review about how safe the GTA SA Lite game is to play. And you immediately understand, that according to Mimin himself this game is very safe for you to play.

Moreover, until now, the modified version of the GTA SA game has been played by millions of people from all over Indonesia. It’s just that you need to clean up the junk files from this game, so that later the game mode you choose can run very well and normally.

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