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June 6, 2023

RumahKejudi.co.id – Xxnamexx Song TikTok 2021 is an application that provides a variety of viral bokeh museum video content on TikTok and other social media. You can find everything in the apk quickly and very easily.

You can download the application via the link that has been provided by rumahkeadilan.co.id this time for free below.


You can directly download the application via the link above so you can find out what bokeh video content is available on Xxnamexx Song TikTok 2021.

Download the bokeh apk onto the iOS or Android device you are using. You can easily find lots of viral bokeh content, the size of this one application is also not that big.

For those of you who want to try an application other than this one bokeh apk, please see the following list of several similar applications for you to download to your device.

1. VMake

You can use the VMake application itself to make a bokeh effect video that is different from other similar apks, the editing results from this one apk have very extraordinary results. You as a user can make various videos and edit videos like a professional.

To be able to make various types of bokeh videos as you wish, all you have to do is use the various editing tools here which are provided quite complete. So you don’t need to bother making videos with high quality.

Details VMake
Version 6.2.2
Ratings 4.5/5
File Size 20MB
Price Free

2. Camera FV-5

The Camera FV-5 application is a high-quality bokeh camera apk that you can use for Android. This Apk has quite smart functionality which works for various devices.

It also provides a variety of advanced DSLR camera bokeh effect controls that can control several excellent features. The appearance of this application is quite easy to understand, because that is what makes the application attractive.

Using this apk can improve and make your bokeh photos/videos look like professionals. You can upload the best HD quality videos and photos which you can later upload to social media with fairly high quality.

Download Links Here
Details Camera FV-5 Lite
File Size 25MB
Minimum OS 4.3 and up
Version 5.3.1

3. Efectum – Slow Motion Video Editor

Another interesting application for you to use is Efectum – Slow Motion Video Editor, we recommend this application for those of you who want to edit videos quite easily. Because here you can make high-quality videos.

Because of that, this one editor application is used by the latest bokeh lovers, which offers lots of excellent features. This application is no less interesting than the various bokeh video collections that can be found here.

Some of the advanced features in this application can make it easier for you to make bokeh blur videos more contemporary. These filters can also beautify the bokeh videos made by you.

Download Links Here
Details Efectum – Slow Motion Video Editor
File Size 40MB
Minimum OS 5.0 and up
Version 2.0.61

4. BeautyPlus

You can use this application to edit bokeh videos or photos called BeautyPlus. With this one apk you can change the shape of objects or make profile pictures more attractive and of high quality.

What’s interesting about this application is that not only can you change objects, but you can also change them background with bokeh effects. So now you don’t have to bother thinking about unattractive edits.

BeautyPlus can help you make parts of your face very attractive. The results of editing through this one application can be said to be very good, you can go straight to it uploaded results on social media.

Details BeautyPlus – Retouch, Filters
Version 7.5.1
Ratings 4.5/5
File Size 30MB
Price Free

5. PicsBlur

PicsBlur is an application that can help you make bokeh videos very easily. You can blur background videos or photos here, which later you can choose the bokeh effect freely.

For those of you beginners who want to learn photo or video editing, you can use PicsBlur without worrying about mistakes. Our advice is that you should quickly use the PicsBlur application as an editing tool.

Details PicsBlur Blur Photo – Blur Ima
Version 1,201
Ratings 4.1/5
File Size 30MB
Price Free

6. PrettyUp

You can use this one application called PrettyUp in which there are many different kinds of bokeh blur effect features available. These available features will make it easier for you to do editing.

Besides being able to edit bokeh videos in this application, you can also edit faces here in a fairly easy way. Please download the application via PlayStore or the link below.

Download Links Here
Details PrettyUp – Video Body Editor
File Size 27MB
Minimum OS 5.0 and up
Version 4.8.2

7. Photo Editor & Collage

Using layouts for photos might not be boring for sure. With this Photo & Collage Editor you can improve the quality of editing with only an Android device.

This photo editor application has features that look very artistic and are very feasible for you to use as a social media editing apk. Not only making bokeh, you can use filters and various other interesting effects here.

Download Links Here
Details Collage Maker | PhotoEditor
File Size 28MB
Minimum OS 5.0 and up
Version 2.1310

8. Adobe Lightroom

For those of you who want to improve your skills in editing bokeh effects, it looks like Adobe Lightroom could be a popular editor application that you can try. With Adobe Lightroom you don’t have to worry about good or bad photos.

For those of you who are not very good at editing, don’t worry, in this application you can easily edit photos. Because with just one click you can change photos quickly and very easily.

Details Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
Version 7.5.1
Ratings 4.6/5
File Size 80MB
Price Free

9. Camera Manual

Camera Manual is an application that you can use on a mobile device. If the cellphone you want to use has high specifications, you can easily make the desired photo.

With this manual camera you don’t need to worry anymore because everything can be solved with this manual camera. In this application, ISO features are supported with high resolution.

Details Manual Camera Compatibility
Version 3.1
Ratings 4.4/5
File Size 19MB
Price Free


With the AirBrush bokeh editor application, you can sharpen photos or video editing much better with a variety of advanced features provided. This one apk allows you as a user to use the editing tools that have been prepared.

Using AirBrush, you can beautify videos or photos by utilizing a bokeh or blur feature in it, later the results of the editing you do will look even more amazing.

You can use this one bokeh editor application for photo editing to make it clearer and look more HD. Adding filters to the photos you want can be done here easily and for free.

Download Links Here
Details AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor
File Size 35MB
Minimal OS 5.0 and up
Version 4.21.0

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