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June 1, 2023– In no time, the month of Ramadan will arrive, after which Muslims will celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This holiday is very synonymous with the term homecoming which is often used by people. So, for those who want to go home, it’s a good idea to know some of the free homecoming programs and also how to register for this year’s free homecoming.

Many institutions or agencies offer free homecoming programs. Especially for underprivileged people so they can experience free homecoming. Of course, all of these programs have terms and conditions.

For those who are curious what free homecoming programs will be in 2023? Keep watching this tutorial because at this time we will provide a lot of information about the free homecoming program. All complete information is below.

Terms and how to register for the 2023 free homecoming which must be known

How to Register Homecoming for Free

Muslims observe fasting in the month of March. The month of Ramadan is the month that all Muslims have been waiting for. After 30 days of fasting, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

Usually this celebration moment is used by many people to gather with family. Both with families who live nearby and with families who live outside the city. Also, the nomads are waiting for the moment of Eid or Eid al-Fitr.

Eid al-Fitr is one of the moments that cannot be separated from the word homecoming. Mudik is a term in which nomads return to their hometowns. The travelers will gather with their families at this Eid moment. Homecoming is one of the joys.

But don’t worry for those who don’t have money to go back to their hometown when Eid arrives. Currently there are several agencies that run free homecoming programs. This program will help people who don’t have enough money to go home.

Maybe not many know that now there is a free homecoming program. So, if you want to know more about this free homecoming program, you can listen to the discussion below. It contains a complete explanation of the terms and also how to register for the 2023 Free Homecoming.

If so, here are some agencies that offer free homecoming programs that readers should know about. Not to forget there is also a free homecoming statement for readers to find.

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How to Register for Free Homecoming From Alfamart

How to Register for Free Homecoming From Alfamart

The first agency to hold a free homecoming program was Alfamart. So Alfamart distributed several homecoming tickets to some lucky people. Providing return tickets by land and air with various destinations.

To be able to take part in this program, prospective travelers must meet several requirements first. The following requirements must be met by prospective travelers free of charge:

  1. This free homecoming program only exists in the Jabodetabek area.
  2. Must purchase several sponsored products with a minimum of 3 products with a nominal amount of IDR 100,000 specifically for Alfamart members.
  3. After making a purchase, you will get 1 start and can exchange it for 1 ticket. Exchange through the Alfagift application, with the following rules:
    • 3 starts will get 1 bus ticket
    • 6 starts will get 1 flight ticket.

The registration method itself is quite easy, you only need to follow a few steps as below:

  1. Prospective travelers are required to fill in the required data free of charge. This filling can be done by interested parties via the link available later within 7×24 hours.
  2. Re-registration will start on March 29, 2023, failure to do so will result in you being deemed a non-entrant.
  3. If you get a bus ticket, you have to show up at the departure point. Namely at the TMII Retirement Museum (DKI Jakarta) on April 18, 2023.
  4. Later for travelers who use the plane, Alfamart will send the ticket via WhatsApp and go straight to the airport.
  5. Prospective travelers will also receive pocket money, t-shirts and goodie bags from the organizers of this free homecoming program.

Requirements and How to Register for Free Homecoming for the Ministry of Transportation Online 2023

Requirements and How to Register for Free Mudik for the Ministry of Transportation

Furthermore, this is one of the institutions that organizes a free homecoming program. Yes, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) runs a free homecoming program for the general public. To register, people only need to register through the official website of the Ministry of Transportation with the URL

Reportedly, this free homecoming registration will start in February 2023. For those who want to register, see below the procedures for registering free homecoming for the Ministry of Transportation:

  1. Participants must register through the official website with the URL
  2. After that, the candidate must also meet the following requirements:
    • After registering online, you can continue verification activities at the Transportation Service Office. Which is located on Jl. Merdeka Barat No. 8, Central Jakarta.
    • Participants can self-verify from 09.00 to 16.00. WIB.
    • Participant verification no later than three days after online registration. If after this time, the participant is considered not participating in the mudik.
    • Participants must bring multiple IDs for verification. Such as KTP, Family Card, SIM or so on.
  3. If you want further information later, you can directly contact the Kemenhub call center.
    • e-mail :
    • Telephone : 021 151 / 151
    • Facebook : kemenhub151
    • Twitter : @kemenhub151

How to Register for Matahari’s Free Homecoming along with the conditions that need to be met

How to Register for Matahari's Free Homecoming along with the conditions

Not to forget Matahari Mall also provides a free homecoming program to its loyal customers. This program starts from 5 February 2023 to 28 February 2023. It’s not half-hearted that Matahari Mall has also prepared a very large number of tickets, namely 934 tickets.

For those who want to register, there are several ways through the official Matahari application or the description below:

  1. Must carry out shopping activities in all Matahari Mall Indonesia stores both offline and online.
  2. You can register via sun application by entering all personal information.
  3. After that, you can exchange tickets at and also through e-mail.
  4. Enough select ticket > destination city > You will receive a ticket number. With a note that if the ticket number runs out, the participant fails to get the ticket number.
  5. Of course also those who get tickets if they meet the following requirements:
    • Must buy with one of the Matahari Mall purchasing programs ie Matahari Reward Memberduring the validity period.
    • Buy 1M (can get bus tickets), spend 2M (plane tickets) accumulated a month.
    • One participant receives a maximum of 4 tickets (for buses) and also 2 tickets (for planes).

By knowing how to register for Free Homecoming above, hopefully it can help you and this is where our discussion comes this time. That’s all thank you.

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