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June 3, 2023

Hello guys, here we are back to accompany all of you to find information about 194 170 153 and 111.190 1.150.204. For those of you users who may not have heard of 194 170 153 and 111.190 1.150.204 as the favorite IP domain code many people like to feast their eyes on.

In this discussion we not only provide information about 194 170 153 and 111. 190 1. 150.204. But here we will also tell all of you about video editing applications. So you don’t just watch videos, you can also edit videos.


194-170-153-and-111.-190-1.-150.204-.png November 29, 2022

Surely you are already familiar when you hear this one application. Currently CapCut is widely used by Android and iOS users to make it easier for them to edit videos. Capcut is an application for editing videos all-in-one free .

This application also provides several features that can be used for free as well. Through the application you can also remove free watermarks too, you know, this one application has been widely recommended by TikTok content creators.

CapCut also provides trendy or up-to-date music so that many use this application, besides being up-to-date, CapCut is also easy to learn. CapCut is an application that is currently on the rise because of its convenience.

name Capcut
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,8
Number of downloaders 100 million+

You Cut

Do you already know this application, this video editing application is indeed a bit foreign to our ears. But don’t worry, here we will discuss and tell you about this one application, and what it is used for.

You Cut is an application commonly used by content creators to edit their videos to make them look more attractive. This application can edit videos without a watermark Androids which is available for free, this one application is also free.

name You Cut
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,9
Number of Downloaders 100 million+


The next video editing application is FuniMate, if you are looking for an application to edit videos but without a watermark for Android or iOS users with various social features, this is the application that is suitable for you. You can use this application to export short video clips.

Using 60’s filters and trendy text effects, VFX, and also contemporary music. As well as providing a simple layout and easy-to-understand icons you can trim videos, add animated text, and background music easily.

name FuniMate
Price Free/Paid
User ratings 12+
Number of Downloaders 10 Million+


For those of you who are beginners or have just entered the world of video editing, this is an application that you can use to get interesting videos. and of course this application can be used without a watermark, which is not costly.

Vllo is an application commonly used to edit videos. The application provides several features namely trim, cropAnd standard splits. Besides that, we can also add music, motion stickers, and video filters, you can also make video clips in the form of gifs.

name Vllo
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,6
Number of Downloaders 10 million+


Who doesn’t know this one application, this application has been widely used in various circles, from teenagers to adults. It’s no wonder that many people use this application, not only can it be used for free.

This application also provides a simple editing feature that is suitable for beginners. By using this application you can cut, arrange and add music to videos. Inshot also provides very interesting text input features, effects and emojis.

Many use the Inshot application for light video editing on social media. For example on Instagram and also Instagram feed, as well as Instagram stories, Inshot also has stickers and filters. Not only that, you can also make videos with blurry backgrounds.

name Inshots
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,9
Number of Downloaders 500 million+


Still with the same topic of discussion, namely about video editing applications, then we will discuss this one application. Surely all of you already know about this application, yes, the name of the application is KineMaster, a video editing application that has been widely used by all groups.

Not only adults, many teenagers also use this application. It’s no wonder that many download this application, because this application provides many conveniences for those of us who want to get videos that are more captivating / interesting.

Kine Master is a video editing application that is often used by gaming YouTubers because this application has a chroma key feature for green screen editing. KineMaster has the appearance of a professional editing apk, but the watermark in the video cannot be removed if the kinemaster version is not paid.

name KineMaster
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,8
Number of Downloaders 100 million



After some of the applications above, we still have other applications, maybe some of us already know, maybe some have even used them. But for those who don’t know, don’t be sad, here we will tell and discuss this application.

Lightworks is a video editing application that you should try, because this application can make your videos more interesting. This application provides several interesting features that you can use to help you in the editing process.

This application is widely used because we can get it for free, after carrying out the editing process you can immediately upload the video to your social media. Like your tiktok and instagram.

name Lightworks
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,2
Number of Downloaders 1,000+

Bee Cut

Furthermore, another video editing application is Bee Cut, here, of course, we all want to edit videos, but for free and simply. If true, the Bee Cut application is the right application for us to try to use in editing videos.

Due to the free use of this application it does not provide many features, here Bee Cut only provides basic video editing function features, or more precisely this application does not yet provide trendy / contemporary features such as apk edit other videos.

Bee Cut also has advantages, one of the advantages is output video with 720p quality which we can call quite light, so it is very suitable and easy for those of you who are still using the old type of Android or not the latest type of Android.

name Bee Cut
Price Free/Paid
User Ratings 3,3
Number of Downloaders 10 million+

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