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June 6, 2023 – By utilizing a service that can make WA ringtones, later you can listen to a notification with a distinctive sound. And the presence of this kind of service can be said to be quite interesting for you to use, so Mimin is also interested in giving reasons.

You can later create and choose whatever WA ringtones you want, by taking advantage of this access or service. Of course, everything you do can be accessed for free, or without the need to subscribe even once.

Easy Ways to Make Ringtones Through Sound of Text WA


The first service that you can choose later, is a service in the form of a site that you can visit via Google. This site or website called Sound of Text WA, does have a variety of excellent features that can help you make interesting ringtones.

By using it, you can change the contents of text messages into sound by combining them with a variety of interesting character choices. So you can change the text into a voice, and the voice is the voice of a famous character that you can choose.

There are already lots of WhatsApp users who use this site, because how to make WA ringtones from this site is also very easy. However, Mimin will also give you tips or how to make it, so right now you can follow tutorials the following.

  1. For the first you can open Browsers first.
  2. Visit the site by entering keywords Sound of WA.
  3. Wait a few moments, and look for a site called
  4. Once inside, please first select the menu Language which could be easier to understand.
  5. You scroll down, and just enter a Say with content according to your wishes.
  6. If the word has been entered you can proceed to click Submit.
  7. To listen to the sound produced, you can first click the button play.
  8. If all the incoming processes and sounds are what you want, then you can click Downloads. And now you can make Google voice WA ringtones.

To get interesting sound results, you can change the type of sound with a choice of characters that you find interesting. Because on the site, you can find a large selection of voice characters that can be installed easily and for free.

List of applications to download WA ringtones, call names


Apart from using a website called Sound of Text, later you can also take advantage of another service in the form of application. To get an application that is useful for making WhatsApp ringtones, of course you can get it very easily too.

Because for all the applications that Mimin means, later you can download them easily through the Playstore service. You can access the usage system of the application for free, or without the need to make a subscription process which is likely to be inconvenient for you.

So that later you only need to download the application, and take advantage of all the services in it to make WA ringtones. For the choice of characters provided, it can also be said to be quite complete. so you just have to choose to use the voice of any character.

Not a few of you may still feel unfamiliar with a service in the form of an application that Mimin means this time. But right now you don’t need to worry, because the existence of each of these applications has been summarized in the following review.

1. Tik tokk ringtones songs

For the first application, you can later download it on Playstore under the name Tik tok ringtones songs APK. By utilizing this application, later you can search for and download WhatsApp ringtones like whatever is interesting for you to use.

2. Ringtones For Whatsapp

The next application, of course, you can get from the Playstore also with the name Ringtones For Whatsapp. For the size of this application it is very light, but the choice of WhatsApp ringtones that you can find in it is very abundant and also interesting.

3. ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones is a ringtone maker app for WhatsApp that has the most complete selection of sounds. So you can download the application right now, and download all the interesting ringtones that have been provided in full from this application.


Without the need to use sites or applications, later you can make WA ringtones easily and for free. Because on this occasion, Mimin has provided a series of links that are useful for downloading a ringtone with an interesting sound.

You can later be free to choose, to download any WA ringtones that are interesting for you to use. Of all the ringtones that Mimin has provided, of course all of them are very interesting, because they are made using several well-known characters.

All you have to do is download the ringtones that Mimin has provided, then you can immediately install them into the WhatsApp application. And if you are getting bored with the ringtones made before, then you can download them to use other ringtones.

Therefore you can download several WhatsApp ringtones at once, so that later you can more easily replace them. So, right now you can take advantage of the link that Mimin has provided, and download all the ringtones that you find interesting right now.

1. Cool WA Ringtones

You can find cool WhatsApp ringtones yourself later by using a wide selection of famous characters from around the world. And now you can have everything easily, because the download links for cool WA ringtones are listed in the following table:

2. Download short WA ringtones

Anyone who hears your WA notifications will definitely laugh if you use funny WhatsApp ringtones. Mimin has also provided some of the funny WA ringtones for you, so from now on you just have to choose and download the ringtones you like.

3. Mobile Legends Ringtones

One of my favorite games called Mobile Legends, does have an interesting collection of sounds for you to hear. And from now on you can add these sounds to WhatsApp notifications, because everything is already provided and you can download them easily in the following table:

4. WA iPhone 13 Pro Ringtones

Delivering well-spoken words, of course, will make your WhatsApp notifications also sound very interesting. A collection of ringtones that you can hear well, are usually often referred to as aesthetic terms and you can download all of them as follows:

5. Cute Korean WA Ringtones

For those of you who like Korean dramas or other things, then you can use a ringtone made in Korean. You can get all the ringtones made in Korean easily, because all the download links are listed here.

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